Polaris PB4-60 OEM Booster Pump Review

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at the Polaris PB4-60 OEM Booster Pump. We’re going to be looking at the features and design traits this booster pump offers, and what sets it apart from the other booster pumps that are available.

Polaris PB4-60 OEM Booster Pump Review

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The Polaris BP4-60 OEM Booster Pump is a booster pump that enhances the water pressure of your swimming pool’s main water pump. Instead of being constrained to the, more often than not, low water pressure and low water flow, that your pool’s main pump produces, this booster pump allows water to flow through your pool at a much faster pace.

Polaris PB4-60 OEM Booster Pump
Polaris PB4-60

There are two major benefits to using this booster pump – or any booster pump, for that matter. As mentioned earlier, using a booster pump enhances the water pressure of your swimming pool, and this allows water to flow through it at a faster pace.

This is excellent for filtration, and it prevents the different filtration systems from becoming lodged with dirt and gunk.

There is one other major benefit, though. This other major benefit is that, with this booster pump, you can set up a pressure-side pool cleaner and use that pool cleaner to automate the pool cleaning process. That way, you don’t have to dive into the pool and clean it manually.

When you first take this booster pump out of the box, you’ll notice that it’s made of strong materials and that it has a very durable frame. This durability and strength is excellent, because it ensures that the booster pump will last for quite a few years, and that repairs will be minimal.

In the booster pump, there’s the motor, and this motor is made out of even stronger materials than the main body of the booster pump. This, too, is excellent, as it allows the booster pump to last for a very long time.

Polaris PB4-60
Polaris PB4-60

Inside of the box, there’s also a main hose and several connectors. These tools are all that you need to properly set up the booster pump. There’s no need for you to go out and purchase any of those things separately, which allows you to simply take the booster pump out of the box, and to begin setting it up.

Once the booster pump is set up and running, it will begin generating some very nice water pressure and some powerful water flow. Much of this is due to the motor, which is capable of using 0.75 HP. That isn’t a lot, in comparison to some of the more expensive booster pumps, but it’s more than enough for most pools.

In order for you to begin using your pressure-side pool cleaner, you need to attach the pool cleaner to one of the water jets in your pool. The pressure-side pool cleaner that you own should have a hose that allows you to do this.

Once you’ve done that, and when the booster pump has been turned on, the water pressure will flow through that hose and through the pressure-side pool cleaner. From this, the pressure-side pool cleaner can begin to move across the surfaces in your pool, cleaning up the dirt, gunk, and debris.

Since this is a Polaris booster pump, it has been designed to work especially well with Polaris pressure-side pool cleaners. Pressure-side pool cleaners such as the Polaris Vac-Sweep 480 and the Polaris Vac-Sweep 280, among others.

Polaris PB4-60 Review
Polaris PB4-60

This isn’t to say that you can’t use other pressure-side pool cleaners with this booster pump, but that Polaris has designed the booster pump to give those pressure-side pool cleaners the best performance.

When it comes to the general usability, ease-of-use, and efficiency that this booster pump offers, it’s excellent. This is an excellent booster pump that is great for just about any swimming pool, and great for just about any pressure-side pool cleaner.

There is one flaw that must be pointed out, though, and this flaw is that this booster pump makes a lot of noise. While the booster pump is running, you’ll be able to hear the whirring and roaring of the engine. For some people, this is totally fine, but for others, it’s not. So, make sure keep that in mind.


The Polaris PB4-60 OEM Booster Pump is an excellent booster pump that offers an easy set up, plenty of power, and a very durable design. It does make a lot of noise, though. But, if you can look past that and want a quality booster pump, this is a great purchase!

Polaris PB4-60 OEM Booster Pump

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