RENPHO Air Purifier Review [RP-AP088B]

In this quick review, we’re going to be taking a look at the RENPHO Air Purifier, and the features and design traits that it gives you.

RENPHO Air Purifier RP-AP088B

When you first take the RENPHO Air Purifier out of the box, you’ll notice that it’s lightweight – it weighs less than seven-pounds – and that the design is clean and concise, if not particularly unique or aesthetically pleasing.

This lack of weight, and the simplicity that the design offers, lead to a convenient air purification experience. Setting this air purifier up in a particular space, and then moving it to another space, is exceptionally easy.

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On the top of the air purifier, there is a control panel that gives you access to all of the settings and features this air purifier has to offer. These settings and features are things like a timer feature, as well as several different fan speeds.

RENPHO Air Purifier
RENPHO Air Purifier

With the features that the control panel gives you access to, you are able to tailor the air purification experience to your needs. For example, with the timer, you can allow the air purifier to run for two-hours, four-hours, six-hours, or eight-hours.

When the air purifier is done running for that period of time, it shuts off on its own. With the fan speed settings, you can choose from three different fan speeds that determine the speed of the air purification process, as well as how loud the air purifier is.

If you want to sleep, you can choose “Sleep Mode”, and the air purifier will make very little noise.

On that same control panel, there are various other buttons that give you access to other settings, as well as different indicators. These all allow you to tailor the air purification process to your particular needs, while also notifying you of any pertinent information. For example, if the filter needs to be changed, you’ll know.

RENPHO Air Purifier RP-AP088B Review
RENPHO Air Purifier

Of course, while this convenience and ease-of-use does make the entire process a lot easier, it’s not what truly matters. What truly matters, is how well the air purifier can purify the air in your home. Fortunately, this air purifier is great at doing just that, and makes use of some excellent air purification systems, all of which lead to a pleasant and enjoyable air purification experience.

With this air purifier, you are able to purify a space that is 240 square-feet. If the space you’re working in is more than that, then the air purifier will only be able to purify 240 square-feet of that particular space.

Since this air purifier is relatively small and very lightweight, it’s easy for you to move the air purifier around, to different areas and spaces. That way, you can purify the entirety of your space, rather than just a small part of it.

When the air purifier is running, all of the air that flows into it will pass through several different filters and systems. Each one of these filters and systems allows for an incredibly thorough air purification experience, ensuring that your air is as clean as it can be.

First, air passes through a Ultra-Fine Pre-Filter. This filter removes the largest particles that are within the air, such as pet dander, dust, and hair.

When air has passed through that filter, it goes through an Antibacterial Coating. What this Antibacterial Coating does, is it removes nasty germs, viruses, allergens, and odors.

These are the particles that can make you sick, and this air purifier is more than capable of completely eliminating them from your air.

RENPHO Air Purifier
RENPHO Air Purifier

For the third system, air passes through a True-HEPA Filter. What this True-HEPA Filter does, is it removes the allergens that are within your air. These are things like pollen and dust, as well as various other allergens. These allergens can cause allergic reactions and sickness.

With the next system, air moves through an Activated Carbon Filter. The Activated Carbon Filter removes things like smoke, Volatile Organic Compounds, and strong odors. This is useful if your home doesn’t smell very good.

For the final section of the air purification process, air passes through a Net Filter, which finishes off the air and ensures it’s clean. That way, the entire process is complete, and your air is as clean as it can be.


In the end, the RENPHO Air Purifier is an elaborate and very efficient air purifier that is affordable and convenient! For convenience and efficiency, you can’t go wrong with this air purifier.

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