Shark IQ vs. Roomba i8+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum

Technological change always seeks to improve on existing products available in he market these days. Cleaning robots are no exception to this. Whether it’s a Bluetooth-linked app or a self-emptying feature, cleaning robot manufacturers always attempt to improve their products to make sure that the task of cleaning becomes more convenient for the prospective customer.

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Shark IQ

The Shark IQ is an auto-emptying cleaning robot which is quite similar to the Roomba i8+ –although much cheaper. The Shark iQ, too, has a powerful suction just like the Roomba i8+. It also has self-cleaning brush rolls and it has pretty advanced mapping capabilities. The best thing about the Shark IQ though is that it is affordable.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review
Shark IQ

Improved mapping technology compared to previous Shark models
The mapping technology of previous Shark models, like the ION R85, proved to be quite disappointing. Although it featured smart sensor navigation –which helped the robot avoid objects along its path –it didn’t have visual mapping. This lack in feature made the robot go through paths which it had already previously gone through.

The addition of visual mapping to the new Shark IQ robot is now a welcome change. The IQ robot no longer passes through areas it has previously run through. It also creates a map of the areas in your home in an app giving you the option of choosing specific areas which it should clean at a given time. You can choose a specific room through the app and the robot would automatically know where to go.

Self-emptying base

The size of the self-emptying bin and dock of the Shark IQ comes with much praise. The design is well thought of so it doesn’t become an obstruction, unlike the bin and dock of the iRobot Roomba i7+. The plastic material and size of the dock of the iRobot makes for a tripping hazard even when it is placed in one corner of a room. The design of the dock of the Shark IQ is more discrete, creating less obstruction as well. The bin of the Shark IQ is shorter by 3.25 inches as compared to the bin of the Roomba, which measure at 19-inches.

The Shark IQ, just like the Roomba, sucks debris in an upward motion and disposes these in a holding bin which needs to be emptied once a month. A small window is designed onto the bin to check if the bin has reached its holding capacity.

The Shark IQ

One of the main features of the Shark IQ is its bagless design. Instead, a button is situated near its handle which releases the bin form the dock. A second button at the base then opens the bottom in order to release debris that it has captured. This feature is pretty similar to stick vacuums produced by Shark as well. The force used for this process is quite strong that it can actually empty the bin of all debris, albeit a puff of dust that goes into the air.

Shark IQ Robot Vacuum Review
Shark IQ

The bags used by the Roomba may add to extra expenses since these bags are exclusively manufactured and distributed by the company. One advantage, however, is that excess dust in the air is minimized, if not eliminated, with the use of the bags.

Performance on Hard Flooring

Even early on, the Shark robots have been known to clean quite well on hard surfaces. The robot was made to pass through low-friction hard surfaces and it showed the it pretty much is capable of picking up almost all dust and debris along its path in one sweep. It did, however, exhibit a bit of difficulty on debris that was harder to dislodge. Dry paint chips which were scattered on the floor seemed a bit challenging for the iRobot although it did manage to succeed after a couple of rounds.

With exception to the paint chips, it seems that the Shark is very capable ho cleaning hard surfaces with much ease.

Performance on Low-Pile Carpet Tile

Low pile carpet tiles have densely packed carpet fibers which make it difficult for debris to penetrate the carpet. Debris on these types of carpet tend to stick on the surface.

A test run was done on low pile carpet tiles using floor grit from beef bone that was scattered on the carpet. A manual cleaning cycle was set and the robot was made to run through the carpet tile to see how much of the bone grit it could pick up.

The test run resulted in the robot initially
picking up most of the bone grit, although there were some left behind after the initial run. After repeated coverage by the robot, it managed to pick up around 90 percent of the bone grit that was scattered on the carpet tiles.

Should you buy the Shark IQ R101AE?

Amongst all the self-emptying cleaning robots in its class, the Shark IQ R101AE is said to the the most affordable. In terms of cleaning efficiency, the Shark IQ definitely has a competitive edge when compared to the more pricey and highly rated iRobot Roomba i7+.
There is still, however, much room for improvement when it comes to the smart map. This has been put under the spotlight but much still needs to be done about it when it comes to functionality.

