Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier Review

If you are on the market for an excellent air purifier, then the Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier may just be for you. By reading through this quick review, you will learn all about the air purifier and whether or not it offers what you need.

Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier Review
Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier

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Beautiful & Sleek Design

Right away, the first thing that you will notice about this air purifier is its design. Everything about this air purifier is stunning in its beauty and simplicity.

The aesthetic is simple and minimalist. It may not look dissimilar to many other air purifiers, but this aesthetic allows for a sense of simplicity and elegance that goes well with any other aesthetic. Because of this, you can place the air purifier just about anywhere, and it will blend in very well.

Making use of the Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier is extremely easy, due to this air purifier’s aesthetic. Since the aesthetic is so clean, elegant, and simple, all of the buttons and settings are laid out with that same sense of organization and precision. Just by glancing at this air purifier, you will be able to see and determine what the air purifier offers, and how you can make use of the features that you have access to.

Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier
Samsung Cube

Beyond the aesthetics of the design, though, every component within this air purifier is very durable. Even if you drop this air purifier off of a table or countertop, it’s very unlikely that it will break. As a result of this durability, this air purifier should last you many years.

Many air purifiers are, it must be said, far less durable than this. So, this is one of the best air purifiers that you can purchase if you need longevity.

Very Easy-To-Use

Most of the people who own this air purifier rely on the control panel that is located along the air purifier’s surface. It isn’t hard to see why people rely on that control panel, since it’s easy-to-use and very well-designed.

Samsung Cube
Samsung Cube Air Purifier

But, you don’t have to use that control panel. Rather, you can actually make use of a smart home device. If you own a device that offers Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Bixby functionality, then you can use that device to control this air purifier.

Regardless of which of those three devices you decide to use, you will be able to tell the air purifier what to do. Just speak a command aloud, into the device, and then the air purifier will register it and perform the function that you’ve just expressed.

As an example of this, if you want the air purifier to turn off, you can tell the air purifier to “Turn Off”, and it will do so. It is extremely easy and convenient, allowing for an effortless air purification process.

Makes Very Little Noise

Many air purifiers are quite loud, due to the fans and purification systems that they use. But, while this air purifier makes use of fans and a layered filtration system, it makes very little noise. The reason for this is due to the design of those components, as well as the structural design of the air purifier itself, which reduces the amount of noise that is generated.

Samsung Cube Air Purifier
Samsung Cube Smart

Since this is the case, you can use this air purifier all throughout the day, and you won’t hear a peep. Even if you are going to bed, you can leave this air purifier running, and the noise it’s generating won’t bother you at all. This makes for a very pleasant air purification experience.

Thorough & Effective Air Purification

Within the air purifier, there is a three-layer True-HEPA Filter. Due to having this filter, the air purifier is able to thoroughly remove all of the various germs, allergens, dust particles – among so many others – that are floating in your air. By the time air passes through this True-HEPA Filter, it is nice and clean, ensuring that you are breathing in air that is clean and healthy.

To ensure that the experience is even more effective, Samsung has given this air purifier an Activated Carbon Filter. Due to this Activated Carbon Filter, all of the nasty odors and smells within your space will be removed from your air. That way, the air is healthy to breathe, and it smells really nice!

Conclusion: Very Efficient & Effective Air Purifier

In the end, the Samsung Cube Smart Air Purifier is very efficient and very effective! If you don’t mind paying a slightly high price, then this is a wonderful air purifier to purchase, and it will serve you very well!

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