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In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for household chores can be a challenge. Enter the iRobot Roomba Combo j5, a robotic vacuum that promises to make your life easier. This device isn’t just a vacuum; it’s a combination of a vacuum and mop, designed to tackle the toughest of cleaning tasks in your home. With its sleek Grafito design and advanced features, this Roomba model is quickly becoming a favorite among homeowners. In this review, we’ll dive deep into its features, performance, and user experience to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your home.

2. Design & Build

At first glance, the Roomba Combo j5 impresses with its modern and sleek design. The Grafito color gives it a premium look, ensuring it doesn’t appear out of place in contemporary homes. But it’s not just about looks. The build quality is top-notch, ensuring durability and longevity. The compact dimensions mean it can easily navigate under furniture, ensuring no spot is left untouched. The buttons on the device are tactile and user-friendly, making manual operations a breeze.

3. Key Features

Smart Mapping & Navigation

One of the standout features of the Roomba Combo j5 is its smart mapping and navigation. Using advanced sensors, the device can map out your home’s layout, ensuring it cleans every nook and cranny. This feature also allows the Roomba to avoid obstacles, ensuring it doesn’t get stuck or damage any of your belongings.

Vacuum & Mop Combo

The dual functionality of the Roomba Combo j5 sets it apart from many other robotic vacuums. Not only does it vacuum your floors, but it also mops them. This ensures that your floors aren’t just free from dust but also from stains and spills. The transition between vacuuming and mopping is seamless, and the results are consistently impressive.

Dirt Detect Technology

We all have those areas in our homes that accumulate more dirt than others. The Roomba Combo j5 comes equipped with Dirt Detect Technology. This feature allows the device to identify dirtier areas and focus its cleaning efforts there, ensuring optimal cleanliness.

Compatibility with Alexa

For those who have embraced the smart home revolution, the Roomba Combo j5’s compatibility with Alexa is a big plus. You can easily control the device using voice commands, making the cleaning process even more hands-off.

4. Battery & Performance

A robotic vacuum is only as good as its battery life and performance. The Roomba Combo j5 is powered by a Ión de Litio battery, which ensures it has enough juice to clean even larger homes. On a full charge, the device can easily run for hours, ensuring every part of your home gets the attention it deserves. The performance is consistent, with the device picking up even the smallest of dust particles. The transition between different floor types, be it carpet or hardwood, is smooth, ensuring optimal cleaning.

5. User Experience

The iRobot Home App is your gateway to controlling and monitoring the Roomba Combo j5. The app is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing you to set cleaning schedules, monitor battery life, and even view cleaning maps. The Roomba adapts well to different home environments. Whether you have pets, kids, or both, the device ensures your floors remain spotless. Additionally, for those concerned about privacy, iRobot has ensured that data encryption standards are top-notch, ensuring your data remains safe.

6. Comparisons

When compared to other models like the Roomba Combo i5 and Roomba j9+, the Combo j5 holds its own. While each model has its strengths, the j5 offers a balanced mix of features and performance at its price point. The value for money is evident, especially when you consider the dual functionality of vacuuming and mopping.

7. Pros & Cons

Every product has its strengths and areas where it can improve. The Roomba Combo j5 is no different.


  • Dual functionality of vacuuming and mopping.
  • Smart mapping and navigation.
  • Strong battery life.
  • User-friendly app.


  • Might be on the pricier side for some.
  • Requires regular maintenance for optimal performance.

8. Customer Reviews & Feedback

A quick glance at customer reviews reveals that the Roomba Combo j5 is well-received. Users appreciate its cleaning efficiency, battery life, and the convenience it brings to their lives. However, some users have pointed out that regular maintenance, like cleaning the brushes and filters, is essential for the device to function at its best.

9. Conclusion

The iRobot Roomba Combo j5 is a testament to how far robotic vacuums have come. With its advanced features, strong performance, and user-friendly experience, it’s a worthy addition to any home. Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent, or just someone looking to make their life a bit easier, the Roomba Combo j5 is worth considering.

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