To get your full money’s worth, it would be better to wait for the Shark IQ to go on sale before making an actual purchase to make it really worth its price.

Shark IQ Review
Shark IQ
Shark IQ Robot Self-Empty XL RV101AE, Robotic...
  • FORGET ABOUT VACUUMING FOR UP TO A MONTH:  A bagless, self-emptying base holds up to 30 days of dirt and...
  • POWERFUL SUCTION:  Deep-cleaning power to take on large debris, small debris, and pet hair on carpets &...
  • NO HAIR WRAP:  Self-cleaning brushroll removes pet hair and long hair as it cleans - no more hair wrap.

iRobot Roomba i8+

The Roomba i8+ (Similar as the Roomba i7+) has been especially manufactured for members of the COSTCO chain and is not available for sale anywhere else, hence the difficulty in finding product reviews for this. It is also said that the Roomba i8+ is the best model available in the Roomba brand. It is basically the same as the i7+, except for its larger battery and added accessories.

iRobot Roomba i8+ Robot Vacuum Review
Roomba i8+

Cleaning Technology

The Roomba i8+ makes use of the Premium 3-Stage Cleaning System which the Roomba brand is known for. This technology is said to be the best when it comes to cleaning performance. The i8+ also has the same powerful suction seen in the Roomba 600 line making the i8+ one of the best models in the market now when it comes to cleaning robots.

The powerful suction and the 3-stage cleaning system makes it possible for the Roomba to pic up almost any kind of debris, including pet fur and hair. It can go through any floor surface, from carpets to harder surfaces like wood and tile.

The i8+ also features the Roomba patented Dirt Detected Technology. This technology helps the robot locate the truly dirty sections of your home so that it can repeatedly go through the area to give it a thorough cleaning.

Fine debris like pet fur and human hair can be picked up by the Roomba i8+ with ease. Make sure to check though for any fur or hair that might have gotten entangled in the robot’s wheels as this can interfere with the wheel’s movements causing your robot to stall and overheat.

Clean Base and Self-Empty

People hate the thought of having to touch dirt no matter what the circumstances. The Roomba i8+ has a self-emptying feature and Clean Base so you won’ot have to touch any of the debris or dirt that has accumulated in your robot.

iRobot Roomba i8+ Review
Roomba i8+

In the Plus+ line of Roomba cleaning robots, the dustbins automatically get emptied when filled up.

A dirt bag is located in the Clean Base of the robotThe downside with the Smartwash though is the price. The feature and its powerful performance, somehow, make it worth the price. The bag can store all dust and debris for up to 60 days.

An LED indicator lamp lights up when the dust bag is filled up. A notification also comes out in the app so you’ll definitely know when it’s time to change the bag.

This is a welcome feature for those whose homes are exposed often to dirt or dust, such as in the case of households with pets or young children. This feature spells convenience for those who constantly need to use their robot cleaner.

For those with busy schedules, another feature of the i8+ is that it is programmable. You can set a cleaning schedule ahead of time so you can plan the cleaning days.

For large areas, the Roomba i8+ will clean up to the point when its battery is drained. The robot goes back to the dock on its own and once charged, resumes cleaning from the point it has left off.

The iRobot Roomba i8+ is definitely a great cleaning machine that can help keep the floors of your home clean. The ones sold in Costco include added accessories to the basic Roomba unit.

2 Extra AllergenLock Disposal bags (4 total bags)
1 Extra High-Efficiency filter (2 total filters)
1 Dual mode virtual wall barrier
1 20% larger battery

Other Roomba models worth looking into are the i7+ and s9+. Check out for special deals and offers, especially for the s9+. With its 40x suction power, the s9+ is something worth considering especially if the price is something you wouldn’t mind.

Roomba i8+ Robot Vacuum Review
Roomba i8+
iRobot Roomba i7+ (7550) Robot Vacuum with...
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  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE AND POWERFUL PICK-UP - Pulls in stubborn dirt and messes with a Premium 3-Stage Cleaning...
  • GUIDED BY SERIOUS SMARTS - With vSLAM navigation, the i7+ learns the layout of your home and builds personal...

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