iMartine 1600Pa Strong Suction Robotic Vacuum Review (C800)

Today, we’re going to be looking at the iMartine C800 Robotic Vacuum. This is an inexpensive and affordable robot vacuum that comes equipped with some excellent features and design traits.

iMartine 1600Pa Strong Suction Robotic Vacuum Review (C800)

In this review, you’re going to learn what those features and design traits are, and then you’ll know if this is the robot vacuum for you!

To use the iMartine iMartine C800 Robotic Vacuum, you will be relying on a small remote control. On this remote control, there are a series of different buttons that give you access to four different cleaning modes, the ability to manually control the robot vacuum, as well as a feature for creating a custom schedule.

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Each one of those features is incredibly useful. If you want to automate when your vacuum is running, you can use the scheduling feature to do that. That way, you don’t have to always be in the room to turn it on and off.

iMartine 1600Pa Strong Suction Robotic Vacuum
iMartine C800

If you would like to manually control the robot vacuum, you can use the arrow keys to maneuver the vacuum all across your home, but you can also choose a cleaning mode so that the vacuuming process is completely automated.

In terms of cleaning modes, there are four of them. These four are Automatic, Spot, Max, and Edge. With Automatic, the robot vacuum just moves on its own, without focusing on one particular type of vacuuming. If there is a specific area you would like to vacuum, then Spot Mode allows you to do that, as it forces the robot vacuum to vacuum one particular spot.

Max Mode is useful, because it allows the vacuum to use as much suction power as it can, for especially difficult vacuuming. And, with Edge Mode, the vacuum moves across the edges in your home.

When the robot vacuum is moving across your floors, it uses 1600Pa of suction. For a robot vacuum that costs this little, that is quite a bit of suction power. Vacuuming on hard floors is incredibly easy, since hard floors aren’t very thick or dense.

iMartine C800 Robotic Vacuum Review
iMartine C800

But, vacuuming on thicker carpets and rugs can be difficult, since the dirt and dust tends to be lodged into the folds of those surfaces.

If you have light carpets that aren’t very thick or dense, then the robot vacuum will work very well. The 1600Pa suction power is more than enough for thinner surfaces.

But, for really thick surfaces, it often doesn’t work as well as it could, simply due to the suction power and the brushes not being able to delve into those surfaces.

As the robot vacuum is moving, it uses a brush system to loosen up and move dirt, dust, and debris into its suction pathway. This suction pathways is underneath the robot vacuum, and this pathway is where everything goes.

When the dirt, dust, and debris is thrown into the pathway, it’s then put into a 550ML dustbin. At the end of the vacuuming process, you can take out the dustbin and dump its contents into the trash.

iMartine C800 Robot Vacuum Review (C800)
iMartine C800

On a single charge, the iMartine iMartine C800 Robotic Vacuum lasts around two-hours. Sometimes, it lasts for a bit less than that, but that’s only if you’ve been using Max Mode.

When the vacuum has used up all of its battery-life, it then moves back to the charging dock. This is completely automated, so you don’t need to do anything in order for it to recharge.

Each one of the features and design traits that has been outlined is exceptionally useful, efficient, and convenient. But, what makes this robot vacuum extra special, is the fact that it’s very affordable. It costs very little money, in comparison to many other robot vacuums, and for what you pay, you get quite a bit.

iMartine C800 Robot Vacuum
iMartine C800

Most robot vacuums tend to be rather expensive, due to the technology and the difficulties and costs that can arise. But, this robot vacuum isn’t expensive at all.

If you are looking for a great robot vacuum that is efficient, convenient, powerful, and incredibly affordable, then this is definitely the best robot vacuum that you can buy!


In the end, the iMartine iMartine C800 Robotic Vacuum is one of the best robot vacuums on the market! What makes it great are the powerful features it uses, as well as the excellent design and inexpensive price. If you’re looking for a great robot vacuum that won’t cost you a pretty penny, then this is a great choice!

iMartine 1600Pa Strong Suction Robotic Vacuum Review (C800)

This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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