Tineco (Ecovacs Robotics) has been on the spotlight for making stick vacuums that are similar to Dyson’s that many people brush them aside as cheap Dyson knockoffs. While most of them fall short of performance compared to Dyson vacuums, the Tineco Pure One S12 performs beyond expectations and is among the best stick vacuums ever made.

It features the same power as the Dyson V10 Absolute and is also among the pioneers of smart vacuum cleaners that utilize artificial intelligence to offer state of the art cleaning experience. In this article, we compare two of the best stick vacs in the market: the Tineco Pure One S12 vs. the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute.

Dyson V10 vs Tineco PURE ONE S12 Stick Vacuum


Suction Power and Performance

Cyclone V10 Absolute
The V10 is powered by the Dyson’s V10 digital motor, a new and improved motor that is lighter and smaller than motors in the previous Dyson V-series models. It features newly designed impeller with overlapping vines that allow it to spin at an outstanding 125,000 RPM, providing up to 150AW of suction power.

What is amazing about the V10 Absolute is that it is so powerful that it can go toe-to-toe with best upright vacuum cleaners. In addition, it features three power modes for different floor surfaces.

The lowest suction power is used for light vacuuming tasks like dusting upholstery, the medium suction power works on hard floors, while the highest suction power is used to clean rugs and deep carpet fibers.

Pure One S12
The S12 comes with a 450-watt digital motor that produces up to 150AW of suction power, which is six times more powerful than ordinary DC motors. It also features the iLoop sensor feature that detects debris as tiny as 15µm and then automatically adjusts the suction power to deal with different quantities of dirt.

This takes away the need to manually adjust different power modes, although it also comes with a suction control touch screen for manual adjustments. Adjusting the suction power manually is as simple as just swiping on the control slider. You can also switch from auto to manual mode and vice versa with just a click of a button.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 vs. Dyson V10 Stick Vacuum


In addition, it includes an LED display that allows you to view the device’s work logs, such as battery life, suction power, filter condition and Wi-Fi signal. It also has icons that signal you when there is a problem with the dust sensor, when the brush roller is tangled with hairs or when the air channel is blocked.

The display also has a monitoring loop that switches between red and blue depending on the level of dust. Another unique addition to this vacuum is the smart app integration feature that allows you to connect to the device via the Tineco App.

You can monitor performance, receive reminders and cleaning reports, get online support and troubleshooting tips from the manufacturer. This is a very handy addition considering the fact that this vacuum is made in China, and therefore getting support is next to impossible.

Bottom Line: The choice by Tineco to include an LED display, iLoop sensor feature + the manual suction control touch screen and smart app integration makes it a more versatile vacuum cleaner. It therefore slightly edges the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute.

Dyson V10 Stick Vacuum


Battery Power and Runtime

Cyclone V10 Absolute
The V10 has a powerful seven cell lithium-ion battery with each cell running at 25.2V and 525W. On its lowest power setting, the battery offers up to one hour of fade-free suction when using a non-motorized cleaner, which is more than any other stick vacuum cleaner battery on one full charge.

The highest power mode consumes a lot of power and only has a runtime of six minutes. It should be noted that the highest power mode is so efficient that the six minutes may be more than enough to get the job done.

It comes with a wall mounted charging dock that also doubles as a storage facility for the V10. It takes about 4 hours to charge a flat battery fully, however you can always charge it when in storage so that it is always ready to work.

Our main concern with this battery is that it is permanently installed. You cannot work with an extra battery, which means you have to wait for it to recharge before you can resume work.

Pure One S12
The S12 comes with two 2500mAh lithium-ion batteries. Each battery has a maximum runtime of 50 minutes on the Auto mode with a non-motorized tool, while on the maximum suction mode it can only last up to ten minutes of fade-free action.

The fact that the batteries are detachable makes the S12 very convenient, as you can take advantage of one battery as the other charges. It also comes with a wall mounted charging station that also functions as a storage facility for the vacuum.

The station can store three accessories and has two charging sections. It takes between 3 to 4 hours to charge one battery.

