Safest Electric Fireplace: Safe for Kids and Pets

Electric fireplaces have become very popular in recent years. And it’s easy to see why.

With an electric fireplace, you have all of the individual perks of a regular fireplace – heat, style, elegance – but they’re much easier to set up and use, and many of them allow you to move them around and to adjust their placement, without too much work.

Unfortunately, however, a lot of electric fireplaces aren’t exactly safe for kids, or pets. There are many electric fireplaces out there, and a lot of them just don’t have the necessary safety features that you would need when using an electric fireplace around pets and kids.

That’s why, in this quick buying guide, you’re going to learn all about how to find a safe electric fireplace that you can use, even if you have kids and pets.

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Why Are Electric Fireplaces Safer Than Other Fireplaces?

With a traditional fireplace that relies on you burning wood, there is a strong fire that must be produced to create that heat. Fires can be very dangerous for both kids and pets, and they can also be dangerous to your home, as well, if they aren’t properly put out.

Gas fireplaces are similar, in that they create flames which help to create the heat that a fireplace is designed to put into your home. Once again, gas is flammable and, if not properly taken care of, can lead to fires and explosions and different types of damage.

With an electric fireplace, you’re not actually creating a real fire. One difference this makes is that if a child puts their hand on the fireplace, it won’t burn their hand. Along with that, there is a much smaller risk of fire damage, among other things.

What Do You Need To Look For When Finding A Safe Electric Fireplace?

Whenever you search for any kind of new product or tool, there is always going to be a few factors that will pop up, time and time again. These are the most notable factors of all, and you need to make sure that you are focusing on them, while you search for the right electric fireplace.

The Maximum Area Coverage

Now, the Maximum Area Coverage – MAC, for short – refers to the amount of space the electric fireplace can heat up. If you have a big living room that is 1,500 square feet, and you intend to heat that entire space, then you’ll need an electric fireplace that supports the size of that space.

The Size

Sometimes, there is a pretty distinct correlation between the overall size of the fireplace and the Maximum Area Coverage. Keep that in mind, when you look at the size of the electric fireplace you are purchasing.

More importantly, however, you need to consider the kind of size that is appropriate for your space, and how it will fit and mesh with the rest of the room that you are in.

Along with that, you also need to recognize that the bigger the electric fireplace, the harder it will be to move around if you ever want to move it to another room or another part of the room.

Power Usage

Multiple advancements have taken place within the field of electric fireplaces, and as such, the overall power usage and energy efficiency has been optimized quite a bit.

However, this doesn’t mean that electric fireplaces don’t use a lot of electricity. They do. Especially the bigger ones, the ones meant to heat large spaces.

Make sure you know how many watts your new electric fireplace is, and how that will affect your electricity bill.

Cool Touch & Automatic Shut-Off

For safety, these two features are essential. Especially if you have kids or pets. Or both!

Cool touch means that when you put your hand on the fireplace, it doesn’t burn you. Kids are naturally curious, and they like to touch things. So, there’s a good chance that they will want to touch this fireplace.

Automatic shut-off is very important because it means that if too much heat is being produced, it shuts off. Or, if the electric fireplace gets knocked over, it will also shut off, preventing any potential damage that such things can cause.


At the end of the day, finding a safe electric fireplace is easy, as long as you know what kind of fireplace you need, and keep those safety features in mind. They are truly essential.

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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