Roborock E4 vs. E5 Robot Vacuum

For a fantastic robot vacuum, you cannot go wrong with Roborock. In this guide you will learn what the Roborock E4 and the Roborock E5 have to offer and which model offers the capabilities you require.

Roborock E4

The Roborock E4 is affordable, yet offers a multitude of capabilities. The numerous features of this robot vacuum gives you access to some excellent functionality.

Super Easy-To-Use

The Robrock E4 offers three ways to interface with the device. You can use the remote control, your smartphone or a smart home device. For the most convenient experience possible, your smartphone or your smart home device are the best options. Your smartphone, allows you access to the robot vacuum from anywhere, while the smart home device allows you to control the robot vacuum with your voice.

Even though those two devices are the best, the remote control is well-designed and easy-to-use, as well.

Very Efficient Floor Cleaning

To clean your floors, this robot vacuum relies on two main systems: a strong suction system, and reliable brushes. The suction system offers 2000Pa of suction power. This aids in removing dirt, dust and debris from any hard floor, as well as most soft floors.

For carpets and rugs that are relatively lacking in density and thickness, this suction system is absolutely fantastic. However, the E4 is less ideal for thicker, more dense carpets and rugs, though, it still works to some degree. To enhance the process, this robot vacuum relies on a set of brushes. Each brush works to remove the dirt, dust, and debris on and within the various surfaces in your home.

A Big Dustbin

Inside this robot vacuum, you will find a 640ML dustbin.

Though that may not sound like much, it is more than most robot vacuums. It can hold a tremendous amount of dirt and dust, as well as small pieces of debris. Since this dustbin is so large, comparatively, you can vacuum for a longer period of time. You won’t need to worry about interrupting the vacuuming process constantly to empty the dustbin.

Fantastic Battery-Life

The total battery-life this robot vacuum offers is 200-minutes, or 3-hours and 20-minutes. For comparison’s sake, most robot vacuums offer 2-hours of battery-life. Since this robot vacuum offers a longer battery-life, you can more easily tackle larger spaces and houses.

For spaces that require efficiency and convenience, this type of battery-life is absolutely fantastic. One thing to note, though, is that charging this battery can take a while. That is something to keep in mind, if you are looking for a robot vacuum with a faster charging speed.

Roborock E5

The Roborock E5 is, in many ways, just like the Roborock E4. However, as the name suggests, this robot vacuum offers a couple of differences. These differences are minor, for the most part, but they transform the overall experience.

Very Easy-To-Use

For you to use this robot vacuum, you can use the remote control, your smartphone, or a smart home device. Just like the Roborock E4, the most convenient devices to use are your smartphone and smart home device. All three devices work very well, providing an easy and pleasant experience. A very easy and pleasant experience that allows you to control and command this robot vacuum so that your floors are cleaned according to your preference.

Absolutely Fantastic Vacuuming

To thoroughly clean the floors in your home, this robot vacuum relies on two systems: a strong suction system and a reliable brushing system.

For the most part, the brushing system is exactly the same as the one that the Roborock E4 offers. The suction system is a different story entirely. The total suction power offered is 2500Pa. That’s 500Pa more than the suction power the Roborock E4 offers. You can use this suction power to more thoroughly remove dirt, dust and debris from both hard and soft floors. That ranges from hard wood floors to the softer rugs and carpeted flooring.

Much like the E4, in the case of extremely thick rugs and carpets, this robot vacuum is not as effective as it could be. Some dirt, dust, and debris on such floors may likely remain after having been vacuumed by the E5. That being said, the overall vacuuming process is absolutely fantastic.

A Large Dustbin

The dustbin this robot vacuum offers is 640ML.

You can store a great deal of dirt and dust within this dustbin, as well as small pieces of debris. Since this dustbin is quite large, it’s great if you need to vacuum in larger spaces, without being forced to empty it out all the time.

Excellent Battery-Life

The total battery-life this robot vacuum offers is 180-minutes. That is an even 3 hours, which is 20 minutes less than the 200 minutes of battery life the Roborock E4 offers.
Looking past this minor difference, the overall experience is very similar. You can vacuum in large spaces without needing to recharge. For big spaces and large homes, this robot vacuum is a great choice, due to this battery-life. Just know, that recharging this battery takes some time.

Conclusion: A Fantastic Pair Of Robot Vacuums

For an affordable robot vacuum that offers excellent battery-life and strong vacuuming, you cannot go wrong with the Roborock E4. For a slightly higher price, you can get a great purchase of a robot vacuum that offers excellent battery-life and even stronger vacuuming in the Roborock E5. No matter which robot vacuum you choose, you will have a pleasant experience.

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