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The Hoover Smartwash Automatic is a highly reliable carpet cleaner that delivers when it comes to stain removal. Its downside, however, is its price.

Hoover FH52000 Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner Review
Hoover Smartwash

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Anyone with carpeting in his home will know how difficult it is maintain its cleanliness. There are many brands of carpet cleaner in the market these days and one trustworthy brand, Hoover, has yet come up with another model that can help ease the task of carpet cleaning.

Hoover FH52000 Review
Hoover Smartwash

The Hoover Smartwash Automatic is a pretty good carpet cleaner with many features that put it at an advantage compared to others in its class. It is, however, a bit pricey. For pet owners, the many features of this carpet cleaner make it a choice worth considering. This review discusses the features of the Hoover Smartwash model FH5200 as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Design and Features

The Hoover Smartwash is packed with features that make it one of the better carpet cleaners in the market today. One of its main features is known as its “Automatic Cleaning Technology”.

This makes the Hoover Smartwash quite easy to us as all it takes is the back and forth rolling action of the machine to make it work. Pushing the cleaner forward dispenses the cleaning solution and pulling it back dries up the spot that has been cleaned.

The Hoover Smartwash also has “FlexForce Power Brushes” installed in it. These brushes make deep cleaning possible for the Hoover Smartwash, especially if the carpet needs to be rid of unwanted pet odors.

The Hoover Smartwash is also packed with other features. It can actually dry clean areas quite quickly and reliably. It also has a dual tank system which keeps the cleaning solution and water in separate compartments.

Despite the separate compartments for the water and the cleaning solution, the Hoover Smartwash has an automixing system so the water and solution gets mixed using just the right proportions, after which the solution gets dispensed while the carpet cleaner is in use. Its “triggerless” design removes the need for buttons and switches for the carpet cleaner to start working.

The brushes are easy to clean and the nozzle takes just one step for it to be removed. The user-friendly design makes for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning Power

One can only judge how efficient a carpet cleaner is depending on how well it can actually shampoo a carpet. The Hoover Smartwash comes with a 10A motor that packs a punch enough to create a powerful suction. The Hoover Smartwash dispenses the cleaning solution in just the right amount while the brush rolls’ rotating motion work well enough to dislodge all dirt and debris stuck in the carpet. All the dirt, including the water, is suctioned back into the cleaner.

Hoover FH52000 Smartwash
Hoover Smartwash

Besides the rotating motion of the brush rolls, the helical arrangement of the bristles, as well as its length, add to the cleaning efficiency of the brushrolls.

Despite the cleaning efficiency of the Hoover Smartwash, it is still recommended that a dry vacuum cleaner be used on the areas to be washed since the Hoover Smartwash is not meant to be a dry vacuum, both serving very different functions.

Input Power

In terms of energy efficiency, not much can be said about the Hoover Smartwash. It plugs into the standard 110 V but uses around 1200 W of electricity.

This, however, is necessary in order for the Hoover Smartwash to have that strong suction that it produces. The Hoover Smartwash comes with a 22-foot power cord that can be wrapped at the back of the unit.


The Hover Smartwash does not have any dust bag installed on it as it is not a dry vacuum. Rather than a dust bad, the Hoover Smartwash comes with a one-gallon water tank where the dirty water and solution are disposed.

There is also a separate one-gallon tank which serves as a reservoir for the clean water needed for the solution. The cleaning solution is placed inside a container installed with the Hoover Smartwash that can store up to 20 ozs of solution. The capacity of the tanks is good enough to clean an average-sized carpet.


The Hoover Smartwatch comes with the following accessories:

  • 2-in-1 pet tool
  • One bottle of cleaning solution
  • A rubber nub tool
  • One eight-foot hose
  • User manual
  • Storage bag

Other accessories may also be ordered from the manufacturer which can add to the performance of the Hoover Smartwash:

  • Special cleaning solutions for specific carpet types
  • Spin scrub attachment for removal of tough stains
  • Crevice tool designed to reach narrow spaces and corners
  • Stair tool designed for wide areas such as carpet-lined stairs

There are different kinds of solutions available with different uses:

  • The Paws and Claws solution is formulated for households with pets
  • The Renewal Solution is formulated for carpets which are in need of deep cleaning
  • The Free and Clean solution is a hypoallergenic unscented solution meant for people who are sensitive to scents and dyes
  • The Oxy Solution is formulated to remove the toughest of stains, especially food stains

Features and Benefits

FlexForce Power Brushes

FlexForce Power Brushing is the technology behind the powerful scrubbing power of the Hoover Smartwash. It makes use of two brush rolls which rotate making it easy to dislodge any dirt and debris stuck in the carpets. The long bristles are especially designed in a helical pattern in order be able to scrub any kind of carpet. The brushrolls are detachable for easy cleaning.

