Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner Review

For a good suction-side cleaner, Zodiac is one of the best brands on the market. The Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner is an excellent pool cleaner, and in this review, you’re going to learn why that is and what it can do for you.

Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner Review

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In order for you to use a suction-side cleaner – and this applies to all suction-side cleaners, not just this one – you need to attach the cleaner to your swimming pool’s suction system. All of the suction that comes from the water flowing in and out of the pool is used to propel the cleaner across the different spaces in your pool.

With many suction-side cleaners, connecting them to the pool’s suction system is an annoying and, sometimes, difficult task. But, with this suction-side cleaner, the entire process is incredibly simple, because Zodiac gives you all of the tools that you need to do that, including a thirty-nine foot hose that allows you to connect the suction-side cleaner to the suction system.

What’s really nice about this hose is the fact that it’s long, and designed in a manner that ensures it doesn’t become tangled or stuck. With this hose, the suction-side cleaner is able to move across your pool in a speedy and efficient manner, without becoming stuck on different surfaces.

Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner
Zodiac MX8

Due to the design quality of the hose, it will last you for a long time. Plus, there is a system within this suction-side cleaner that allows it to regulate the amount of suction that it’s using, so that it only uses the amount that it needs.

While this suction-side cleaner is moving across your pool, it uses something known as “X-Drive Technology”. This is an excellent technology that allows the pool cleaner to move across the floors, walls, and waterline of your swimming pool. What X-Drive Technology consists of is the design of this suction-side cleaner.

This entire technology has been used to craft this suction-side cleaner, so that it’s mobile, fast, and very efficient.

Through the use of X-Trax Tires – a part of X-Drive Technology – the suction-side cleaner is able to maneuver across all of the different areas and spaces of your swimming pool. These are incredibly strong tires that are quite durable, so they last for a long time.

Along with that, they make it easy for this suction-side cleaner to turn and adjust itself, so that it’s able to move throughout your pool in any way/direction that’s necessary.

With the overall mobility and flexibility that this suction-side cleaner has, it’s extremely easy for this pool cleaner to clean the different areas within your pool. And, this mobility, flexibility, and functionality serves as one of the defining features of this pool cleaner.

Zodiac MX8
Zodiac MX8

If you are looking for a pool cleaner that is great for cleaning all of the spaces and areas within your pool, then this is one of the best pool cleaners that you can buy.

Of course, without the proper performance and power, this suction-side cleaner wouldn’t be very useful. Fortunately, this suction-side cleaner offers some excellent performance. And, this performance comes from the Cyclonic Vacuum Technology that this suction-side cleaner uses.

With Cyclonic Vacuum Technology, this suction-side cleaner is capable of generating powerful cyclones of suction that allow this suction-side cleaner to remove all of the dirt, gunk, grime, and debris that is in its path.

There are two suction paths, which is very nice. With these two suction paths, all kinds of dirt and grime can be sucked directly into the suction-side cleaner. And, due to the size of each suction path, and just how much space that they can accommodate, they’re able to hold larger pieces of debris that many other suction-side cleaners can’t clean up.

Zodiac MX8 Review
Zodiac MX8

This is debris such as sticks and large leaves and pieces of grass.

When the suction-side cleaner is done cleaning your pool, you can remove all of that stuff from a filter that is near the top of the suction-side cleaner. You can just take off this filter and then dump its contents out into the trash.

Overall, this is an excellent suction-side cleaner that offers a great deal of convenience, power, and efficiency. But, it’s a little expensive, so make sure to take that into consideration.

Zodiac MX8
Zodiac MX8

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Ultimately, the Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner is a fantastic suction-side cleaner that offers efficiency and convenience! It’s expensive, but when you consider the sheer power of this suction-side cleaner, it’s more than worth it!

Zodiac MX8 Suction-Side Cleaner
  • Cyclonic Vacuum technology ensures the MX8 captures maximum debris whilst maintaining maximum cleaning power...
  • X-Drive technology provides advanced dual navigation for best pool coverage with no hang ups. Thoroughly...
  • X-Trax tires provide extreme maneuverability and climbing performance, even in tight corners and on vertical...

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