Zodiac Ranger Suction Pool Cleaner Review

Zodiac makes some of the best suction pool cleaners. In this review, you’re going to be learning about the Zodiac Ranger Suction Pool Cleaner, and the features that it offers.

Zodiac Ranger Suction Pool Cleaner Review

In order for you to use this suction pool cleaner, you’ll need to connect it to the pressure system that your swimming pool uses. What’s great about this pool cleaner is that the entire process of connecting the pool cleaner to that pressure system is extremely easy, due to the simple and clean design of the pool cleaner.

Plus, Zodiac has included 32-feet of feed hose, so that there’s no need for you to go out and buy it.

There is no need for you to assemble this pool cleaner, either. Instead, the pool cleaner comes pre-assembled, and all of the different attachments and features are already connected and built directly into the pool cleaner. This, too, aids in creating an easy and convenient pool cleaning experience.

Zodiac Ranger Suction Pool Cleaner
Zodiac Ranger

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Using this suction pool cleaner, you’re able to clean above-ground pools that have a depth of, at the most, 72-inches.

That’s fairly deep for a swimming pool, and as such, this suction pool cleaner gives you a fair amount of freedom and versatility when it comes to what kinds of swimming pools you’re able to use it in.

When you’ve set up the suction pool cleaner and connected it to your swimming pool’s pressure system, you can just drop it into the swimming pool and it will begin working. On the bottom of the cleaner, there is something known as an AG Disc, and what you’ll notice is that this AG Disc allows the pool cleaner to move quickly, across the different surfaces of your swimming pool.

This makes the pool cleaning process take less time. And, what you’ll also notice is that the AG Disc is that it can glide across all of the surfaces in your swimming pool, including the stair steps that lead into the pool.

Zodiac Ranger
Zodiac Ranger

The AG Disc is just one of the excellent features that this suction pool cleaner offers. And, what makes it excellent is the fact that it offers a level of convenience and flexibility that many pool cleaners simply don’t offer. This goes for the entirety of the suction pool cleaner, which is designed to provide an easy and effortless pool cleaning experience.

On the top of the pool cleaner, there is a Deflector Wheel. This Deflector Wheel encompasses the diameter of the suction pool cleaner, and it serves as a tool for allowing the suction pool cleaner to never be stuck on steps or corners.

This wheel can deflect the objects that the suction pool cleaner comes into contact with, while also allowing it to navigate with more ease.

To aid in the movement of the pool cleaner, there is something known as the “FlowKeeper Valve”. What the FlowKeeper Valve does, is it regulates the amount of water, and the pressure, that is flowing through the pool cleaner.

Zodiac Ranger Review
Zodiac Ranger

That way, it only uses the amount of water and pressure that it needs to move where it needs to, rather than becoming overloaded and overworked. There is no need for you to manage the pressure or water flow on your own, because the FlowKeeper Valve does that for you, allowing for you to simply sit back and allow your swimming pool to be cleaned.

Most suction pool cleaners make a fair amount of noise, because they consist of many different moving parts. That isn’t the case with this suction pool cleaner, though, because the only moving part is the diaphragm.

What this means is that, when you’re using the pool cleaner, you’ll barely hear it. Instead, you’ll see it moving across your pool and cleaning whatever is in its path, but you won’t hear it.

As for the power that this suction pool cleaner offers, it’s more than capable of removing dirt and grime from your swimming pool. For larger pieces of debris, such as leaves and sticks, it isn’t ideal, though, so keep that in mind. But, for dirt and grime that is lining the surfaces of your swimming pool, this is the perfect pool cleaner!

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In the end, if you’re looking for a very efficient and very powerful suction pool cleaner that isn’t too expensive, the Zodiac Ranger Suction Pool Cleaner is a very good choice!

It offers plenty of power and convenience, and due to its design, it’s also very durable and will last a long time.

Zodiac Ranger Suction Pool Cleaner

Suction Pool Cleaners

A suction pool cleaner is a vacuum that uses the pressure from the pool’s intake to suck in water as it moves around the pool to remove bugs, leaves, hair, and other debris. The dirt is sucked into your pool’s filtration system, where you can easily remove the filter basket and clean it.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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