Roomba J7 vs. J7+ vs Combo J7+

Traditional vacuums are out. Upright vacuums are out. Inconvenient, heavy vacuum devices are no longer necessary and are making their way OUT of the cleaning industry. With rapid technological advancements in almost every area of our lives that improve efficiency and convenience, it is hard to not feel tempted to purchase new and upcoming household devices that are a large upgrade from the old-fashioned appliances that we are used to. Robot vacuum cleaners deserve this temptation and are worth every penny if you pick the right one for your lifestyle and habits. These devices can be limited in their affordability, so it is important to do the correct research to ensure you purchase the right robotic vacuum for your household. Today we will be comparing three emerging robot vacuums known as the iRobot Roomba j7 (7150), iRobot Roomba j7+ (7550) and finally the Roomba Combo™ j7+ Robot Vacuum and Mop.


The iRobot Roomba j7 is a remarkable device that vacuums your floors according to your particular preferences and frequency during specific allergy-inducing seasons whilst avoiding all furniture, objects and obstacles in the way to prevent damage. This includes employing extremely smart technology and awareness of the robot’s surroundings to avoid cleaning up pet accidents to ensure the mess is not exacerbated on your floors. The iRobot Roomba j7 is the definition of efficiency in which it applies the 3-stage cleaning system that utilises a power-lifting suction tool and an edge-sweeping brush to ensure all hard-to-reach corners and walls are as polished as they can be before employing the dual multi-surface rubber brushes that clean carpets and rougher floors that trap pathogens, germs and dirt.

Now let’s look at the iRobot Roomba j7+. This device mirrors the remarkable functions of the iRobot Roomba j7 including the detection of obstacles, the detection of pet accidents, as well as the same powerful suctioning brush tools. However, the only difference is that this cleaning device is unique in its ability to automatically empty its bin when the contents are full. The enclosed bag system enables the device to release all collected dirt, hair and particles into the Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal in an efficient manner, allowing you to stay completely clean whilst saving your time and energy from tedious emptying tasks.

So now it may seem like a no-brainer to purchase the iRobot Roomba j7+ as it is almost identical to the iRobot Roomba j7, except for the fact that it includes the extra and necessary function of self-emptying. But wait until you hear about the Roomba Combo j7+. This device has been labelled as the world’s “first fully hands-free vacuum and mop”. Now, what makes this cleaning tool so different? It starts with the 4-stage cleaning level system which contains the same edge-sweeping brush and dual multi-surface rubber brush as the other two described devices, however, it applies a mop pad to dirtier messes when necessary. The dirt detection technology enables the device to independently recognise tougher messes that require the extra scrub of a wet mop, and applies the tool as needed before lifting the pad and placing it back into place to avoid further wet patches on the floor that may cause slipping. If you thought the device couldn’t be more technologically advanced, you would be wrong as the Roomba combo j7+ can be paired with Alexa in which you have the option to voice your preferences and commands to switch the device on whenever you feel it is necessary. Also, the Roomba Combo j7+ applies all of the same features as the other two robotic vacuum cleaners, including self-emptying for time and energy-saving purposes, as well as precision vision navigation that avoids pet accidents, obstacles, furniture and other objects. This device truly prioritises your particular method of cleaning and preferences by allowing you to customise how long the tool is spent within a certain area, which rooms to migrate to, and how much mopping liquid is used for each mess. Equipped with self-updating technology, custom cleaning options and thorough suctioning and mopping for necessary messes, the Roomba Combo j7+ is truly a catch when compared to the unaffordable and inconvenient upright traditional vacuums on the market.


In a rare turn of events, the best robotic vacuum cleaner has been identified after thorough research into the advantages and disadvantages of each cleaning tool. It is also important to have a look at what buyers have said about their unique experience with each product. One amazon buyer stated that the iRoomba j7 vacuum has software that “could be better,” meaning its technological mechanism of detection could be improved. However, another amazon buyer has declared that the iRoomba j7+ self-emptying vacuum has been a “huge improvement” from the prior vacuum cleaners in the iRoomba series and “almost never gets stuck,” meaning the detection technology clearly improved from the original iRoomba j7. Lastly, another amazon buyer has stated that the iRoomba combo j7+ vacuum with mop’s “obstacle avoidance wins the show,” clearly indicating the final winner of the three Roomba Vacuum cleaners.

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In summary, all the discussed iRoomba vacuum cleaners are undeniably efficient at cleaning up necessary messes within the household. However, although the iRoomba combo j7+ appears as the best vacuum to invest in as the device is equipped with all the same features whilst including an extra mopping functionality, the cleaning appliance can be rather expensive, a factor that can be a deal-breaker for some households. Whatever your final decision is, it is clear that any purchase from the three iRoomba vacuums is a great investment for any household.

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