MOOSOO K13 Cordless Vacuum Review

MOOSOO is an excellent vacuum manufacturer, and the MOOSOO K13 is one of their most innovative vacuum cleaners. In this review, we’re going to be diving into what it offers, how it works, and whether or not it’s right for you.

MOOSOO K13 Cordless Vacuum Review

The MOOSOO K13 Cordless Vacuum is very lightweight and has a simple and clean design. It isn’t the best design, as certain features and settings aren’t always as easy to understand and use as they could be, but the overall design is clean and easy enough.

The best part about the design is the fact that the vacuum cleaner weighs very little and requires no power cord.

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With a weight of only two-pounds, this is an exceptionally lightweight vacuum cleaner. Picking it up and moving it around is not difficult, and when you combine this lack of weight with the lack of a power cord, you get a vacuum cleaner that allows for mobility and flexibility.

MOOSOO K13 Cordless Vacuum

When you are using this vacuum cleaner, you have access to two primary vacuuming modes. The first of these vacuuming modes is that of using this vacuum cleaner as you would a traditional vacuum cleaner, which means pushing it across your floors and vacuuming whatever is in your path.

The second vacuuming mode is that of turning this vacuum cleaner into a handheld vacuum, so that you can vacuum in spaces and areas that the main vacuum doesn’t allow you to clean.

Most of the time, you’ll be using this vacuum cleaner as you would a traditional vacuum cleaner. For vacuuming on floors, this is the best vacuuming mode to use and it allows you to easily brush and vacuum all of the dirt, dust, and debris that happens to be on your floors.

There are going to be times, though, where you need to vacuum in a tight and narrow space that the regular vacuuming mode just isn’t designed for. In those situations, you can easily transform the vacuum cleaner into a handheld vacuum, and you can hold the vacuum cleaner in your hand and move it into whatever tight and narrow space needs vacuuming.

MOOSOO K13 Stick Vacuum Review

If there is a surface that the main vacuum can’t properly vacuum, such as a couch or a chair, you can use the handheld vacuum on that surface, as well.

When it comes to the overall power and efficiency that this vacuum cleaner offers, this is a great vacuum cleaner for simple messes. Vacuuming on hard floors is incredibly easy, due to the design of this vacuum cleaner and the floor head that it uses. But, when it comes to vacuuming on thick soft floors, such as carpets and rugs, this vacuum cleaner isn’t quite as good.

This is due to the fact that the vacuum cleaner doesn’t quite possess the suction power that is needed for those particular surfaces, and the brush system that it uses isn’t long enough to dive into the depths of a carpet/rug, to remove whatever happens to be within it.

For vacuuming on thin soft floors, such as carpets and rugs that aren’t very dense, then this vacuum cleaner does work fairly well.

MOOSOO K13 Stick Vacuum

It is capable of vacuuming up most of the dirt and dust that is on those soft floors, and it’s good at keeping them free of small pieces of debris.

While you are using this vacuum cleaner, there are two suction modes that you can choose from. One of these suction modes is the standard 7KPa suction mode, which is used the most.

This is a basic suction mode that provides more than enough suction power for vacuuming on hard floors and surfaces.


Sometimes, though, you’ll need more suction. For that, you can use the 13KPa suction mode, which is designed for hard floors and surfaces that are especially dirty.

Plus, if you do need to vacuum on a soft surface, this is the best suction mode to use, as it gives you enough suction power to vacuum up most of what is on a thin soft surface.

While this is a great cordless vacuum, overall, it is worth pointing out that the battery-life is only around 25-minutes. For a long and intensive vacuuming session, that isn’t much time. But, for a quick vacuuming, that amount of time works well.

MOOSOO K13 Review


In the end, the MOOSOO K13 Cordless Vacuum is great if you want a convenient and simple cordless vacuum that gives you enough power for basic vacuuming!

MOOSOO K13 Cordless Vacuum Review

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