How Long Does Dry Cleaning Take?

When you drop off your garments at the laundry, you inevitably start thinking about the number of days it will take before you can collect your clothes.

Some laundry services are quicker, while with others you need more patience and wait longer to have your laundry finished.

It makes one wonder, “I wonder how long this is going to take?”

Like most inquiries with cleaning, the appropriate response is always different. It really relies totally on the services of the particular laundry service and also on the clothing you need laundered.

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To comprehend the time estimate that was given to you by the laundry service for the completion of your cleaning request, you will need to understand how the cleaning process works. There are quite a few things that need to happen, however they can be effortlessly consolidated into five simple steps.

Accepting and Review. Firstly, you need to take your items of clothing to the laundry service. They receive them and then inspect the garments. The person will then ensure that you have brought the correct garments and materials. The person will also check the items for any damage and other faults before the process of cleaning is started. The person may offer to repair the faults at a cost and adjust your account accordingly.

Pre-treatment. Once the garments have been accepted, one thing needs to be done before starting the cleaning process. Pre-treatment must be done to address possible spots and stains that would need more attention. This step would ensure that no problems are encountered in the cleaning stage.

Cleaning. The garments are placed in machines with some solvents to clean them. This step doesn’t take long at all.

Inspection. Once the clothing are removed from the machines, some laundry services then again inspect the items to ensure that all dirt and spots have been removed and to address to that were missed with some extra treatment. If the cleaning process needs to be repeated, it is done and it would then ensure the all items are perfectly clean.

Final step. Ensuring that everything is perfectly clean, the cleaners then continue to press the items, fold it properly and package your items for you to collect.


The whole process of cleaning garments shouldn’t take longer than of a couple of hours at most. Nevertheless, there are some factors that could delay the delivery time by a few days.

These variables could include:

Where the Shop is Located. Some laundry services are located in areas which are very busy and have a lot of traffic. This would mean that the services are very busy and it may take a little bit longer to get your garments done.

Where the Cleaning Process is done. Some cleaning services will disclose to you that they have their cleaning premises nearby, which is not always true. The vast majority of these businesses will in most cases contract some other service providers to do the cleaning for them. This could inevitable take longer then, depending on how busy these contractors are.

How far the dry cleaning services and their contractors are situated from each other also makes a difference. The garments need to be transported to the contractors and collected again. This happens every day and could increase your waiting time. If they are situated closer to each other, there would be no reason for the process to take longer.

Sort of Clothing Items that needs Cleaning. The sort of articles of clothing or items you need to have cleaned could determine how long the process would take until you can collect the items. For common types of clothing it normally does not take long at all, but for special types of clothing like tuxedos or perhaps special dresses, you can expect that it would take a little longer.

For the most fragile pieces, the laundry may make use of contractors who are experts and who can ensure the best outcomes. This however implies that you could expect that it would take considerably longer before you can collect your items again.

What Services do you need? You could also likewise be the reason for the significant delay on the off-chance that you have special items that perhaps require more attention or some repairs. Normal cleaning processes should not take in excess of a couple of days, but as mentioned for the aforementioned items you could expect to wait a bit longer.


It is quite possible to reduce the time it takes to get your garments back. You could do the following:

Track down a cleaning service that is not quite so busy – if your present choice of dry cleaner is a top choice among many other clients, you couldn’t possibly anticipate that the waiting time would be short. All things considered, attempt to track down a laundry with less work on their hands but that offers a service of similar quality. It would reduce the time it takes radically.

Try and use dry cleaners that do their own in-house cleaning. Some dry cleaner services do not provide all the provided services in-house, but at least try and find one that provides all the basic services. This would simplify your cleaning requirements and you should not wait too long for the basic cleaning services, but expect special cleaning requirements to take longer.

Package all the garments together as the time it takes to clean one or more items should then not be a factor or take any longer.

Also try and find a dry cleaner that offers excellent service, is highly recommended and that care about their clients.

Like other organizations, they offer a range of services that imply that they could do your laundry quicker at a certain cost. Some of their services may include specialist cleaning services and perhaps cleaning and collection on the same day. This is very handy if you perhaps need emergency cleaning to be done.


The cat-and-mouse game played with collection times when you have cleaning done, is really no fun at all. You need to decide if you can wait, or otherwise spend additional cash to ensure that you get it done quicker. With regards to cleaning, it’s ideal to leave yourself sufficient time and have your laundry done way before the actual date that you might need it.

It will save you a lot of trouble and frustration once you make that decision. Then again, you could also attempt to track down a really good dry cleaner, become a regular, and then see if they can get your laundry back to you in a more limited time.

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