Bottom Line: The S12 is more convenient as it comes with two batteries and also allows you to own as many batteries as you want. The docking station also has two charging areas, which allows you to charge both batteries at the same time. However, with 60 minutes of runtime, the V10 is still able to clean most houses with just one full charge.

Tineco PURE ONE S12



Cyclone V10 Absolute
The V10 absolute comes with a total of six accessories for cleaning different surfaces, although there are other attachments that can be bought separately such as an extension hose, a mattress tool and a grooming tool for long haired dogs.

The Torque drive cleaner head is a powerful floor head that removes 25% more dirt than previous Dyson cleaner heads and it works so efficiently in deep carpets and rugs. The V10 also features the Fluffy or Soft Roller cleaner head, which is basically the highlight of this vacuum cleaner. The Fluffy is unbeatable when it comes to cleaning hard floors and large debris.

Then, there is the Mini Motorized tool that is used to clean stairs, upholstery, beds and other smaller areas. The other three are non-motorized tools: there is a combo tool with a wider nozzle and brush; a soft dusting brush that can be used to clean delicate surfaces like a computer’s keyboard; and a crevice tool for corners and cracks. It also comes with a 65cm extension tube that is lightweight and does not bend or flex.

Dyson V10


Pure One S12
The S12 features two power brushes for various floor surfaces. The Direct Drive Power Brush has tough nylon bristles that effectively agitate dirt deeply embedded in the carpet. The Soft-roller power brush is very dynamic and easily picks up both large and tiny debris on hard surfaces.

The power brush features LED lights conveniently placed at the front to allow you to see debris in dark places. In addition, it also includes a mini power brush, a long flexible crevice tool, 2-in1 dusting brush, soft dusting brush, and a hair cleaning tool. The iLoop sensor works with both motorized and non-motorized accessories.

Bottom Line: Both vacuum cleaners offer a wide selection of cleaning options. However, the S12 takes it a notch higher by ensuring the iLoop sensor feature works with the non-motorized accessories, which allows for stress-free vacuuming even on delicate surfaces.

Filter System and Dirt Cup

V10 Absolute
The Dyson V10 has a dual filter system that consists of a pre-motor and a post-motor filter system. It is HEPA grade with the ability to capture 99.99% of particulates, even as tiny as 0.3 microns in size.

The system also features 14 concentric cyclones that narrow to accelerate airflow, which creates centrifugal forces that filter most particles even before they reach the filter.

The lifetime HEPA filter does not require regular replacement and only needs to be washed once a month. It comes with a 0.77L dust cup that is easily emptied using the “point and shoot” technique. The only problem with the position of the dust cup is that it is directly in line with the cleaning accessories. You have to remove the cleaning attachments, before emptying the cup.

Tineco PURE ONE S12 Stick Vacuum


Pure One S12
The S12 features a highly efficient four filter system that is HEPA grade and has the ability to capture up to 99.99% of the dirt. This significantly reduces secondary pollution and ensures there is pure air circulating in the house. Another great addition is the powered rinse-free filter cleaning tool that cleans the filter instantly after vacuuming, which takes away the need to clean it manually.

It also comes with a 0.6L dust cup that easily opens up to release the debris. The only issue with the dirt cup is that it easily gets jammed and is the reason the manufacturer decided to include a hair cleaning tool to pull the packed debris out.

Bottom Line: While the S12 has the self-cleaning tool for the filter, it has less capacity and the dust cup is prone to blockages. It is a tie.

Tineco PURE ONE S12

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While the idea of having a smartphone integrated vacuum cleaner seems exciting in the abstract, it really is not much a feature to look forward to, since the Tineco S12 is still operated manually. However, the S12 is still the superior vacuum cleaner due to the inclusion of artificial intelligence.

The Dyson Cyclone V11 would have been a better match for the S12, as Tineco most probably borrowed several ideas from it. All in all, both stick vacuum cleaners are excellent. As usual, the Dyson never disappoints and the V10 is definitely one of the titans. Tineco has really stepped up its game with the S12, and surprisingly it comes on top in this close matchup.

Dyson V10

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