Previously, people avoided stick vacuums as they were deemed too delicate and small to handle a lot of debris. Instead, they opted for the traditional upright vacuums. However, stick vacuums have gone through a lot of transformations over the years and are now performing at the same proficiency as normal vacuum cleaners.

Deik versus Tineco


Stick vacuum cleaners are lighter, more versatile and cheaper than the average upright or canister vacuum cleaners. Among the highest rated cordless stick vacuums are the Tineco A10 Hero and the Deik ZB1516.

The two are also widely considered as cheaper alternatives of the Dyson. So, what are the similarities between the Tineco A10 Hero and the Deik ZB1516 cordless stick vacuum cleaners?


The two stick vacuums have the same design, which basically comprises the main motor unit (which also houses the trigger chamber, battery compartment, dust bin, and the filter), the wand and cleaning accessories. The cleaning accessories include a cleaner head, a crevice tool and a dusting brush which also doubles as an upholstery tool.

Aside from the basic components, the Tineco also comes with a docking station where all parts are kept. The Deik doesn’t have a docking station. Instead, it comes with a wall mount for the device.

They are both lightweight devices with the Deik weighing slightly more at 4.7 lbs. and the A10 weighing just 2.8 lbs. They are therefore very easy to handle and are convenient when working on both lower and higher surfaces.

They are also steerable with a swivel neck that allows for easy maneuverability in corners and tight spaces, such as under the sofas and beds. Furthermore, they are both cordless and feature modular designs that are easy to assemble and disassemble without the use of tools.

Tineco versus Deik



The two units work equally well on both hard surfaces and carpets. Equipped with a 350-watt digital motor, the Tineco A10 is among the best vacuum cleaners and may generate up to 110 air watts of suction power. The Deik ZB1516 is also a high performer with a powerful DC motor that produces 7Kpa of suction power, which is very effective in cleaning carpets.

They both also offer multi floor cleaning capabilities. They function both as cordless stick vacs and as handheld cleaning units. The cleaning accessories can either be fixed on the long wand or on the motor unit. They feature cleaner heads with special brush rolls that work on both hard floors and carpets.

Included in the front end of the cleaner heads are LED lights (4 for the Deik and 5 for the Tineco A10), which keep the floor illuminated to help keep track of the debris in the dark areas of the house.

Aside from the cleaner heads, they also feature a dusting brush which doubles as an upholstery tool and a crevice tool for those tight corners and deep cracks on the walls. In addition, the Tineco A10 also has a mini motorized tool that gets rid of pet hairs on carpets, furniture, and beddings.

Also, they both feature the same trigger set design. There are two trigger modes: the automatic mode that is facilitated by a trigger lock and the normal mode that only functions when you pull the trigger.



Battery power and runtime

The two units are run by fade-free high power voltage batteries. The A10 Hero has a 21.6V 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, while the Deik ZB1516 is powered by a 22.2V lithium-ion battery. Although the maximum runtime listed in both cases is 25 minutes, this is only in the low power mode. Both batteries can barely last 7 minutes in the high power mode.

However, this shortcoming is offset by the detachable battery, which allows you to use more than one battery. Both units come with a single battery. Therefore you will need to buy an extra battery separately. It also takes between 3 to 5 hours to recharge both batteries.



Dust cups

The two stick vacs are also bagless and use dust cups to collect and dispel dust and debris. Tineco A10 Hero Stick Vacuum has a dust cup with a capacity of 0.4 liters, while the Deik dirt cup is around 0.5 liters. The two dust cups are quite small, and you will have to empty them severally if you are cleaning a large area.

The good thing is that they are easily emptied by just a click of a button, which pops open the bottom of both cups. They are also easy to disassemble by another click of the button, while assembling is done by simply pushing them back to the main unit. They are therefore very easy to clean and maintain.

Deik Stick Vacuum

Filter System

Both units have a double filter system. The first filter is located in the dust canister, while the second filter is located at the top end of the main unit. The second filter, in both cases, are HEPA filters, which prevent dust from blowing out of the dust chamber. The two filters are also easy to assemble and disassemble.

The components of the first filter are easily removed by simply pulling them downwards, while the assembling process involves pushing them back into place. The second filter uses a button to dislodge it. The two filter systems are also water friendly and can be easily washed, rinsed and dried, before they are fixed back to the vacuum cleaner.

Tineco Stick Vacuum

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Final Words

As you can see, both the Tineco and Deik Stick Vacuum are similar in all facets. Although some people feel like they are imitations of the Dyson, they are actually great stick vacuum cleaners.

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