Review of the Frigidaire FGAC7044U1 70 Pint Dehumidifier

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look at the Frigidaire FGAC7044U1 70 Pint Dehumidifier. This is one of the best dehumidifiers that Frigidaire has manufactured, and you’re going to learn what it has to offer and whether or not it’s the right dehumidifier for you!

Review of the Frigidaire FGAC7044U1 70 Pint Dehumidifier

To start off, this dehumidifier is quite large, and fairly heavy. It weighs a total of 43-pounds, and the reason for all of that weight is due to the main body of the dehumidifier, which is designed to hold 70 pints of moisture.

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Moving the dehumidifier around isn’t very easy, due to the heft and weight of the dehumidifier. There are handles on the side, though, as well as caster wheels, which make things a little easier. But, even though moving the dehumidifier around can be a challenge, using the dehumidifier is extremely easy.

To use this dehumidifier, you first need to plug it in. Then, you can choose to connect a water line directly to the dehumidifier, so that the water flows through that, rather than into the water tank. If you choose to use the water tank, then once 70 pints of water have filled the tank, you’re going to need to empty the tank out, so that you can start the dehumidifier again.

Frigidaire FGAC7044U1 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review
Frigidaire FGAC7044U1

Regardless of what you choose, you will then need to adjust a couple of different settings. One of the most important settings is that of determining the amount of humidity you want remaining in the space that is being dehumidified. On the front of the dehumidifier, there is a control panel that lets you determine how much humidity you would like to be in the space.

When you’ve chosen the humidity percentage, you have the ability to set a timer, so that the dehumidifier is on and off, at certain times. This is a simple feature that is also very convenient, as it ensures that your space is only dehumidified at the times you choose, allowing you to further automate the dehumidification process.

One of the coolest features that this dehumidifier offers, is that you can access all of those settings and options using your smartphone. Frigidaire has the “Frigidaire Smart Appliance App”, which allows you to access the dehumidifier – and other Frigidaire appliances – at any time. If you have Amazon Alexa, or a Google Assistant device, you are also able to use that same app with those devices. That way, you can control the dehumidifier using your voice.

As the dehumidifier is running, air will flow through the machine. As air flows through the machine, all of the humidity that is within that air will then be removed. What this dehumidifier does, to execute that process, is it uses a fan to draw in the air.

When air flows through this fan, it goes into the dehumidifier, where it passes through a series of refrigerant cooled coils. These coils cause all of that humidity to condense, turning into pure liquid.

Frigidaire FGAC7044U1  Review
Frigidaire FGAC7044U1

When the humidity condenses and turns into liquid, it flows directly into the water tank. This water tank is able to hold 70 pints of water, and if it’s full, there will be a small light that flashes on the front of the dehumidifier. But, if the dehumidifier is connected to a water line, it will then flow directly from the water tank into the water line.

While all of those features are excellent, and this is an excellent dehumidifier overall, there are two small flaws that it has. These are flaws that, while small, must be considered.

For one thing, moving this dehumidifier around can be a challenge. This isn’t a small dehumidifier, and if you intend to move it from room-to-room, you might find that to be rather difficult.

Frigidaire FGAC7044U1 Dehumidifier
Frigidaire FGAC7044U1

The other flaw that this dehumidifier has is the fact that it’s quite loud. This is a very powerful dehumidifier that is able to work very quickly – it can remove 70 pints of moisture in a single day – and this means that the dehumidifier has a strong motor that produces a lot of noise. If you are someone that’s easily annoyed by loud and repetitive noises, then this dehumidifier might annoy you.

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If you can look past those two issues, you’ll find that the Frigidaire FGAC7044U1 70 Pint Dehumidifier is an absolutely fantastic dehumidifier that offers convenience and efficiency! Plus, for what you get, it’s very affordable and a great value!

Frigidaire FGAC7044U1 70 Pint Dehumidifier

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