Shark HE402AMZ Air Purifier 4 Review

You’ve surely heard of Shark! It’s a company that has been producing amongst the very best appliances for your kitchen and home ever since 1995. They’re one of the best because their vacuum cleaners, either upright or robotic, compare so favorably with their competitors for affordability and performance.

Shark HE402AMZ Air Purifier 4 Review

Due to its success, Shark has now started to expand its range of items for the household to include home air purifiers. So we’re now going to take a look at the Shark HE402AMZ Air Purifier 4.

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The Shark Air Purifier 4 ranks just about in the middle of their range of air purifiers, having four fans and a filtration system that is so unique that it can improve the quality of the air in small or medium-sized spaces almost noise free. All you need to do is place it in the corner of the room, switch it on and leave it to work its magic.

What size is it?

This hard-working air purifier is not too big. Although it’s not quite small enough to put on your desk, it is just the right size to put underneath a desk. It’s 8.9 x 17 x 24.29 inches, which means that it’s just right for being put in the corner of a room so that it’s out of everyone’s way.

It has a sleek design, but be aware that it also weighs just below 18 lbs, making it quite heavy.

Shark HE402AMZ Air Purifier 4 True HEPA with Microban Protection

How does it work?

The Shark Air Purifier 4 uses four fans to circulate the air, which, along with HEPA technology, helps to drastically improve the cleanliness and quality of the air in your home.

There are many reasons why four fans are used in this model. They are smaller and circulate the air much more efficiently, as well as reducing the amount of noise output.

Not only that, but this line also utilizes Shark’s Clean Sense IQ, thus guaranteeing that it is cleaning the air around you.

Shark HE402AMZ

On the digital display there is a percentage symbol, and, at times, you may see this fluctuating. Don’t panic! If the percentage appears to be lower, this means that the HE402AMZ is working harder to filter out more pollutants. It will keep going until the air is clean again, when it will return to 100%.

The special HEPA multi-filter contained within this air purifier is fantastic and is capable of trapping 99.99% of all the micropollutants present in the air. On top of that, the parts are made using Microban technology, which ensures that any fumes, odors, or microbes don’t stick to anything or hang around.

Shark HE402AMZ Review

Final Thoughts

I can’t tell you enough how great the Shark HE402AMZ Air Purifier 4 is. It’s so easy to use with the remote control that is included, and it does an amazing job of purifying the air in areas up to 1000 square feet.

If you’re someone that suffers from allergies, this product is just what you need for filtering out and trapping the very finest pollutants in the air.

Every home has its own sources of bad odors, whether it be cooking, kids or pets, but this amazing and stylish air purifier is definitely the best way of making sure that your home stays clean and fresh at all times, no matter what!

Shark HE402AMZ Air Purifier 4 True HEPA with...
  • 4-FAN AIRFLOW: 4 high-speed micro-fans work together to evenly distribute airflow across the filter.
  • ULTRA-FAST MEETS ULTRA-QUIET: Four high-speed fans provide a remarkably quiet clean, and an incredibly fast...
  • TRACKS & ADJUSTS AUTOMATICALLY: Clean Sense IQ tracks air quality and auto-adjusts power to constantly...

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