Why is My Room so Dusty?

We spend a lot of our lives in our bedroom and it is crucial for it to be dust-free for our health. What is interesting is to think about why exactly bedrooms are always dustier than any other room in the house. Even if you only spend time in your room to sleep, you may find yourself seeing piles of dust in every corner of the room.

You may ask yourself if it is because of windows, or books, or the kind of furniture you have. Our guide will not only give you the reasoning behind this phenomenon, but give you tips on how to better clean away the dust.

Why is My Room so Dusty

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Why Is There So Much Dust in Your Room?

The reason behind the high accumulation of dust is due to bedrooms’ high densities. Bedrooms are typically smaller, but with a lot more furniture, nooks, and corners. In these places, hair, mites, dust, dog or cat hair, and skin particles will usually accumulate, and make up a majority of the dust.

This accumulation will usually come from wardrobes, under your bed, desks for makeup, cabinets, and more. Otherwise, it may be due to poor ventilation. This can happen if your air conditioner or ventilation filter is congested. This can make the ventilation system do the opposite of its job by making more dust circulate rather than preventing it.

You may know the feeling of spending hours cleaning your bedroom without it ever being fully cleaned of dust. Here are three reasons behind this.

Breakdown of microscopic fiber: Things like clothing, beddings, towels, even books and journals, are made from microfiber which over time breaks down over long periods of use. When these items are moved or shaken, all the excess microfibers will fly into the air and settle into different parts of your room.

Hair and skin particles: we often underestimate just how much our body is responsible for dust. It does not matter how many times a week you shower, on average a person will shed millions of hair strands, particles, and dead skin cells. Seeing that we spend around eight hours a day in our room sleeping, it makes sense that dust would quickly accumulate due to this shedding.

Organic Intruders: There are other kinds of ways dust can accumulate which is hard to avoid. Things like insects, mold, bacteria, pollen, pet hairs, etc.. are all organic intruders which are responsible for making up dust. These are carried into your room with bags, backpacks, clothing, for example.

How to Avoid A Dusty Bedroom

Now that we have given you the reasons behind excessive dust in your room, in this guide we will give you the best cleaning options to get rid of and prevent dust. We will recommend techniques and equipment to use to get the best deep-clean possible in order to ensure you aren’t breathing in anything unhealthy.

Wet Clean

Dust Prevention
Turbo Mop Microfiber Mop

Using water when getting rid of dust is the best and most effective way to get rid of accumulated dust. This is most commonly done with a wet mop to clean floors. You can also clean electronics, whose surfaces easily can be cleaned with a moist wipe.

In order to be most effective, make sure you perform wet cleaning regularly, to prevent the heavy accumulation of dust.

Air Purification

An air purification system, or air purifier, should be a staple in your apartment. This will help with regulating and promoting air circulation, and will eliminate the dust. With various filters which absorb the dust, the airborne particles are prevented from flying around.

Dust Prevention
HEPA Filter

It is important to be careful as to which kind of filter you have equipped. To satisfy the high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) standards, make sure you filter can absorb particles that are 0.3 microns in its size.

Get Rid of Excess Stuff

Remember, dust can come from a multitude of items of furniture in your bedroom. If you have clothing lying around, or opened books you haven’t put away, pay attention to those.

Dust Prevention

This is because they can result in unnecessary dust.

The more you keep your room open and organized, the less likely you are to have that accumulation happen.

Changing Your Sheets

It is important for you to change your bed sheets at least once a week.

As you sleep, the dead skin and hair particles culminate in the sheet fibers as they fall onto your bed. Not only will cleaning them reduce the amount of dust in your sheets but it will also help the fibers from breaking down and producing more dust.


We have come to the end of the guide have successfully answered the question as to why bedrooms are more dusty than other rooms.
We have also gone through different efficient cleaning methods and techniques.

Dust Prevention

By using this guide, you will be able to prevent dust from accumulating and infesting your room.

If you were not sure about whether an air purifying system is necessary, you now know it is definitely worth the investment.

It is also important to note that while this guide was specifically geared towards bedrooms, using these cleaning tips in all rooms of your house is ideal.

Dust is not only gross, but it is unhealthy, and getting rid of it as much as possible is necessary for healthy living.

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