A central vacuum system is unlike any other kind of vacuum system. Most people think of vacuum cleaners, when they think of a central vacuum system, but the two are very different.

Imperium CV300 vs. OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System Comparison

Here’s the thing, a vacuum cleaner is a device that you move around, and use to clean the various spaces and areas of your home. Usually, you plug it into an outlet, but there are cordless vacuum cleaners available. In essence, a vacuum cleaner is a self-contained system that is completely mobile.

A central vacuum system is a large system that is connected to the various rooms and spaces in your home. Most people set up their central vacuum system in the basement. Then, they connect a series of hoses and ports to the different rooms in their home.

When they want to vacuum a particular room, they attach a vacuum cleaner unit to one of those ports, and the central vacuum system supplies suction to that port. Since central vacuum systems are larger, they can supply a lot more suction to that one port, and this makes thorough vacuuming a lot easier. Along with that, central vacuum systems support homes and buildings that are quite large, and they can project this vacuuming power throughout the home, using those aforementioned ports.

OVO Powerful vs Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum System Comparison

In this guide, you’re going to learn about two excellent central vacuum systems — the Imperium CV300, and then the OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System. If you’re looking for a good central vacuum system, one of these might be the right one for you!

What Does The Imperium CV300 Have To Offer?

If you have a home or a building that is larger than 7,500 square-feet, the Imperium CV300 won’t be able to work in that home. But, if you have a home or a building that is smaller than 7,500 square-feet, you won’t have any issues!

Imperium CV300

The Imperium CV300 allows you to vacuum in all kinds of rooms and spaces, in a very large home/building. This is one of the defining characteristics of this central vacuum system.

Using the Imperium CV300, you have access to 740 Air Watts of power. That’s A LOT of suction power, and you can harness it at any time, depending on the ports that you’ve set up and what rooms they’re located in.

Through the use of this suction power, you can vacuum up some big messes. And, you can vacuum them up in a fairly short period, as well, because having this much suction power makes it very easy for you to do that.

Imperium CV300 Central Vacuum

While you are using this central vacuum system, it’s going to be making some noise. But, what’s quite nice is the fact that it doesn’t make that much noise, overall. Instead, it makes around 58 decibels, and most central vacuum systems make quite a bit more noise than that.

Most central vacuum systems come with the components that you need to set up the central vacuum, but none of the ports, hoses, or other components. This is because some people will need different hoses and ports, depending on their own central vacuuming needs. That’s why the Imperium CV300 doesn’t come with any of those components. But, it does come with a couple of useful things.

When you purchase this central vacuum system, you’ll get a bunch of paper bags. These paper bags are used to hold all of the dirt, dust, and debris that you vacuum up. Each bag can hold 6.25 gallons, which is a lot. And, you also get all of the hardware you need to mount and set up the system.

Imperium CV300 Review

In the end, the Imperium CV300 is an excellent central vacuum system! It’s exceptionally powerful, makes little noise, and is pretty easy to set up!

What Does The OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System Have To Offer?

The OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System can supply a 9,000 square-foot home/building with vacuuming power. That’s a great deal of space, and this makes the OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System great for those especially elaborate and large buildings and homes, that require a lot of vacuuming power.

OVO Powerful

Within the central vacuum system, there is a 700 Air Watt motor. This isn’t as much as the Imperium CV300, which has a 740 Air Watt motor, but it’s close. While you are using this central vacuum system, you’re not going to notice any issues with performance. Instead, it’ll run just fine, and you’ll be able to vacuum up everything that’s in your path and in your way.

What’s quite nice about the OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System is that it is quiet. Just like the Imperium CV300, the motor is very powerful, but it doesn’t make a lot of noise. There’s no need to worry about having to hear the annoying throbbing sounds that a lot of central vacuum cleaners make.

Using a cyclonic filtration system, the OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System can keep your air nice and clean. This is accomplished using a series of filters, as well as filter bags, that take all of the stuff you’ve vacuumed up, and then filter those things twice. This ensures that the air is kept nice and clean, and that there isn’t a bunch of gunk floating around and taking up space.

OVO Powerful Central Vacuum

When you are vacuuming, everything flows through the filtration system, and then it flows into the dirt receptacle. This dirt receptacle holds 9.25 gallons of dirt, dust, and debris. That’s a very large capacity, and this means you won’t need to empty it very often, unless you’re doing a lot of vacuuming.

Ultimately, the OVO Powerful Central Vacuum System is a great central vacuum system! It’s great, it’s very well-designed, easy-to-set-up, and it also gives you a lot of power and a fantastic filtration system! This filtration system keeps your air nice and clean, and makes sure that everything going through the vacuum stays in the vacuum.

OVO Powerful Review

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