Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer Review

Purchasing a pressure washer could just be one of the best choices that you make. Pressure washers occupy a specific category that belongs to just a few other cleaning tools – steam cleaners being one of these tools – and this category consists of some of the most powerful and useful cleaning tools that are available.

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer, 1600 PSI, 1.25 GPM

With a pressure washer, you can direct streams of water towards any kind of stain or mess. This water is pushed out with an incredible amount of pressure, allowing you to wash and clean quickly and efficiently, while ensuring that there is no residue from that mess left over, and that what you’ve just cleaned looks beautiful!

In this quick buying guide, you’re going to learn about an electric pressure washer that is affordable, well-designed, and exceptionally powerful. This pressure washer is the Karcher K2 Electric Pressure Washer, and you are going to learn all about the features and design traits that it offers, as well as how it makes your life easier!

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What Does The Karcher K2 Electric Pressure Washer Have To Offer?

It isn’t uncommon for pressure washers to weigh around twenty-to-thirty-pounds. Some pressure washers are even heavier than that, which can make moving them around a rather difficult and annoying experience.

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Power Pressure Washer

The Karcher K2 Electric Pressure Washer is a little different. It only weighs sixteen-pounds; on the top there’s a big handle, and underneath it there are wheels. These design traits make it very easy for you to pick up the pressure washer, and bring it around to the different spaces and areas that you need to wash.

Since this is an electric pressure washer, you’re going to need to plug it in. If you’re working outdoors, where there aren’t as many power outlets, it can be a little tricky to set it up. But, fortunately, the power cord is thirty-five-feet long. Because of this, it’s easy for you to just drag the cord to the nearest outlet, and plug it in. There’s no need for an extension cord that’ll end up getting tied and tangled.

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Pressure Washer, 1600 PSI, 1.25 GPM

When you plug the Karcher K2 Electric Pressure Washer into a power outlet, and you attach the water hose to the water outlet – this is where your regular garden hose is – you need to then attach the main hose. This is the hose where all of that water will be spraying out of, allowing you to pressure wash. It’s twenty-feet long, so it’s quite flexible and you can easily move it around into different spaces and areas.

On this hose, you can add a little attachment. You have two choices, for attachments that you can use. The first attachment that you can use is the Dirtblaster Spray Wand. And, the second attachment that you can use is the Vario Power Spray Wand.

What the Dirtblaster Spray Wand does, is it increases the water pressure by around 50%. Now, the standard water pressure is 1600 PSI, so the Dirtblaster Spray Wand simply enhances that, and provides more pressure for certain pressure washing tasks. If there are areas that are extremely dirty and nasty where you need some extra water pressure, then the Dirtblaster Spray Wand is the perfect attachment.

Karcher K2 Plus Electric Pressure Washer

With the Vario Power Spray Wand, you are able to go from high pressure to low pressure, with just the press of a switch. There’s a switch, and you can press this switch and use it. It’s a much lighter spray wand, and it’s easier for you to move this spray wand around and to manipulate it in the area that you wish for it to go.

One nice thing to mention about the Vario Power Spray Wand is that if you’re using the low-pressure mode, then the detergent is automatically dispensed. This detergent is useful for stains that need a bit of soap to come off.

For these two attachments, you have access to all of the power and flexibility that you need. These are great attachments that give you a great deal of control over the water pressure, and the pressure washing experience.


In the end, the Karcher K2 Electric Pressure Washer is a fantastic electric pressure washer, and an excellent pressure washer, overall!

Karcher K2 Plus Pressure Washer

What makes it fantastic is the fact that it gives you a great deal of power and efficiency. No matter what pressure washing task you have, the Karcher K2 Electric Pressure Washer is able to solve it!

More than that, though, it’s also a very affordable, easy-to-use, and mobile electric pressure washer! These are great design qualities that lead to an enjoyable and pleasant pressure washing experience!

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