The InvisiClean Sensa Air Purifier is very well-designed air purifier that comes equipped with several fantastic features! If you’ve been on the market for a new air purifier, then this air purifier might be right for you!

InvisiClean Sensa Air Purifier for Home Review

To start off, this is a relatively small air purifier that can fit in most spaces. It’s compact, if somewhat tall, and it only weighs 8.9-pounds. Since it weighs so little, and isn’t very large, you can easily move it from room-to-room, if you choose to do so.

Every single air purifier has something known as a “Maximum Area Coverage”. A “Maximum Area Coverage” refers to the amount of space that an air purifier can purify. With this air purifier, you can purify a space that is up to 319 square-feet. If you use the air purifier in a space that is larger than that, it will purify 319 square-feet of that space, but no more. You can, however, move this air purifier around, making it easier to purify other areas of a large space.

On the top of this air purifier, there is a control panel that has a series of buttons. These buttons have to do with the different air purification modes, the fan speed, the timer, as well as the current quality of your air.

Most people use “Auto Mode”, because Auto Mode allows the air purifier to determine the current quality of your air, and then to determine the fan speed that is ideal for that situation.

InvisiClean Sensa Air Purifier

What makes this air purifier really convenient is the fact that it has a sensor that determines the current air quality, and with Auto Mode, the air purifier then determines the fan speed that is ideal for that air quality. But, even if you don’t use Auto Mode, you can still see the current air quality by looking at the meter that is in the middle of the control panel.

Right next to “Auto Mode” there is “Sleep Mode”. Sleep Mode is when all of the display lights and indicators turn off. If you have the air purifier in your bedroom, and want to go to sleep, then Sleep Mode is very useful.

The other mode is that of “Turbo Mode”. Turbo Mode is when the air purifier works as hard as it can, so that it’s able to thoroughly purify your air in a quick and efficient manner. If your air is very dirty, this is the best mode to use. But, using Turbo Mode will make your air purifier quite loud.

On the control panel, you have a button that controls the speed of the fan. There are five different fan speeds that you have access to, and they all work well, depending on your air purification needs. If you don’t want the fan to make too much noise, and your air is fairly clean, then the lowest fan speed works well enough. But, if you have very dirty air, and you don’t mind a loud fan, then the highest fan speed is the best one to choose.

With the final button on the control panel, you have access to a timer. What this timer does, is it allows you to choose how long the air purifier runs for. So, if you would like the air purifier to run for a single-hour, you can do that. But, if you want the air purifier to run for nine-hours – the maximum amount of time the timer allows you to set – you can do that, too.

When it comes to the air purification process, this air purifier relies on an Activated Carbon Filter, and a True-HEPA Filter. What the Activated Carbon Filter does, is it removes bad odors and smells from the air. Then, the rest of the air flows through the True-HEPA Filter, which removes the small germs and allergens from your air.

If there is a flaw with this air purifier, it’s that the Maximum Area Coverage is a little small. But, that’s a very minor complaint and, overall, this is an absolutely fantastic air purifier that offers some excellent features and an incredibly convenient design!

InvisiClean Sensa Air Purifier Review


If you are looking for an excellent air purifier that is affordable, convenient, compact, and powerful, then you can’t go wrong with the InvisiClean Sensa Air Purifier! It is easily one of the best air purifiers on the market, and you get a tremendous amount of value, for the low price that you pay.

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