Vapamore MR-100 vs. McCulloch MC1385 Canister Steam Cleaners

Steam cleaners are some of the most efficient cleaning devices on the market. With a good steam cleaner, you can clean so many different surfaces, without having to put too much effort into the cleaning process.

Vapamore MR-100 Canister Steam Cleaner

Since steam cleaners have grown and developed so much, they’ve become a lot more popular than they once were. Today, you can find plenty of great steam cleaners on the market. It can be hard to find a really good steam cleaner that meets all of your needs.

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In this buying guide, we’re going to be solving that problem, but we’re also going to be looking at one particular kind of steam cleaner. More specifically, we’re going to look at canister steam cleaners. These are some of the most powerful steam cleaners available, and they’re also quite mobile and easy to use.

Today, you are going to learn about the Vapamore MR-100, and then you’re going to learn about the McCulloch MC1385. These are two great canister steam cleaners that illustrate the efficiency and versatility that defines the best canister steam cleaners.

What Does The Vapamore MR-100 Canister Steam Cleaner Have To Offer?

The Vapamore MR-100 is a canister steam cleaner that has been designed with mobility, as well as versatility, in mind. It’s not the heaviest canister steam cleaner around, and it’s quite easy for you to move it around and use it on all kinds of different surfaces, and in many different spaces.

Vapamore MR-100 vs. McCulloch MC1385 Canister Steam Cleaners

What makes the Vapamore MR-100 especially useful is that it gives you a variety of different steam cleaning tools. These tools consist of things like brushes, nozzles, and scrapers, along with plenty of other tools. Whatever cleaning task you need to perform, there’s a good chance that you have a tool that lets you do exactly that.

Using these tools, you can steam clean all of your floors, your couch, your chairs, the interior of your car, clothing, stoves, and plenty of other surfaces and spaces. It’s this versatility, mixed with the efficiency that this steam cleaner offers, that makes it such a great cleaning tool.

Vapamore MR-100

Naturally, to make use of these tools you’ll need to make sure that the steam cleaner is, well, producing steam. To do this, you need to fill a tank with water. This tank goes into the steam cleaner, and then the motor heats this water to around 210-to-220-degrees. There are plenty of steam cleaners that can produce hotter steam, but more often than not, 210-degrees is plenty.

When the water has been heated, you can then begin to steam clean all of the different areas and spaces within your home. You just need to attach the main hose, and then the different tools that you would like to use for your particular cleaning task.

If you want to steam clean in the same way that you use a mop, you can attach a mopping pad to the cleaner head. Then, you just move this cleaner head around your floors, and it’ll soak up the stains and gunk that are on those floors. Or, if you want to thoroughly and precisely clean a cage or a space in your stove, you can attach one of the smaller nozzles and a small brush, which works just as well. You have plenty of choices.

Vapamore MR-100 Review

Ultimately, the Vapamore MR-100 is an excellent canister steam cleaner! What makes it excellent is the fact that it gives you so many different choices and options, with regards to what you clean and how you clean it. It is a little expensive, though, but it will last for quite some time.

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What Does The McCulloch MC1385 Canister Steam Cleaner Have To Offer?

Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the McCulloch MC1385 is smaller than the Vapamore MR-100. It’s smaller, has a sleeker design, and is a bit easier to store. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this smaller size does mean that the McCulloch MC1385 has less overall steam power.

McCulloch MC1385 vs Vapamore MR-100 Canister Steam Cleaners

To use the McCulloch MC1385, you need to fill up a 64-ounce tank with water. When you fill up this tank and then put it in the steam cleaner, it will take about twelve minutes to heat up. From these twelve minutes of heating, you will have access to two hours of continuous steam, which is great! This lets you steam clean for a longer period, making the process a little more convenient.

Just like the Vapamore MR-100, the McCulloch MC1385 gives you all kinds of different attachments and tools that you can add to the McCulloch MC1385. These tools and attachments give you a lot more versatility and efficiency, and they make it easier for you to steam clean on all kinds of different surfaces and in many different spaces.

McCulloch MC1385

Some of the tools you have access to are things like different brushes, an extension wand, a mop head, and a few different nozzles. Each of these tools, when used, changes the way that you use the steam cleaner.

If you use the mop head, then you can use the McCulloch MC1385 to mop just like you would with a steam mop. Or, if using one of the nozzles, you can more precisely remove stains and dirt from smaller areas that require precise cleaning. And, if you need to steam clean an area that is far away, you can use the extension wand.

In the end, the McCulloch MC1385 is an excellent canister steam cleaner that is a lot like the Vapamore MR-100. But, what separates it from that particular canister steam cleaner is that the McCulloch MC1385 is smaller, and has a better design. It’s also less powerful, and not quite as efficient. While you won’t have any issues steam cleaning most things, certain stains and messes will prove to be more difficult to clean.

McCulloch MC1385 Canister Steam Cleaner

If you are looking for an affordable, well-designed, canister steam cleaner that can handle all of your steam cleaning needs, then the McCulloch MC1385 is a fantastic choice! Just be warned that it isn’t always as good for cleaning especially difficult messes.

Overall Recommended Canister Steam Cleaners
Best of the Best!Best SellerAlso Great
Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner Multipurpose Heavy Duty Steamer for Floors, Cars, Home Use and MoreMcCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner with 20 Accessories, Extra-Long Power Cord, Chemical-Free Cleaning for Most Floors, Counters, Appliances, Windows, Autos, and More, 1-(Pack), BlackWagner Spraytech C900053.M SteamMachine Multi-Purpose Home Steamer Steam Cleaner, 53, Blue
Dupray NeatMcCulloch MC1375Wagner Spraytech
 • 7 min Heat Up
 • 54 oz. Water Tank
 • 50 min. of cleaning
 • 7 ft. Steam Hose
 • 16 x 15 x 14 in
 • 9 pounds
 • 10 min Heat Up
 • 48 oz. Water Tank
 • 90 min. of cleaning
 • 10 ft. Steam Hose
 • 15.6 x 12.1 x 10.5 in
 • 11 pounds
 • 8 min Heat Up
 • 40 oz. Water Tank
 • 45 min. of cleaning
 • 6 ft. Steam Hose
 • 18.5 x 11.5 x 10.5 in
 • 12 pounds

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