If you own a vacuum cleaner – and there’s a good chance that you do – then that vacuum cleaner is probably an upright vacuum. An upright vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that stands up tall and upright, and is somewhat big and bulky.

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum Review (NV501)

Most people own upright vacuums. They’re some of the most popular vacuum cleaners available, and that’s because they’re very inexpensive. Buying an upright vacuum cleaner is easy, since they’re sold everywhere, and because of how little they cost.

What’s nice about upright vacuums, too, is the fact that they are also some of the most powerful vacuum cleaners on the market. A good upright vacuum is very cheap, and very powerful. Using an upright vacuum, it’s easy to remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris that is on your floors.

While upright vacuums are still the most popular vacuum cleaners available, things are changing. These changes are slow, but they are present, and the market itself is growing and adapting.

In recent years, there have been all kinds of smaller vacuum cleaners that have been developed. Small vacuum cleaners that make it easier for you, the user, to move them around and to clean smaller spaces.

Shark Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum

These small vacuum cleaners are a contrast to upright vacuums, which tend to be large and bulky. People are going with smaller vacuum cleaners, instead of upright vacuums, because of how big they are and how difficult it can be to move them around.

Manufacturers have taken note of this, and developed upright vacuums that are smaller, but just as powerful. While they are a bit more expensive than traditional upright vacuums, they are completely worth it, and many people are buying them.

We’re going to look at the Shark NV501, in this guide. The Shark NV501 is a great example of the traits that these smaller upright vacuums offer. Then, after that, we’re going to look at the Shark NV752, Shark NV360, and the Bissell Cleanview!

What Does The Shark NV501 Offer?

The Shark NV501 is a Lift-Away Vacuum. Now, a Lift-Away Vacuum is an upright vacuum that consists of the cleaner head, the handle, and a canister. This canister often has the handle on its back. But, the canister is separate from the cleaner head, and you can move the canister around on its own, separate from that main body.

Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum

What’s nice about this, is the fact that it gives you a lot more mobility and freedom. If you need to vacuum in a space that is a little harder to reach, then you can lift away the canister to do that. But, if you just want to vacuum normally, you can place the canister onto the cleaner head, and move the vacuum around, just as you would with an upright vacuum.

Even when the upright vacuum has been fully assembled, it’s still quite light. It only weighs a total of 15.5 pounds. For an upright vacuum, that is incredibly light. And, it’s not that big, so storing it is easy, too.

When you are using the Shark NV501, you’re going to be using either the cleaner head, or the canister. Using the cleaner head is nice, because the brush is quite durable, and it’s great at removing thick clumps of dirt, dust, and debris. It loosens them up, on any surface, and then pulls them into the vacuum. And, you can swivel the cleaner head, as well, which gives you some extra flexibility.

Shark NV501 Upright Vacuum

When you are using the canister, you’re using the hose, which is also quite useful, since it gives you more flexibility. Most of the time, you’re probably just going to be using the cleaner head, though, since it is a bit easier.

As for the suction power that the Shark NV501 offers, you have enough suction power to vacuum on carpets, rugs, hardwood floors, and just about any other surface. Sometimes, thick carpets that are full of dust can take a little longer to vacuum, but everything else is pretty easy. This is an upright vacuum, even if it is a bit smaller and a little different.

Ultimately, the Shark NV501 is a good performing upright vacuum. It’s very affordable, easy-to-use, and it gives you a lot of suction power. You can’t go wrong with the Shark NV501!

Shark Rotator NV501

Shark NV501 Vs. Shark NV752

The Shark NV752 is a lot like the Shark NV501. But, it’s designed a little differently. These differences make it a great vacuum for removing pet hair, as well as dirt, dust, and all kinds of different debris.

Shark NV501 Vs. Shark NV752

When you are using the Shark NV752, you’re going to notice that the performance is great. Moving it around feels great, and it can clean on any surface with ease. But, if you have pets, and there’s a bunch of pet hair on the floor, then you’re also going to notice that the Shark NV752 is good at vacuuming up pet hair. This is due to the excellent brush system that, while not very different from the brush system found in the Shark NV501, is especially good at removing pet hair. And, the suction power is the same you’ll find in the Shark NV501, which was excellent.

In other aspects, the Shark NV752 isn’t very different from the Shark NV501. It isn’t a unique vacuum cleaner, but that’s okay.

Shark NV752

The Shark NV752 is a solid upright vacuum that is great for vacuuming up pet hair. If you don’t have pets, or don’t need a vacuum that can do that, then the Shark NV501 may be the better choice.

Shark NV501 Vs. Shark NV360

With a weight of 13 pounds, the Shark NV360 is lighter than the Shark NV501. It’s lighter, and it’s also a little cheaper.

Shark NV501 Vs. NV360

Just like the Shark NV501, the Shark NV360 is a Lift-Away Vacuum. There is a canister that is right on top of the cleaner head, and this canister can be lifted off the cleaner head, and used to clean smaller and tighter spaces.

All of the other features that you’ll be able to find in the Shark NV501 are here. There aren’t very many differences. But, there’s a reason why this is slightly cheaper than the Shark NV501, and that’s because it’s not quite as powerful as the Shark NV501.

Using the Shark NV360, you can vacuum on most surfaces. Most surfaces, but thick carpets and rugs can be a little challenging. To thoroughly clean those surfaces, it will take a little bit of time, and there’s a good chance that the NV360 is not going to be able to get all of the dirt and dust that is within the surface.

 Shark NV360

If you don’t need as much suction power, or don’t care, then the Shark NV360 is a great choice, because it is a great upright vacuum! It’s a great upright vacuum that has all of the excellent features of the Shark NV501, just a little less suction power.

Shark NV501 Vs. Bissell Cleanview

The Bissell Cleanview weighs 19.3 pounds. So, it’s one of the heaviest upright vacuums in this guide. But, it’s also one of the cheapest, and one of the most efficient.

Shark NV501 Vs. Bissell Cleanview

In the cleaner head of the Bissell Cleanview, there is a Triple Action Brush Roll. This Triple Action Brush Roll loosens up just about anything it comes into contact with. And, it serves as an excellent pathway for the suction.

Using the Bissell Cleanview, you can vacuum on any surface, and you can vacuum up pet hair with ease. But, this is not a Lift-Away Vacuum, so there is less mobility. Although, you can use a hose to extend the range of the vacuum.

While you are moving the Bissell Cleanview across your floors, you can swivel the cleaner head to the left and right. It’s a small feature that does add some mobility to the Bissell Cleanview.

Overall, the Bissell Cleanview is a very powerful upright vacuum, but it’s not a very mobile or versatile one. Instead, it’s more of a heavy-duty upright vacuum. But, if that’s what you need, then the Bissell Cleanview is great because it gives you that power, for a very affordable price!

Bissell Cleanview