Pentair is an excellent pool cleaner manufacturer. One of their best pool cleaners is the Pentair Kreepy Krauler Racer Pressure-Side Pool Cleaner, and in this review, you’re going to learn all about it!

Pentair 360228 Kreepy Krauly Racer Pressure Pool Cleaner Review

With a weight of 22-pounds, this is a fairly lightweight pool cleaner. Picking it up and moving it to and from your pool is quite easy, which allows for the overall experience to be fairly convenient and easy.

When you take a look at the design of this pool cleaner, you’ll notice that it has a certain degree of sleekness and a strong sense of style. It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing or unique pool cleaner, but it certainly looks nice and has a cool design.

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Since this is a pressure-side pool cleaner, to use this pool cleaner, you’ll need to attach the device to a dedicated pressure line that is near your pool. When you connect this pool cleaner to that pressure-line, that’s it, the pool cleaner will get to work and begin moving across your pool and cleaning it.

Pentair 360228 Kreepy Krauly Racer Pressure Pool Cleaner

Pentair 360228

On this pool cleaner, there are four wheels. Two of these wheels are on the back, and they’re quite large, and two of them are on the front, and those wheels are much smaller. What these wheels do is they allow the pool cleaner to move across the floor of your pool very quickly, so that the pool cleaning process doesn’t take a long time.

Due to the design of these wheels, they grant the pool cleaner a level of flexibility that allows the pool cleaner to move and navigate across your pool in a manner that is far more fluid than other pool cleaners.

Right on the front of this pool cleaner, there is a small rotating brush. What this rotating brush does, is it allows this pool cleaner to scrub and brush off all of the dirt, dust, and grime that is on the floor of your swimming pool.

Pentair 360228 Pressure Pool Cleaner

Pentair 360228

This could be things like moss and dirt that has been caked onto the floor. And, due to the strength of the brush’s bristles, it’s able to loosen all of that gunk up, so that it can then flow into the pool cleaner and be disposed of.

Underneath the pool cleaner, there is a large pathway that allows for everything that’s been brushed off and loosened to flow straight into the pool cleaner. That way, it can then be disposed of. Due to the size of this suction pathway, it’s also capable of removing larger pieces of debris, such as leaves and even small sticks.

As for the suction power of this pool cleaner, it’s exceptional. Since this pool cleaner is powered by a pressure-line, it relies on the pressure that’s coming from that line for both movement, and suction. But, due to the design of the pool cleaner, it’s able to harness that pressure in a manner that ensures the suction is both incredibly strong, and consistent.

This allows the pool cleaner to vacuum up whatever is in its path, and when combined with the powerful brush system, the pool cleaner is more than capable of cleaning whatever is on the floor of your swimming pool.

Pentair 360228 Review

Pentair 360228

Everything that’s vacuumed into the pool cleaner flows into a large debris bag. This debris bag is held on the top part of the pool cleaner, and it can hold quite a bit of material. It can easily hold material such as leaves, dirt, grass, small sticks; along with many other things.

What really makes it work is the fact that it’s incredibly durable, so it’s capable of holding all of those things without tearing or getting damaged, and the fact that you can easily remove the bag and empty its contents out, when you’re finished using the pool cleaner.

Overall, this is an excellent pool cleaner that offers a tremendous amount of power and convenience. But, with that being said, it’s a fairly expensive pool cleaner, so you will need to spend a decent amount of money to own it. And, along with that, the design isn’t the most durable, so it may end up falling apart after a year or two.

Pentair Kreepy Krauly Racer Review

Pentair 360228

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If you can look past a design that isn’t very durable and the high price, the Pentair Kreepy Krauler Pressure Side-Pool Cleaner is an absolutely fantastic pressure pool cleaner that offers a tremendous amount of pool cleaning power and a very convenient experience!

Pentair Kreepy Krauly

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