For a good upright vacuum, you can’t go wrong with Shark. That’s why, in this review, you’ll be learning all about the Shark LZ601 APEX Upright Vacuum, and what makes it great!

Shark LZ601 APEX UpLight Lift-Away Upright Vacuum

Shark LZ601

Right away, you’re going to notice that this upright vacuum has an incredibly simple, yet sleek, design. Every little feature is clearly outlined and highlighted, and there is a heavy emphasis on clarity and convenience.

More importantly, the aesthetics of this upright vacuum are excellent, and this upright vacuum looks very nice.

Shark has put a lot of time and energy into the design of this upright vacuum, and that’s very apparent when looking at the vacuum. But, it’s even more apparent when using the vacuum, because every feature is both useful, and easy to harness.

Unlike the majority of upright vacuums, this upright vacuum is lightweight and mobile. Weighing only 10.7-pounds, and with a very thin body, you won’t have any problems moving this upright vacuum around and moving it through different areas and spaces.

Shark LZ601 APEX UpLight Lift-Away

Shark LZ601

On top of the vacuum, there is a pod. This pod holds the motor and dust tank, as well as all of the other vacuuming mechanisms that this vacuum cleaner relies on. Attached to this pod, there is an integrated hose.

While you are using this upright vacuum, you can pick up this pod, and detach it from the main body of the vacuum cleaner. Then, while holding this pod, you can move it to tight and narrow spaces, and use the small hose to vacuum in those spaces.

You can use it to vacuum underneath chairs and couches, in small nooks and crannies, along with a plethora of other spaces and areas.

If you don’t want to use the extension hose, then you can take that hose off and use a much smaller cleaner head. This turns the vacuum cleaner into a handheld vacuum, and with the included tools and accessories, it’s very easy to vacuum on surfaces such as couches and chairs.

Shark LZ601 APEX

Shark LZ601

If you are just using the upright vacuum, rather than the detachable pod, you will still have a mobile and enjoyable vacuuming experience. Moving the vacuum around is quite easy, since the vacuum is so light. But, the cleaner head is a bit larger, so vacuuming in especially tight isn’t really an option.

What is really nice about using this vacuum in the upright vacuuming mode, is the power and efficiency of the cleaner head. The cleaner head utilizes something known as “DuoClean Technology”, and DuoClean Technology is a brushroll system that makes use of two individual brushrolls, placed within a single cleaner head.

Within the cleaner head, there is a small brushroll, and then there is a large brushroll. Using the small brushroll, the floors that you’re vacuuming are brushed and polished off.

Using the larger brushroll, the depths of those floors are thoroughly scrubbed, allowing all of the dirt and dust to be vacuumed up.

This is especially useful if you are vacuuming on a thick carpet or rug, because the larger brushroll can reach into those surfaces and loosen up all of the dirt, dust, and debris that happens to be within them.

Shark LZ601 APEX Review

Shark LZ601

Part of what makes DuoClean Technology so useful isn’t just the excellent brushrolls, but also the fact that these brushrolls are great for removing hair.

Whether you’re brushing up long hairs, or thick strands of dog hair, DuoClean Technology is excellent. The reason for that is because the brushrolls are able to clean themselves.

This prevents the brushrolls from becoming consumed by thick strands of hair, which you would then have to remove. Instead, the brushroll removes all of that hair for you!

When it comes to the overall suction performance of this vacuum, rather than just the brushroll, it’s absolutely fantastic! No matter what surface you are vacuuming, you’ll have a very easy time.

Much of this is due to the DuoClean Technology, but the suction power itself is incredibly useful, as it allows for everything you’ve been brushing up to be sucked directly into the vacuum!

Shark LZ601 APEX Upright Vacuum

Shark LZ601

Of course, it’s worth noting that in order to have access to all of the power and convenience this vacuum offers, it will cost you some money. This is not a cheap vacuum cleaner.


In the end, if you don’t mind spending a decent amount of money, the Shark LZ601 APEX Upright Vacuum is a truly excellent vacuum! It’s powerful, efficient, well-designed, and extremely convenient!

Shark LZ601 Upright Vacuum