Roomba i2 vs. 692 Robot Vacuum

Robots have captured our imaginations for a long time. While they haven’t exactly lived up to their full sci-fi potential yet, they have made their way into our homes in one of their original envisioned roles: cleaners.

Robot vacuums first joined the household appliance market as a curiosity. But they’ve slowly proved their worth as a time saving tool. Just as with other “first” brands, the first robotic vacuum brand has lent its name to the entire concept… Roomba.

Roomba i2 vs 692
Roomba i2 vs 692

In this article we will review two of Roomba’s models, the i2 and the 692, to see how these midrange models compare to one another.

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Roomba i2

The Roomba i2 robot vacuum comes in on the small end of the scale at nearly seven pounds and three and a half inches high. It’s dimensions allow it to maneuver under various pieces of furniture. It’s weight allows most people to carry it up and down stairs with little effort. Feel comfortable leaving it on an upper floor because it’s sensors can detect a drop, like a staircase, and avoid it. The i2 integrates easily with home assistants such as Alexa so that you can activate it remotely.

Roomba i2 vs 692 Robot Vacuum

It’s small power doesn’t mean it has weak suction. In fact, this model has ten times the suction of the 692.

Other Roomba i2 Features

Despite its small size, the i2 packs a lot of features. Initial set up should not take more than ten minutes. It knows when it needs to recharge and will dock itself in its recharging station when low on power. The i2’s smart sensors will map your home’s floor plan and actually learn which areas need more cleaning than others.

In addition to the the suction power we already mentioned, the i2 utilizes rubber brushes and a three stage cleaning process. These brushes automatically adjust to various surfaces and make short work of pet hair, which won’t get tangled.

With the i2 app, owners can program your robot’s cleaning schedule, including specific times and areas of your house. You can also start cleaning anytime by activating the i2 remotely.

Roomba i2

What’s it missing?

The Roomba i2 lacks a self-emptying capability. So you’ll have to replace its bag and clean the filters on a regular basis.

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The Roomba 692

The Roomba 692 isn’t as advanced as it’s i2 cousin and it lacks the latest technology such as LiDAR (light detection & ranging). But the 692 still has navigation technology which lets it maneuver around furniture and corners. It also is able to avoid cleaning the same space twice.

Roomba 692

Dual-brush system

Carpets present the biggest challenge for robot vacuums. Dirt can get embedded deep into fibers, making cleaning difficult. The 692 tackles carpets with a three stage system that utilizes dual underside brushes which loosen up the dirt. The 692 then sucks loose dirt up. The automatically adjusting cleaner head changes it’s height based upon the surface, dropping lower for hardwood floors.

Roomba 692 vs i2

The Roomba 692 is an affordable option for those looking for their first robot vacuum.

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Both the Roomba i2 and 692 are great choices in terms of price and performance. The three main differences that put the i2 over the top is the i2’s better suction power, its ability to recharge on its own, and its ability to deposit its dirt into a disposal dock.

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This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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