What Floor Machine to Use for Each Floor Type

In this guide, we’re going to be looking at several different floor machines. You are going to learn all about what these floor machines do, and the kinds of floors that these floor machines are designed for. That way, you know which floor machine you are able to use for a particular floor.

What Floor Machines Do You Need To Use For Each Floor Type?

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What Floor Machines Do You Need To Use For Each Floor Type?

A Floor Sander

A floor sander is a floor sanding machine that is designed for wooden floors. On wooden floors, it isn’t uncommon for the surface to be a little uneven and bumpy. What a floor sander does, is it sands the surface of that floor, and eliminates the uneven and imperfect spots on the floor. This makes the floor look much nicer, and feel much nicer to walk on.

A Floor Buffer

A floor buffer is a large floor machine that is designed to clean your floors at a lower speed than, for example, a floor burnisher. These machines consist of large scrubbing pads that have a round shape. When these scrubbing pads are moving across your floors, they loosen up the dirt, dust, and grime they come into contact with. This allows that stuff to be removed from your floor.

With a floor buffer, you can use them on just about any floor. This is because they operate at a lower speed and won’t cause any damage or deterioration to any floor surface. But, most floor buffers come with a tank that can shoot out water mixed with cleaning solution. For concrete and hardwood floors, this isn’t ideal, as water can break down certain components of those floors.

A Floor Burnisher

A floor burnisher is a lot like a floor buffer. But, instead of operating at a lower speed, floor burnishers operate at a very quick speed, and this allows them to thoroughly clean your floors and to give them a nice, shiny look. If you are looking to create both cleanliness, and a strong aesthetic quality, then a floor burnisher is easily the best floor machine for you to use.

With a floor burnisher, you are able to work on all floors. But, depending on the current strength and durability of the floor, it would be wise to use caution as floor burnishers are incredibly powerful. And, along with that, make sure to keep the floor burnisher moving, or else it will burn your floor.

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A Floor Scrubber

A floor scrubber is a floor machine that relies on water, cleaning solution, and a scrubbing system. This allows you to remove stains, gunk, and grime from your floors in an easy and pleasant manner.

Floor scrubbers work well on most floors, but they are bad for floors made of hardwood because the water soaks into the wood and causes it to degrade. The same is true of concrete and marble floors, but to a lesser extent, and those floors tend to be stronger than hardwood floors.

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