Worx WR153 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower Review

In this review, we’re going to be looking at the Worx WR153 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower, and what it has to offer. By the time you’re finished with this review, you’ll know all about this robotic lawn mower, and whether or not it’s right for you.

Worx WR153 Landroid L 20V Power Share Robotic Lawn Mower

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Easy App Control

In order for you to begin using this robotic lawn mower, you’ll need to download the smartphone app that Worx has developed. With this smartphone app, you can access all of the settings and features that this robotic lawn mower offers. And, what’s really cool is that you can access these settings and features at any time, as long as the robotic lawn mower is connected to Wi-Fi.

Worx WR153 Landroid Review
Worx WR153 Landroid

When you are using your smartphone to access the settings and features this robotic lawn mower offers, you’re able to perform a number of different functions. Some of the most important functions include things like turning the robotic lawn mower on and off, telling it to recharge, and seeing the current status of the mower. But, what’s really nice is that you can also set a schedule for the robotic lawn mower. That way, it automatically mows at certain times of the day, and there’s no need for you to manually active the mower.

Handy GPS Module

Included with the Worx WR153 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower is the Find My Landroid GPS Cellular Module. With this GPS module, you are able to see where this robotic lawn mower is, at all times. And, if the robotic lawn mower goes off of your property, you will receive an alert on your smartphone that tells you about the robotic lawn mower going off of your property, and that shows you where it currently is.

Worx WR153 Landroid
Worx WR153 Landroid

Most of the robotic lawn mowers that Worx sells don’t come with this GPS module. But, this one does, which adds another level of safety and security to this robotic lawn mower. That way, you never have to worry about this lawn mower being stolen.

Efficient Navigation

Since robotic lawn mowers rely on their built-in sensors to navigate across yards and lawns of all sorts, it’s important that they come equipped with high-quality sensors that allow for quality navigation. Fortunately, the Worx WR153 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower is equipped with some very powerful sensors.
What these sensors do is they allow this robotic lawn mower to know where it is, and what it’s mowing, at all times. That way, it won’t ever become lost or uncertain of the areas on your lawn it has mowed and the areas that it hasn’t.

Along with that, these sensors allow the robotic lawn mower to detect the objects that are in its path. When it detects the objects that are in its path, it will simply back away from them and move around them. That way, the entirety of your lawn is mowed, and none of the objects that are on your lawn are damaged.

Worx WR153 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower
Worx WR153 Landroid

As for the speed of this navigation, it’s quick and efficient. This mower moves across yards and lawns with speed and efficiency, and this allows the mower to quickly cut all of the grass that’s on your lawn, without any problems. This is true even if your yard is full of small passages and large spaces, because Worx has given this robotic lawn mower a powerful system for navigating in tight spaces.

Excellent Mowing

Of course, while all of those features are fantastic, what it really comes down to is the mowing capabilities that this robotic lawn mower offers. But, fortunately, the mowing capabilities of this machine are excellent, and they allow for your lawn to be mowed in the exact manner that you prefer.

With this robotic lawn mower, you are able to mow yards and lawns that are half-an-acre. As the lawn mower moves across a lawn of that size, it uses the powerful blades that are built within it to quickly cut down large swathes of grass in a short period of time. If you want your grass to be cut at a certain height, you can do that, because this machine gives you five height settings to work with.

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Conclusion: Super Convenient Robotic Lawn Mower

Ultimately, the Worx WR153 Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower is an excellent robotic lawn mower that offers an easy and pleasant lawn mowing process. If that’s what you need, and you don’t mind paying a somewhat-high price, then this robotic lawn mower is definitely worth it!

WORX Landroid L 20V Robotic Lawn Mower w/GPS 1/2...
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