Levoit LV-H128 vs. LV-H132 Air Purifiers

If you are on the market for a new air purifier, but just aren’t sure which one to purchase, then you have come to the right place. By reading through this quick guide, you will learn all about the Levoit LV-H128 and the Levoit LV-H132. That way, you can figure out which one offers exactly what you need!

Levoit LV-H128 vs. LV-H132
Levoit LV-H128

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What Does The Levoit LV-H128 Have To Offer?

The Levoit LV-H128 is one of the most affordable air purifiers on the market. Even though it is so affordable, though, it still manages to offer an excellent design and plenty of air purification power.

Right away, the first thing you will notice about this air purifier is its lovely design. Everything about the air purifier just screams “minimalism”! No button, color, or design feature is misplaced; everything looks wonderful. But, along with that, this air purifier is extremely easy-to-use, due to the cleanliness and minimalism of its overall design and visual aesthetic.

With a weight of just 3.3-pounds, this is one of the lightest and most compact air purifiers on the market. Picking it up and moving it around is very easy, since it weighs so little. Due to its small size, you can easily set it on a table, desk, nightstand – or just about any other surface, for that matter.

Levoit Air Purifier Comparison

Rated Power6 Watts28 Watts
Effective Range≤ 161 ft² / 15 m²129 ft2 / 12 m2
Operating Conditions:Temperature: 14°–104°F / -10°–40°C, Humidity: ≤ 85% RHTemperature: 14°-104°F / -10°-40°C
Noise Level24–36dB≤50dB
Standby PowerN/A<0.8W
Check Price
Check Price

The total Maximum Area Coverage of the air purifier is 161 square-feet. If you have a small office, bedroom, or living room – among various other spaces – then this air purifier is perfect. It is more than capable of gathering the air from that particular space and throwing it into a series of powerful air purification mechanisms, ensuring that your space is filled with clean air.

As for the air purification mechanisms that this air purifier uses, there are three of them. Each one is very well-designed and incredibly powerful. By having these air purification mechanisms, you are able to keep your air nice and clean.

Levoit LV-H128 Review
Levoit LV-H128

The first of these mechanisms is that of the Pre-Filter. As air flows through the Pre-Filter, all of the larger particles – dust and hair, mostly – within that air are removed.

The second mechanism is that of the H13 True HEPA Filter. By having the H13 True HEPA Filter, the air purifier is capable of removing the really small and nasty particles that are infesting your air. More often than not, these are particles such as germs and allergens.

The third, and final, mechanism is that of the Activated Carbon Filter. As air flows through the Activated Carbon Filter, all of the smells and odors within that air will be removed. That way, when air is finished moving through the Activated Carbon Filter, it smells great!

In the end, if you are looking for an affordable and effective air purifier, you cannot go wrong with the Levoit LV-H128!

Levoit LV-H128 Air Purifier
Levoit LV-H128

What Does The Levoit LV-H132 Have To Offer?

The Levoit LV-H132 is, in more ways than one, just like the Levoit LV-H128. With that being said, though, it offers a series of unique features and design traits. Each one of these unique features and design traits leads to a unique air purification experience that may, or may not, be ideal for your air purification needs.

Levoit LV-H132 vs LV-H128
Levoit LV-H132

Right away, you will notice that the design of this air purifier is quite similar to that of the LV-H128. It looks very similar, and it functions in a similar manner. But, in more ways than one, this is quite good, as it allows you to make use of the air purifier in an easy and effective manner.

Rather than having a Maximum Area Coverage of only 161 square-feet, this air purifier offers a Maximum Area Coverage of 516 square-feet. Due to this Maximum Area Coverage, you can easily purify large spaces that are filled with dirty air. By having this feature, the air purifier is incredibly versatile.

Levoit LV-H132 Review
Levoit LV-H132

Within the air purifier, there is a Pre-Filter, H13 True HEPA Filter, and an Activated Carbon Filter. None of these mechanisms are unique to the LV-H132, as they are also found in the LV-H128.

By having these mechanisms, you can perform the same air purification functions,such as removing odors and smells, among other things. But, with that being said, they work very well and provide a thorough and efficient air purification experience!

In the end, the Levoit LV-H132 is very similar to the Levoit LV-H128. But, it can purify much larger spaces. If that is what you are looking for, then it is a wonderful purchase that will serve you very well!

Levoit LV-H132 Air Purifier
Levoit LV-H132

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