LG vs Frigidaire Window-Mounted Air Conditioners

If you are on the market for a good window-mounted air conditioner, then you’ve come to the right guide. In this buying guide, we are taking a look at an LG window-mounted air conditioner, and a Frigidaire window-mounted air conditioner. By the time you are finished with this guide, you will know which one is right for you!

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What Does The LG Window-Mounted Air Conditioner Offer?

To start off this buying guide, we have the LG Window-Mounted Air Conditioner. By using this air conditioner, you have access to 12,000 BTUs of cooling power. That is a lot of cooling power, and by having this cooling power, you can cool rooms that are up to 550 square feet quickly and efficiently.

LG LW1216HR 12,000 BTU Review

While this window air conditioner is very effective, it isn’t just an air conditioner. Instead, it is also a heater and a fan. If you are using the heating function, then you have access to 11,200 BTUs of heating power, and this heating power can be used to quickly heat a space that is 450 square feet – or, rather, 450 square feet of a larger space.

Within the air conditioner, there is a large fan that you can turn on and off. If you turn the fan on, while this air conditioner is producing cool air, you will be able to spread that cool air across your space. But, if the fan is off, then it’s likely that the air will move across your space at a much slower pace, so it will take longer for that space to be thoroughly cooled.

LG 12,000 BTU 230V Air Conditioner Review

Each one of the three functions this window air conditioner offers has two settings. For the air conditioner, there are two cooling speeds that you can choose from. For the heater, there are two heating speeds that you can choose from. For the fan, there are two fan speeds that you can choose from. While two options aren’t a lot, both settings are quite useful and allow for an easy, convenient, and pleasant experience.

On the front of this window air conditioner, there is a small screen. The temperature that the air conditioner/heater is running at will display on this screen. If it is running at 68-degrees, for example, then you’ll see that. You can use the buttons on the front to adjust the temperature. There is also a timer that you can use, allowing you to determine the amount of time that the air conditioner runs for.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a powerful, efficient, and very convenient window air conditioner, then the LG Window-Mounted Air Conditioner is a fantastic purchase!

LG 12,000 BTU 230V Window-Mounted Air Conditioner Review

What Does The Frigidaire Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner Offer?

From Frigidaire, we have the Frigidaire Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner. By using this air conditioner, you have access to 8,000 BTUs of cooling power. Since you have access to that cooling power, you can easily cool a space that is no more than 320 square feet – or 320 square feet of a larger space – quickly and efficiently.

Frigidaire 8,000 BTU
Frigidaire FFRH0822R1

Within this air conditioner, there is a supplemental heating system, a dehumidifier, and a fan. Each one of these systems is incredibly useful, and they each perform their functions very well, allowing for a pleasant experience.

Frigidaire Window-Mounted Air Conditioner Comparison

Room Size150 sq. ft.350 sq. ft.
Cooling/Fan Speeds2-Feb3-Mar
Energy Saver ModeN/AYes
Sleep ModeN/AYes
Air Direction Control28
Supplemental HeatN/AYes
Check Price
Check Price

By using the supplemental heating system, you have access to a 7,000 BTU heating pump and 3,500 BTUs of supplemental heating capacity, allowing for heat to be spread throughout a relatively small space. If you have a bedroom that needs to be heated, then the supplemental heating system is perfect. But, for anything larger than that, it isn’t as useful.

The dehumidifier is exceptionally useful, especially if you live in a humid climate. All of the air flowing through this air conditioner is dehumidified, when the dehumidifier is running, ensuring that it’s free of moisture. That way, the air is less sticky, and quite a bit cooler.

Frigidaire FFRH0822R1 8,000 BTU Review
Frigidaire FFRH0822R1

When the fan is turned on, all of the cool/warm air that this air conditioner is producing can flow throughout your entire space. It does so very quickly, due to the speed of the fan’s blades, allowing your room to be cooled/heated as soon as possible. There are three different fan speeds that you can choose from, ensuring it isn’t too fast or too slow, but just right.

In the end, if you need a window air conditioner that offers a diverse array of excellent features and functions, the Frigidaire Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner will serve you very well!

Frigidaire 8,000 BTU Window-Mounted Room Air Conditioner Review

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