Over the years, washing has been made quite easier with the introduction of washing machines. These machines have increased the washing efficiency. However, with a lot of concern regarding where to keep these machines, especially when there’s no much space around, various persons have yearned for solutions. Also, a lot of people had always wished to do their laundry whenever they travel, but can’t travel with their large washing machines.

The Laundry Alternative - Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine Review

Portable washing machines perform the same task as the bigger ones efficiently, and these washers you don’t need to install additional pipes for water draining. With the opened hose at the end, these machines easily drain out water. Some enable you to use a bathtub or sink, and this allows you to do your laundry whenever and wherever you want.

The Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine is an excellent washing machine that can easily fit into small spaces. This machine is also suitable for those with small houses, and it saves you the stress of frequently using the assistance of dry cleaning services.

This portable washing machine allows you to easily take it along for a journey, as well as camping with your friends. With the germicidal UV light, your clothes are safe from germs. Also, this machine reduces the use of detergent by 30-50℅, thereby making you spend less. Its body is made of plastic, it has a lid made of tempered glass, and a drum made of stainless steel.

This automatic washer makes your clothes last longer, as it washes gently. It makes sure your sink doesn’t get too full, with its pump which drains the water in the washer, at intervals. Here are some more unique features of The Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine:


The Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine is quite small (18 inches x 18 inches x 30 inches), and weighs about 46 pounds. Hence, it can easily fit into small spaces, you can easily transport it, and also take it for camping. Furthermore, you can conveniently move it around, since it has rear wheels that have been built in for easy movement.

Silk Lux Washing Machine Review

Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine


This washing machine comes along with a germicidal UV light, which helps you remove germs from your clothes. Therefore, it reduces your use of detergents by 30-50℅.


Having the smart pump feature, this washing machine helps you drain excess water from washer, to prevent the excessive flow of water from the sink. It does this at intervals, so you don’t have to get worried about your sink overflowing.

Silk Lux Portable Washing Machine

Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine


The Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine is quite spacious and can contain about a pair of jeans (XXL size) or some socks, along with three adult clothes. So, you can quickly complete your washing after a few batches.


Along with the fact that this mini washing machine is completely automatic, it is not also noisy. You can simply use it anywhere, without being conscious of noise. It is easy to operate and comes with two lint filters that are very simple to clean. Furthermore, it does not come with replaceable mesh bags.

Silk Lux Portable Automatic Washing Machine

Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine


The Silk lux portable washer can be easily installed, as it does not require any hookup dryer. In the user manual is explained how to install the machine, and this explanation is easily understandable.


This amazing automatic washing machine has several washing cycles built into the system, as similar to other machines. In other to do your laundry as you desire, you have to select a wash setting that suits you. It washes every part of your clothes since it has Its agitator feature built-in. The compact washer saves you from using excessive water and lets you control the water level. Furthermore, it is very efficient in terms of energy consumption, creating a decrease in the cost of energy, by consuming 150 watts.

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The Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine is efficient and also have beautiful designs. It automatically detects loads that get out of balance in the washer and then balances it. Since this washing machine is completely automatic, you can easily operate it and get your washing done in no time. With its portable size, you can easily place it in less spacious areas, and also travel with it.

Silk Lux Portable Mini Automatic Washing Machine Review

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