Shark Genius vs. Shark Lift-Away Pro (S5003D vs. S3973D Steam Mops)

Using a steam mop is great. It’s so much easier than using a regular mop, and it takes less time and requires less energy.

Shark Lift-Away Pro Review

Regular mops can be great, especially for certain cleaning tasks. But, more often than not, it’s very difficult to properly remove certain kinds of stains from your floor, not to mention the gunk and grime that has been on the floor for a long time. This is because you need to spend a lot of time scrubbing and moving it across the same little area, just to make a little bit of progress.

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With a steam mop, it takes less time and less energy. Instead, the steam does most of the work for you. It loosens up the gunk, grime, and stains that are on your floor, making it easy for the mop pad to soak it up.

Shark Genius vs. Shark Lift-Away Pro (S5003D vs. S3973D Steam Mops)

If you’ve been looking to purchase a steam mop, then you’ve come to the right buying guide. We’re going to look at the Shark Genius and the Shark Lift-Away Pro. These are two excellent steam mops that serve as excellent replacements for regular mops, and they make mopping an effortless process!

What Does The Shark Genius Offer?

When you first take a look at the Shark Genius, you’re going to notice that it doesn’t look that much different from a regular mop. It looks just like a regular mop. There isn’t anything particularly unusual or unique about this mop, on an aesthetic level.

Shark Genius

Shark Steam Mop Comparison

Steam ControlElectronic 3 LevelsElectronic 3 Levels
Pad Type2 Dirt Grip Pads1 Dirt Grip Pad
Dual-Sided Steam Pocket PadYesYes
Steam BlasterYesYes
Direct Steam Channeling SystemYesYes
Touch-Free TechnologyYesYes
Above-Floor CleaningN/AYes
Water Tank Capacity350ml500ml
Cord length22 ft22 ft
What’s Included in the Box(1) Genius Mop Head, (2) Dirt Grip Pads and (1) Water Fill Flask(1) Intelli-Mop head, 3 ft hose with pocket cleaning tool, triangle scrubber head with pad, Garment Steamer
Check Price
Check Price

However, there is one unusual design element that you will notice. Near the bottom of the Shark Genius, you’ll notice that there are three buttons. These buttons control the amount of steam that you are using. If you need to use a lot of steam, then you can press the third button, and if you want to use a little bit of steam, you can use the first button. Using these buttons allows you to tailor the steam mopping process to your exact needs.

To make use of those buttons, you need to plug in the steam mop first, and then you need to fill a small tank up with water. When you fill this tank up with water, a motor begins to run, and this motor turns that water into hot steam.

Once the water has turned into steam, it’s time for you to put it on the mop pad. The Shark Genius comes with double-sided washable pads. These are thick pads that are great at absorbing the gunk, grime, and stains that are on your floor.

Shark Genius Steam Mop

As you move the steam mop across your floors, steam is channeled directly into the pad that you are using. This steam loosens up whatever you are mopping, allowing it to stick to the pad and remove it from your floor.

Sometimes, though, you need a little extra steam, and the pad isn’t giving you enough. Just press a button and steam will come out of a small opening near the bottom of the mop, right above the pad. This steam will then loosen up whatever is in front of it, allowing you to then mop over that area and clean whatever’s on that surface. You can use as much steam as you need so that whatever you’re cleaning is cleaned properly.

When you’re done cleaning, you don’t need to manually remove the washable pad. Instead, put the mophead over the space where you want to drop the pad, and then press a button and you’ll release the pad. After that, you can clean it and use it again!

Shark Genius Review

Ultimately, the Shark Genius is a wonderful steam mop. If you’re on a budget and want a good steam mop that is affordable, easy to use, and well-designed, you can’t go wrong with the Shark Genius!

What Does The Shark Lift-Away Pro Offer?

The Shark Lift-Away Pro is a unique steam mop, because it isn’t just a steam mop, it’s also a handheld steamer. Right in the middle of the Shark Lift-Away Pro, there is the motor, and you can remove this motor and use it to steam clean all kinds of different surfaces and areas that the standard mop just can’t reach.

Shark Lift-Away Pro vs Shark Genius

Using this handheld steamer, it’s very easy for you to remove stains from clothing, couches, sheets, curtains, as well as crevices, corners, and spaces that are higher up. It’s a simple device that gives you a great deal of versatility and flexibility, making the steam cleaning process easier, and more efficient.

When it comes to the other features and design attributes that the Shark Lift-Away Pro offers, there very similar to what the Shark Genius offers. For example, the mopping pad that you’re going to be using is the same one. It has two sides, you can wash it, and it works very well at removing nasty stains and thick chunks of grime and gunk.

Shark Lift-Away Pro Steam Mop

If you’re mopping and you need some extra steam, there is the Steam Blaster. Using the Steam Blaster allows you to spray steam onto the surface that’s right in front of the mop, loosening up whatever is on it. This is the same feature that you’ll find in the Shark Genius.

On the front of the mop, near the bottom, there are three buttons. These three buttons correspond to three levels of steam. If you want to use a lot of steam, press the third button, and if you want to use a little, press the first button.

Ultimately, the Shark Lift-Away Pro isn’t that much different from the Shark Genius. But, if you are looking to buy a good steam mop that not only makes mopping an easy and quick task, but you would also like to steam clean plenty of other surfaces, as well, then the Shark Lift-Away Pro is an excellent choice!

Shark Lift-Away Pro

Using the Shark Lift-Away Pro, you aren’t going to have any issues or difficulties cleaning any surface, no matter how dirty! And, of course, having a handheld steamer is great for cleaning those difficult-to-reach spaces and areas!

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