What is a Pool Booster Pump and Why Does My Pool Need One?

In this buying guide, we’re going to be defining what, exactly, a pool booster pump is, what it does, and why your pool needs one. When you are finished reading this guide, you’ll know all about a pool booster pump, and the benefits that they provide your swimming pool.

What is a Pool Booster Pump

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What Is A Pool Booster Pump?

Every single swimming pool relies on some kind of pump. This pump is used to produce a certain amount of water pressure, and this water pressure creates a certain amount of water flow. Without the proper water pressure, water would be unable to flow in and out of the swimming pool at a rate that is acceptable. And, if that didn’t happen, the water in the swimming pool would remain stagnant.

Why Does My Pool Need a Pool Booster Pump

In essence, a pool booster pump is just like that main swimming pool pump, but a pool booster pump “boosts” the water pressure of your swimming pool, in comparison to the pump that your pool was previously using. This, in turn, boosts the water flow rate.

What Is A Pool Booster Pump Used For?

Most of the people who purchase a pool booster pump do so because they intend to use a pressure-side pool cleaner. Pressure-side pool cleaners are pool cleaning machines that move across your swimming pool and clean up the dirt, gunk, and debris that is within it.

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In order for a pressure-side pool cleaner to work properly, it needs to be directly connected to one of the water jets in a swimming pool. This water jet provides the pressure-side pool cleaner with a certain amount of water pressure, which allows it to move across the pool.

Without a pool booster pump, it’s likely that the water pressure the main pool pump produces won’t be enough for the pressure-side pool cleaner. But, with a pool booster pump, the pressure-side pool cleaner has access to more than enough pressure, which leads to an easy pool cleaning process.

Beyond that, pool booster pumps are used to enhance the water pressure and water flow that the main pool pump is producing. This can be useful for filtration purposes, while also ensuring that all of the water in your pool moves at a consistent and steady pace.

Pool Booster Pump

Why Do You Need A Pool Booster Pump?

As mentioned earlier, most pool pumps produce limited water pressure. If you intend to use a pressure-side pool cleaner, then you’re going to need a pool booster pump. That’s one of the reasons why you might need a pool booster pump.

Beyond that, though, pool booster pumps are invaluable tools that keep your pool running at an adequate water pressure and water flow rate. This prevents issues, related to water flow and water pressure, from taking place, and ensures that everything is running very smoothly.

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A pool booster pump is an invaluable tool for allowing you to run a pressure-side pool cleaner, and keeping the water pressure and water flow of your swimming pool running steadily and consistently.

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