Roborock E25 Robotic Vacuum Review

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Roborock E25 Robotic Vacuum. This is an excellent robot vacuum that offers some fantastic features and a very nice design, and by the time you’re finished reading this review, you’ll know all about the design and features!

Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you just take a look at the design of this robotic vacuum, you won’t notice anything special. The design of this robot vacuum is sleek and simple, and that’s about it. There isn’t much that is particularly unique or special about the overall design, but there doesn’t need to be, either.

Instead, the design looks nice, and is more than functional. But, all of the excellent features are located within the robot vacuum.

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In order for you to use this robot vacuum, you have two choices. You can use your smartphone, or a remote control. Most people use their smartphone, because it’s more convenient and it allows you to access all of the different vacuuming features at all times, rather than being constrained to one particular location and radius, as with the remote.

Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review
Roborock E25

When using your smartphone – or the remote control, for that matter – you’re able to see a map of your home. On this map, you can see exactly where the robot vacuum is, and where it’s going. This allows you to understand what the robot vacuum is cleaning.

When you’re using either one of those devices, you’re also able to access a variety of other features, too. These are features such as being able to create a custom schedule for the robot vacuum, which allows you to determine when the robot vacuum is on and vacuuming, and when it’s not.

You can determine the cleaning mode that the robot vacuum is using, based on the specific vacuuming needs that you have.

As for the cleaning modes that you have access to, most of them are quite basic. Things like “Auto Mode” and “Spot Clean Mode”, as well as being able to control where this robot vacuum is moving, so that it vacuums in specific areas that you need to clean.

Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Roborock E25

There is one cleaning mode that you might be surprised to find that this robot vacuum has, and that’s “Mopping Mode”.

Within this robot vacuum, there is a small mopping system. And, while the robot vacuum is vacuuming your floors, it can also mop them. This allows the robot vacuum to remove all of the dirt, dust, and small pieces of debris that are on your hard floors.

With “Mopping Mode”, the overall vacuuming experience is far more thorough, and it ensures that all of your floors are as clean as they can be.

What is worth pointing out, though, is the fact that Mopping Mode isn’t a replacement for traditional mopping. Instead, it’s more of a supplement to that process, and it’s great at removing dirt and small stains. But, for removing large stains, Mopping Mode certainly isn’t ideal.

Roborock E25 Review
Roborock E25
Most of the robot vacuums at this price-point aren’t known for being especially powerful. But, this robot vacuum is quite different. It offers a great deal of vacuuming power, and this allows the robot vacuum to quickly and efficiently vacuum on your hard floors, as well as your soft floors – soft floors, such as rugs and carpets.

All of this is accomplished using a very powerful motor that produces 1800Pa of suction, and a brushing system that is simple, but great for removing dirt and dust. While the robot vacuum moves across your floors, it uses that suction to gather up all of the dirt, dust, and debris that is in its path.

If it’s on a soft floor, it makes use of the brushes to dive into the depths of the rug/carpet that it’s vacuuming, and the suction to loosen up and vacuum up everything that’s within the carpet/rug that is being vacuumed.

Roborock E25
Roborock E25

When it comes to efficiency and sheer power, this is an excellent robot vacuum. Especially when you consider the myriad of different features that it offers – Mopping Mode, for example – and the simplicity and ease of the design.

What’s also really nice is that this is an affordable robot vacuum, you don’t need to break the bank to buy it, and to have access to the unique features that this robot vacuum offers.

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Ultimately, if you’re looking for a fairly affordable robot vacuum that is very efficient and very powerful, then the Roborock E25 Robotic Vacuum is a fantastic purchase!

Roborock E25 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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