KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine Review

In this review, we’re taking a look at the KUPPET Compact Portable Mini Washing Machine. While reading this review, you’ll learn all about what this portable washing machine has to offer, and then, you’ll know whether purchasing it is the right decision for you.

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine

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To start off this review, one of the most important features this portable washing machine has to offer is the fact that it’s very easy-to-use. As a result of this machine’s simple and concise design, each feature is clearly outlined and delineated, which makes it easy for you to access the various features and settings this machine offers.

KUPPET Portable Mini Washing Machine

Beyond that, though, this portable washing machine is compact, relatively lightweight, and easy to set-up. As a result of its small size and lack of heft, you can easily move it around and set it up in a variety of spaces. If you want to use it in your apartment, and then you would like to move it to an RV, then you can easily do that.

To use this portable washing machine, you need to plug it in and then set up the drainage tubes so that clean water can come from a faucet – or another water source – and so that the used water can drain out of the machine. But, this is very simple to do, since KUPPET has included the hoses that you need, and you can easily attach them to your faucet and set another hose in your sink, or some other place that can serve as a drainage destination.

When you’ve done that, you can put your clothes into the machine and choose the amount of time you would like them washed for, and the specific washing setting that you would like to use. The entire process is nearly effortless.

Washes & Dries

What makes this portable washing machine especially nice, is the fact that it isn’t just a portable washing machine. Instead, it’s also a portable dryer, which means that you can wash your clothes in this machine, and then dry those same clothes off.

KUPPET Portable Mini Washing Machine Review

On the left side of this machine, there is a tank that holds all of your dirty clothes, and washes them. To the right of that tank, there is a smaller tank that can hold the clothes you’ve just washed. This dryer uses a spin drying system to thoroughly dry off your clothes. That way, there’s no need for you to hang them out to dry, which can take a long time.

Large Capacity

In this portable washing machine, you’ll find, as mentioned, two tanks. One of these tanks is for washing, and the other tank is for drying. Since this is, primarily, a portable washing machine, the washing tank is larger, but the size of the drying tank is more than sufficient.

With the washing tank, you are able to store up to eighteen-pounds of laundry, at any given time. That’s quite a bit of laundry, which makes this portable washing machine perfect for someone who is living alone or with just one other person. But, if you have a large family and are washing large amounts of clothing during every washing cycle, this capacity will be less than ideal.

To the right of the washing tank, there’s the drying tank. With this drying tank, you are able to hold eight-pounds of laundry. That’s considerably less than the washing tank, but the spin drying process takes less time and, when laundy has been washed, it tends to be a bit smaller due to the water that it’s absorbed.

Efficient Washing & Drying

Since this is a portable washing machine, above all else, it must offer efficient washing. But, since this is a portable washing machine and dryer, it also offers efficient drying.

KUPPET Mini Washing Machine

With this portable washing machine, you can have an entire eighteen-pound load of laundry washed in just fifteen-minutes. That is very fast, which makes this machine perfect if you don’t have a lot of laundry to wash, and you want it washed as soon as possible.

When you are done washing your laundry, you can place it into the dryer, and in just five-minutes, it will be dry. This, too, is very efficient and allows for an effortless washing and drying experience.

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Conclusion: Affordable & Effective Washing Machine

Ultimately, the KUPPET Compact Portable Mini Washing Machine is an excellent portable washing machine that offers an efficient and convenient washing and drying experience. If you live alone – or with just one another person – and need a washing machine that works well, this is a great purchase.

KUPPET Compact Twin Tub Portable Mini Washing...
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