In this buying guide, we’re going to be taking a look at two of the best and most affordable robot vacuums that you can buy.

ILIFE V3s Pro vs. V4: Robot Vacuum Cleaner Comparison

To start, we’ll be looking at the ILIFE V3s Pro. This is an excellent robot vacuum that comes with a variety of great, and exceptionally useful, features. You’re going to learn all about those features, and how they make the vacuuming process easier and more enjoyable. But, you’re also going to be learning about the design traits and facets of the vacuum, and how those affect the overall experience.

When we’re done looking at the ILIFE V3s Pro, we’re going to take a look at the ILIFE V4. This is a slightly different robot vacuum, as the name implies. You’re going to learn about the unique features and design traits that the ILIFE V4 offers, just as you did the ILIFE V3s Pro.

Once you’ve finished reading the guide and learning about these two robot vacuums, you’ll have a pretty good idea as to what they offer. From that, you’ll be able to determine which of these two robot vacuums is the right one for you!

What Does The ILIFE V3s Pro Offer?

The ILIFE V3s Pro is a small robot vacuum, that has a beautiful white and black aesthetic. It looks beautiful, with a slick and clean design that comes across as futuristic and minimal. Since it’s small and weighs very little, you can just pick it up and put it on the space that you want to clean.

ILIFE V3s Pro vs. V4

To use the ILIFE V3s Pro, you’re going to be relying on the remote control that is provided. On this remote control, there are buttons that allow you to choose a cleaning mode, as well as arrow keys. These arrow keys are useful, because they allow you to directly control the ILIFE V3s Pro, enabling you to choose the specific space that the vacuum cleans. This makes it easy to thoroughly vacuum certain areas, where there’s a lot of dirt and dust.

If you don’t want to manually control the robot vacuum, then you can choose from four different cleaning modes. The first is “Auto Mode”, which is when the robot vacuum moves around your home, vacuuming. Then, there is “Edge Clean”, where the robot vacuum moves across the edges of your home and removes the dirt and dust across those edges. After that, there’s “Spot Clean”, and “Spot Clean” is when the robot vacuum removes dirt and dust from a specific area that requires some extra vacuuming. Finally, there’s “Schedule Clean”, which allows you to schedule when the vacuum is running, and when it’s not.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Pet Hair Care, Powerful Suction Tangle-free

What you’ll notice about the ILIFE V3s Pro is that it’s designed for vacuuming on hard floors. Soft floors, such as carpets and rugs, can’t be vacuumed to the same degree as hard floors, due to the suction and brushes that the vacuum uses.

For hard floors, though, the ILIFE V3s Pro is perfect. It’s great at removing dirt, dust, and debris that’s on floors made of hardwood, tile, stone, marble, and other hard surfaces. If that’s the kind of robot vacuum you’re looking for, then this is a good choice.

ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum Pet Hair Care

As for the battery-life, it lasts around ninety-to-one-hundred-minutes. It tends to fluctuate between that amount of time.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an extremely affordable robot vacuum that’s great for vacuuming on hard floors, then the ILIFE V3s Pro is a fantastic choice!


What Does The ILIFE V4 Offer?

When you look at the ILIFE V4, you’ll notice that it looks a lot like the ILIFE V3s Pro. There aren’t many aesthetic differences, and the overall design is nearly the same. Not that this is a bad thing, though, as it works very well and provides a very pleasant and enjoyable vacuuming experience.

ILIFE V4 Vacuum, White

To use the ILIFE V4, you’ll be relying on a remote control. Using this remote control, you can access different cleaning modes, and directly control the robot vacuum. As with the ILIFE V3s Pro, directly controlling the vacuum can be useful, especially if there are spaces and areas where there’s a lot of dirt and dust, just piled up.

As for the cleaning modes that you have access to, they are the same as the ones you’ll find on the ILIFE V3s Pro. You’ll find “Auto Clean”, “Edge Clean”, “Spot Clean”, and “Schedule Clean”. These cleaning modes work the same way that they do in the ILIFE V3s Pro, and there aren’t any differences.

ILIFE V4 Vacuum

There aren’t that many differences between the ILIFE V3s Pro, and the ILIFE V4. For the most part, they’re the same robot vacuum, even when it comes to the price.

However, there is one very distinct attribute that sets the ILIFE V4 apart from the ILIFE V3s Pro. And, that’s the amount of suction power you have access to.


You see, the ILIFE V4 is designed for hard floors. It’s designed for hard floors, and works best on hard floors such as those made of hardwood, tile, stone, and marble. For carpets and rugs, you aren’t going to have too much success, due to the suction power and the brushing system. So, that aspect is the same as the ILIFE V3s Pro.

While the ILIFE V4 is designed for hard floors, it’s also designed to pick up pet hair. This is something that the ILIFE V3s Pro isn’t very good, but the ILIFE V4 is very good at doing. It just moves across floors where there’s pet hair, and it picks all of that stuff up, keeping it off of your floors and ensuring that not only is there no pet hair, but that there’s no dirt, dust, and debris, either.

ILIFE V4 Vacuum, White Review

In the end, if you’re looking for an affordable and efficient robot vacuum that’s also great at picking up pet hair, then the ILIFE V4 is a very good choice! It’s affordable, efficient, easy-to-use, and, overall, a great robot vacuum!

ILIFE V4 Vacuum, White Robot Cleaner

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