How Does a Commercial Dehumidifier Work? Info Guide

In this guide, we are going to be taking a quick look at how a commercial dehumidifier works, and what distinguishes them from residential dehumidifiers.

What Does A Commercial Dehumidifier Do?

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What Does A Commercial Dehumidifier Do?

Just as a residential dehumidifier is designed to remove moisture – humidity – from the air of a particular space, so, too, does a commercial dehumidifier. But, commercial dehumidifiers are a little bit different, because they offer more dehumidification power than residential dehumidifiers.

When a commercial dehumidifier is running, it is capable of removing larger amounts of humidity from the air, within a single 24-hour period, then a residential dehumidifier. And, because of this, commercial dehumidifiers work incredibly well in spaces where there is a significant amount of humidity that must be removed as quickly as possible.

As for the specific manner in which humidity is removed, it’s the same as a residential dehumidifier. Humid air is sucked into the dehumidifier, where it passes through a series of coils that have been cooled. These coils convert the humidity in the air into liquid, and then it flows out of the dehumidifier and into a water line or a moisture container.

Who Needs A Commercial Dehumidifier?
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Who Needs A Commercial Dehumidifier?

Most of the people who rely on a residential dehumidifier, and find it perfectly fine, don’t need a commercial dehumidifier. If you have been using a simple residential dehumidifier for your bedroom or your living room, and you haven’t had any problems or issues, then you can keep using that residential dehumidifier.

However, if you are dehumidifying a very large space – such as a large basement or even a work site – where there is a great deal of humidity, at all times, then a commercial dehumidifier can be extremely useful.

The reason for this is because commercial dehumidifiers are designed to dehumidify larger spaces, in a much shorter period of time than a residential dehumidifier. But, along with that, commercial dehumidifiers not only work in larger spaces, but they also remove more humidity, at one time, than residential dehumidifiers.

As such, a commercial dehumidifier is only a necessity if you have significant dehumidification needs that require a significant amount of dehumidification power.

How Does a Commercial Dehumidifier Work?
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How Do You Use A Commercial Dehumidifier?

To use a commercial dehumidifier, you just need to follow the same process that you would for a residential dehumidifier. And, the first part of this process consists of figuring out where the dehumidifier is going to go, and which space is most conducive for the dehumidifier to work.

When you have found that space, you can then set up the commercial dehumidifier and turn it on. Most commercial dehumidifiers then allow you to determine the percentage of humidity, from the space you need to remove, and how long you want the dehumidifier to run for.

Right when you’ve done that and chosen those settings, you can allow the dehumidifier to get to work. It’s that easy!

How Do You Use A Commercial Dehumidifier?


A commercial dehumidifier is an excellent tool for people with intensive dehumidification needs. They work in a similar manner as residential dehumidifiers, but offer significantly more power.

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