Pure Enrichment Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier Review (PEDEHUM)

Today, we’re taking a look at the Pure Enrichment Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier. Now, this is a very simple and very affordable mini dehumidifier that has been manufactured by Pure Enrichment. In comparison to other dehumidifiers, it may not be the most recognizable product, but it is definitely a good one.

Pure Enrichment Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier Review

You’re going to learn about the distinct features, attributes, and benefits that this dehumidifier will bring to your home. By the end of the article, you’ll be able to say whether or not this dehumidifier is truly meant for you.

Before we dive right in, let’s go over what a mini dehumidifier actually is.

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A humidifier adds moisture to the air in your home. But, a dehumidifier does the opposite and extracts moisture from your air. This is because too much humidity can easily lead to things like mold and mildew growth since excess humidity is conducive to those substances.

Now, the “mini” aspect simply refers to the fact that this dehumidifier is smaller than most others.

Pure Enrichment PEDEHUM Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier

What Are The Features And Attributes Of The Pure Enrichment Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier?

As you may have gathered, from the title of this dehumidifier, this is a very small, compact, and lightweight dehumidifier. It weighs only 3.25 pounds, which means you can easily take it from one room to another, without having to strain your back, shoulders, or hands.

This also means that mobility is one of the key features of this dehumidifier. You see, the Pure Enrichment Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier isn’t really meant to be a stationary device. Instead, you’re supposed to pick it up, to move it around, and to put it in other rooms, rather than just a single room.

However, due to its design, you won’t be able to dehumidify a great deal of square-footage, with this device. A specific MAC – Maximum Area Coverage – has not been provided, by Pure Enrichment, but it’s easy to figure out that it isn’t much.

For this reason, you should stick to using the device in spaces like bedrooms and offices, among other equally small spaces, because if you were to put it in a living room, for example, it would only succeed at dehumidifying certain parts of the space, rather than the entirety of the space.

Pure Enrichment Deluxe Dehumidifier

In a single 24-hour period, the Pure Enrichment Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier can easily remove up to 10-ounces of moisture. That’s not a lot, in comparison to most regular-sized dehumidifiers, but for a mini dehumidifier that is a notable amount of moisture.

Especially for a smaller space.

You can see the water tank clearly, due to a small see-through panel. This ensures that you also know what the water level is, and when you’re going to need to empty it. However, you don’t need to constantly check the water tank, either, because there is an “Automatic Shut-Off” feature that ensures that when the tank is full, the dehumidifier stops. That way, you don’t have to worry about overflowing or anything of that sort.

Pure Enrichment PEDEHUM Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier Review

As for how much water the tank can hold, it can hold a total of 27 ounces. So, if you ran the dehumidifier for three-days, you would only need to empty the water tank near the end of the third day. This is a very nice convenience to have, especially if you work a lot or simply don’t want to have to fiddle and mess around with the device itself.

Going back to the overall convenience of the device, using it is incredibly simple. There is only one thing you need to do, to use it, and that’s to press a small button that is located behind the dehumidifier. Press that button, and the dehumidifier will get to work.

Unfortunately, though, you have very little control over how this dehumidifier does its job. You can’t control any of the speeds, or anything of that sort, which can be a bit of an inconvenience. Especially if there are specific temperatures, you want to reach because you are unable to do so using this dehumidifier.


The Pure Enrichment PEDEHUM Deluxe Mini Dehumidifier is a very useful and very well-crafted mini dehumidifier. But, that’s the thing, it’s a mini dehumidifier, and if you want something that is especially powerful or efficient, this isn’t the greatest choice for you.

It can’t dehumidify that much, in a single day, and you have no real customization or control over the dehumidifier. Those are the two biggest problems that most people will have to deal with.

However, if you want a simple and easy-to-use dehumidifier for a small space, then this is a good choice.

Pure Enrichment PEDEHUM Deluxe

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