Shark is one of the best vacuum manufacturers on the market. In this review, you’re going to learn all about the Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Vacuum SV1106, one of Shark’s best, and what it has to offer!

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Vacuum SV1106

Technically, this is an upright vacuum. But, if you look at the design, you’ll notice that it looks more like a stick vacuum then an upright vacuum. Instead of having a big and bulky design that makes movement difficult, the design is lightweight and thin.

As a result of the design, you can move this vacuum around, with incredible ease. It weighs just under eight-pounds, which is very light for a vacuum cleaner, and the lack of weight makes movement very easy, while also making it very easy for you to use the vacuum, and to store it.

It is the lack of heft and bulk that serves as one of the most definitive features of this vacuum cleaner. But, at the same time, this feature does lead to a quality that could be considered a flaw.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Vacuum SV1106 Review

Shark SV1106

While this vacuum cleaner is certainly powerful and efficient, it isn’t as efficient as many of the other upright vacuums that you can purchase.

If that’s going to be a problem for you, then this may not be the right vacuum cleaner for you. But, if you aren’t going to be vacuuming on thick and dense rugs and carpets, or in especially dirty areas, then this slight lack of power and efficiency won’t be much of an issue for you.

To use this vacuum cleaner, you just need to make sure that the battery is in the vacuum, and then you can turn the vacuum on and begin using it. Using this vacuum is very easy, because the design is concise, and very clear.

Every button and setting is labeled and delineated. Just by taking a look at this vacuum cleaner, you’ll know how to use it, due to the excellent design.

Shark Navigator SV1106 Review

Shark SV1106

What is perhaps more important is the fact that using this vacuum is easy, because it has been designed in a manner that allows for effortless movement and mobility.

Just by holding the handle with one hand, you can push the vacuum across whatever surface you need to vacuum. This vacuum weighs just under eight-pounds, so there’s no need to apply any strength or pressure to moving the vacuum.

Unlike most upright vacuums, this vacuum cleaner allows you to swivel it. This swivel steering feature is very useful, because if you need to vacuum in a tight and narrow space, you can swivel the vacuum cleaner and quickly move into that space. And, if you need to move out of that space, you can do the same thing.

Shark SV1106

Shark SV1106

When you’re using the vacuum cleaner, you can choose from two different brushing speeds. One of these speeds is ideal for vacuuming on bare floors, such as hardwood floors or concrete floors. The other speed allows you to vacuum on carpets and rugs.

as mentioned, vacuuming on thick carpets and rugs won’t work very well, because the suction isn’t quite strong enough for that, due to the small size of the motor.

As for the quality of the brushroll itself, it’s quite good. On bare floors, it’s able to gather up all of the dirt and dust that is in the vacuum’s path, and on carpets and rugs, it’s able to dive into those surfaces to loosen up and remove the dirt and dust that is held within the carpet/rug that you’re vacuuming.

The brushroll isn’t that large, so it can’t dive too deeply into carpets and rugs. This is another reason why this upright vacuum isn’t ideal for those surfaces.

Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Vacuum

Shark SV1106

At the end of the vacuuming process, you can take the dust-tank from this vacuum, and dump its contents out. This dust tank holds all of the dirt, dust, and debris that you’ve vacuumed up.

Removing it is very easy, since you can just press a button and detach the tank. Then, you can walk over and dump its contents into the trash.


For the small price that you pay, the Shark Navigator Freestyle Upright Vacuum SV1106 is completely worth it! It’s a very well-designed upright vacuum that gives you plenty of mobility and flexibility, while also allowing you to vacuum on most surfaces.

if you are looking for an upright vacuum that offers a great deal of suction and brushing power, this probably isn’t the right vacuum cleaner for you.

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