Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum Review (PUCRC95 Model)

In this guide, we’re going to be taking a look at one of the best and most affordable robot vacuums on the market. This robot vacuum is the Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum, and you are going to learn all about what it offers, how it works, and whether or not this is the right robot vacuum for you!

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum Review (PUCRC95 Model)
Pure Clean PUCRC95

To start off, if you compare this robot vacuum to many of the other robot vacuums that are on the market, you’ll notice that it’s very inexpensive. Most robot vacuums are quite expensive, due to the complexity of the technology that is used for the sensors, navigation systems, suction, and brushing.

You’ll also notice, though, that this robot vacuum doesn’t have as many features as some of the more expensive robot vacuums. It’s not an especially elaborate or feature-rich robot vacuum. Instead, it offers all of the basic features that you would expect out of a decent and functional robot vacuum, but not a lot else.

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To use this robot vacuum, you’re going to be relying on a small remote control. With this remote control, you have access to all of the different features and settings that the robot vacuum offers.

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum Review
Pure Clean PUCRC95

One of the most important features is that of the scheduling feature. Using the scheduling feature, you can tell the robot vacuum when it needs to be on, and when it needs to be off. You can set it for any time, and at that time, it will turn on and vacuum your floors.

Most robot vacuums have a battery-life of ninety-minutes, and so does this one. While that may not sound like a lot, it’s usually more than enough time for most homes. You won’t need to worry about the robot vacuum moving through most of your home, and then running out of battery-life.

When the battery-life is almost depleted, the vacuum goes straight to the charging dock. This is an automatic process, and there is nothing that you need to do for this to happen. While this is not an unusual feature, it does make using the vacuum very convenient, and it ensures that your experience is quite easy and effortless.

Pure Clean PUCRC95 Automatic Robot Vacuum Review
Pure Clean PUCRC95

Underneath the vacuum, there is the suction channel, and two rotating brushes. While the vacuum is moving across your floors, those two rotating brushes work to gather up dirt, dust, and debris. All of that is gathered up from the floor, and then it is pushed into the suction channel. When that dirt, dust, and debris is pushed into the suction channel, it’s vacuumed up and thrown into the vacuums dustbin.

Once the vacuuming process is over, you can go to the vacuum and take out the dustbin. Then, you can dump the contents of the dustbin into the garbage can. It’s a simple and easy process that doesn’t take long.

With the powerful brushes and the suction power, it’s very easy for this vacuum to gather up dirt, dust, and small pieces of debris. But, it can only do that on hard surfaces, for the most part. Floors made of hard material – such as wood, stone, marble, etc – are very easy for this vacuum to move across and to vacuum on. But, when it comes to floors that are thicker and dense, such as carpets and rugs, this robot vacuum isn’t quite as good.

Pure Clean PUCRC95 Robot Vacuum
Pure Clean PUCRC95

The reason for this, is because the brushes aren’t able to delve into the depths of those surfaces, loosening up whatever happens to be lodged within them. That’s the biggest reason. But, the other reason is that the motor doesn’t generate a great deal of suction, and this means that the dirt, dust, and debris within those surfaces can’t be vacuumed up with ease. That would require more suction, as well as stronger brushes, which this robot vacuum doesn’t have. For more basic vacuuming tasks, such as vacuuming on hard floors, then this robot vacuum works very well!


In the end, if you are looking for a good robot vacuum that is inexpensive, easy-to-use, and efficient, then the Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum is a very good choice!

It’s not the most powerful robot vacuum, but if you aren’t concerned with having lots of power or lots of different features and unique design traits, then this is a very good robot vacuum to go with! It’s easy to use, and it gets the job done!

Pure Clean Automatic Robot Vacuum Review (PUCRC95 Model)

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