Wagner Spraytech vs Flexio: Which One to Choose?

In this guide, we’re taking an in-depth look at the Wagner Spraytech, and then the Wagner Flexio.

Wagner Spraytech vs Flexio
Wagner Spraytech

These are both excellent machines, but in this guide, you’re going to learn which one is better for you, based on the features and attributes that these machines offer.

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What Does The Wagner Spraytech Have To Offer?

To start off, the Wagner Spraytech is a steam machine. It has a simple, portable design that looks a lot like a portable vacuum cleaner. Wagner has included a variety of different tools and attachments, all of which allow you to steam clean on different surfaces, and in a variety of different spaces and areas.

Wagner Spraytech
Wagner Spraytech

To use this steam machine, you need to plug it in, and then you need to pour water into the machine’s tank. This tank is capable of holding 48-ounces of water, which will last you for around 45-minutes. What’s nice about this, is that there’s no need for you to be refilling the tank constantly.

When the water in that tank has been heated and converted into steam, you can begin using the steam machine. And, to do this, you’ll be relying on the main hose that is attached to the front of the steam machine, as well as the different attachments that Wagner has included.

With just the main hose, you’re able to harness the steam in different ways, since there’s a tool that’s already attached to the hose. This tool allows you to steam clean in small areas, and remove steam in a slow and precise manner. But, there will be plenty of times when you need to steam clean large areas, and to do that, you can rely on the floor cleaning head/pad, which allows you to steam mop your floors.

Most people will be using the floor cleaning head/pad because it’s great for steam mopping and many other steam cleaning tasks. But, there is also a wallpaper steam plate for removing wallpaper, as well as various brushes and squeegees that make it very easy for you to steam clean on many different kinds of surfaces and areas that you would, normally, be unable to reach.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic steam machine that is great for steam cleaning just about anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re steam cleaning walls, floors, shelves, your stove, etc; this steam machine can clean it!

Wagner Spraytech Review

What Does The Wagner Flexio Have To Offer?

The Wagner Flexio is not a steam machine. Instead, it is a handheld paint sprayer. But it offers the same quality of design that the Wagner Spraytech offers, and it provides a very enjoyable and pleasant painting experience, while also giving you plenty of choices when it comes to what you paint, and how you paint.

Wagner Flexio vs Spraytech
Wagner Flexio

To use this paint sprayer, you need to fill up a small tank, that’s on the back of the machine, with paint. When you do this, you can then adjust the different settings that the paint sprayer offers, so that you’re able to paint in exactly the manner that you desire.

On the back of the paint sprayer, there’s a dial that lets you choose from “High Air Flow”, and “Low Air Flow”. With High Air Flow, it’s easier to cover larger spaces with the paint sprayer, and this is ideal for quick painting.

With Low Air Flow, you can be more meticulous in your painting, which is great for when you need to paint a small area that requires detail and precision.

Wagner Flexio
Wagner Flexio

What’s also really nice is that you can adjust the pattern width of the paint that comes out of the machine. This allows you to choose how wide a single spray of paint goes, and the pattern of the paint. And, if you want a horizontal or vertical paint pattern, you can do that, as well.

What makes this paint sprayer great, though, is the fact that it handles very well. Just like the Wagner Spraytech, the Wagner Flexio feels great to pick up, move around, and use.

If you are on the market for a good paint sprayer that handles very well, is easy to use, and offers plenty of settings, then the Wagner Flexio will be a great purchase!

Wagner Flexio Review


Ultimately, while these two Wagner products are rather different, they both illustrate Wagner’s attention to detail and emphasis on quality. For an excellent steam cleaning experience, the Wagner Spraytech is exceptional.

If you are looking for a simple and easy painting experience, you can’t go wrong with the Wagner Flexio. But, if you just want one, then you need to consider your needs and what kind of power you need the most – painting or steam cleaning?

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Dupray NeatMcCulloch MC1375Wagner Spraytech
 • 7 min Heat Up
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 • 9 pounds
 • 10 min Heat Up
 • 48 oz. Water Tank
 • 90 min. of cleaning
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 • 11 pounds
 • 8 min Heat Up
 • 40 oz. Water Tank
 • 45 min. of cleaning
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 • 18.5 x 11.5 x 10.5 in
 • 12 pounds

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