How to Remove Moisture from Between Window Panes?

Removing moisture from between window panes isn’t always easy. But, if you know how to do it properly, and are willing to take the time that’s necessary to conduct that process, then you won’t have any problems!

how to remove moisture from between window panes
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Why Does Moisture Get Between Window Panes?

A window often consists of two window panes. Each window pane is made of glass, and the two window panes within a window form a nice, solid surface that light can pass through.

The reason why there are two window panes, rather than just one window pane, is because two window panes allow the window to be stronger, sturdier, and more durable.

Right between the two window panes, though, there is a space. Moisture can enter this space and fog up both of the window panes, making it extremely difficult for you to see out the window.

how to remove fog from double pane windows
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More common than not, moisture will get between the panes of your window during the winter season. During the winter season, there is often an excessive amount of cold air moving around the windowpane that is facing outside of your home, and an excessive amount of hot air moving around the windowpane that is facing the inside of your home.

Since there is so much moisture, it must condense. Because of this, the moisture often condenses on your window, which is usually colder than the other surfaces in your home, due to blocking the cold air from coming inside.

Within the two window panes that comprise your window, there is a seal. Because of this seal, the air is unable to pass through one pane of the window and then through the other, which helps to keep cool air out of your home. But, if this seal is broken, hot air can flow through the windowpane that’s facing the inside of your home and onto the windowpane that is facing outside of your home. Due to the cold temperature of the windowpane that faces the outside of your home, it will condense, creating a smear of fog.

window moisture removal
Double pane window fog removal

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What Is The Simplest Way To Remove Moisture From Between Window Panes?

Removing moisture from between window panes is a problem that allows for many solutions. Many of these solutions are very easy and simple. But, some of these solutions are more elaborate and more difficult. Regardless of that, though, there are many solutions to this problem, and some of these solutions will be better for your exact needs than others.

The most common solution is to simply replace the two panes of glass that comprise the window. Replacing the seal is very difficult and, in some cases, impossible. But, replacing the two unsealed panes of glass with sealed panes of glass is a relatively simple solution.

Even though, as solutions go, it is quite simple, that doesn’t mean it is particularly affordable. Rather, replacing the two window panes that comprise your window can cost as much as getting a new window. Because of that, this usually isn’t the best solution, especially if you’re on a budget.

How Can You Remove From Moisture From Between Window Planes Without Spending Much Money?

To remove moisture from between window panes without spending much money, you have many options. But, one of the best options involves using a dehumidifier, doing some drilling, and then plugging the seal. This option can be a little risky, though, since you may end up damaging the glass if you don’t plug up the seal properly. But, if you do it properly, then it will cost you very little money.

Dehumidifier for foggy window

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For you to begin this process, you will need a small dehumidifier. Right after you get that dehumidifier, you will need to plug it in and set it upright by the window. As the dehumidifier is running, the fog along your windowpane will be removed. The exact length of this process, however, does depend on the dehumidifier you are using and just how foggy the window happens to be.

More often than not, you will be able to notice the unsealed space in the window. Remember, the unsealed space is the source of that moisture. By plugging up the unsealed space, you seal up the window, which will prevent moisture from flowing into the window.

To plug up the unsealed space, you can use weatherproof silicone caulk. More often than not, it is quite inexpensive and very easy to find. All you must do is take just enough of it to plug up the unsealed space and then, slowly, place it into that space. Once you’ve done that, the window will be sealed and you won’t have to deal with fog getting between the window panes.

Make sure to perform this process slowly, though. Because, if you do it too quickly, or aren’t careful, you might chip away part of the window.

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How Can You Remove Moisture From Between Window Panes If You Can’t See The Unsealed Space In The Window?

Just as you might expect, if you are unable to see the unsealed space that’s in the window, then you are unable to seal it up. Because of this, the best thing for you to do is to continue using that dehumidifier whenever the window becomes fogged up.

To use the dehumidifier, all you must do is plug it in, place it right by the window – on the window sill, perhaps – and then let it run for as long as it needs to. Soon enough, all of the moisture will be removed.

Remove Moisture from Window with Dehumidifier
Pro Breeze

Even if you cannot see the unsealed space in the window, try to look for it. There’s a good chance that it’s quite small, so it’s hard to see. Once you find it, you must plug it up. But, if you can’t find it all, then your best bet is to just use a dehumidifier whenever the window gets fogged up from the inside.


Winter window condensation is a growing problem. In the end, removing moisture from between your window panes can be a little tricky and a little difficult. But, if you follow the process that has been outlined, you won’t have any problems!

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There’s a number of things you can do to battle condensation. Installing an exhaust fan in high moisture areas of your home can help. Using a dehumidifier can help, but dry air is uncomfortable.

What about new windows, do you think that might help? If you replace your windows with ones that have better sealing but have the same insulation value as the original ones, you can increase window condensation. New windows reduce air leakage, reduce natural ventilation, and more condensation.

It is therefore very important to choose the right windows for your home. Windows with a higher R-value are better and they can handle humidity and keep condensation from forming.

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