Hoover FH52000 Automatic Carpet Cleaner
Hoover Smartwash

10 Amps Cleaning Power

The Hoover Smartwash is packed with power due to its strong 10amp motor. This results in a strong scrubbing motion which delivers results that you expect from the Hoover Brand.

The Smartwash+ is the best model in the whole Hoover line of full-sized carpet cleaners. It showcases a lot of power despite its compact size and light weight. It is even more powerful that the Hoover PowerDash Pet FH50700, which carries with it 7amps of power.

Amongst its competitors, the Bissel’s ProHeat 2x Revolution Pet Pro 1986 is the model that is at the same class as the Hoover Smartwash+. As compared to the Smartwash+, in terms of power, the Pet Pro seems to deliver less power with its 6.8A machine since the Smartwash+ has a 10amp motor.

Auto Cleaning Technology

Using the Hoover Smartwash+ Automatic Carpet Cleaner is easy and uncomplicated because of its triggerless design. Moving the cleaner in a back and forth motion drives the motor, making the machine free of any special button or switch.

Pushing the cleaner forward activates the brush rolls and releases the solution onto the carpet. Pulling it backwards activates the suction so all the debris and dirty water gets sucked into the machine.

Comparing to Other Models

Hoover Smartwash VS Bissell Proheat 2X

In terms of design, the Hoover Smartwash and Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean Pet Pro Full-Size Carpet Cleaner (model 1986) are not much different. Both display powerful suctions. The size of their water tanks carry the same capacity.

The brush heads carry the same low profile. It can be said that within the same class of upright carpet cleaners, these two would probably be the best.

The Bissell Proheat 2x, however, does not have the autco cleaning technology which the Smartwash+ has.

Hoover FH52000 Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner
Hoover Smartwash

Two other advantages of the Smartwashes+ are the easily detachable brushroll heads and the use of solutions which do not need premixing. The brushheads of the Hoover Smartwash+ are also pretty well-designed enough to restore carpet naps.

The Bissell Proheat 2x though is lighter as compared to the Smartwash+. It also has more tools and accessories provided with the unit. The Proheat 2x also has a spraying trigger which allows for the addition of detergent on areas with stubborn stains during cleaning.

Hoover Smartwash VS Rug Doctor

The Rug Doctor brans is known for machines that display much power while requiring very low maintenance. The Smartwash line is known for its easy maintenance as well.

The Rug Doctor Flex Clean All-in-One Floor Cleaner is the model that runs in the same class as the Hoover Smartwash+.

The All-in-One Floor Cleaner is quite versatile since it can clean not only carpets, but also different types of floors, including hardwood floors. The All-in-One Cleaner does not make use of heat technology nor does it have the aito clean technology that the Smartwash+ has.

Hoover Smartwash VS Hoover Power Scrub Elite

Within the Hoover Brans, the Smartwash and the Powerscrub Elite would be the two best upright models available. The Smartwash though has the automatic cleaning technology which the Powerscrub Elite does not have. The Smartwash is easier to use too compared to the Powerscrub Elite.

The Powerscrub, however, has two cleaning modes meant for either daily or deep cleaning. It also has a spraying nozzle which the Smartwash doesn’t have.

A more detailed review of the Powerscrub is provided in a separate article.


In terms of performance and convenience, the Hoover Smartwash Automatic carpet cleaner has much to offer.

It is very capable when it comes to stain removal and it does better in this aspect as compared to its competitors. It is a very simple machine to use with many great features.

Hoover FH52000 Carpet Cleaner
Hoover Smartwash

The only disadvantage of this model, however, it its price. It may also need a bit of improvement in terms of water extraction.


The Hoover Smartwash comes ith a large storage tank and long cord which is a plus in terms of convenience. These two features mean uninterrupted cleaning for the user. A hose for cleaning furniture, as well as special surfaces like stairs, is also provided.

The machine is quite silent and with dimensions that allow the user to cover wide areas at a single time.

The downside with the Smartwash though is the price. The feature and its powerful performance, somehow, make it worth the price.


The amount of water left in the carpet was a bit of a disappointment since water extraction seemed a bit weak. The price, too, can be a bit of a disavantage.

Conclusion: Should You Buy the Hoover Smartwash?

If you need machine that can deliver power, but with ease of use, then the Hoover Smartwash is a machine to consider.

It is a carpet cleaner for home use that can do complicated cleaning jobs. The large tank and long power cord allows for uninterrupted cleaning in big areas. A provided hose can be used for cleaning furniture and special areas like staircases.

It is also quiet compared to other models in its price range. The dimensions allow for wider areas to be covered in one motion.

Hoover Smartwash Review
Hoover Smartwash

The downside with the The Smartwash though is the price. The feature and its powerful performance, somehow, make it worth the price.

Hoover Smartwash Automatic Carpet Cleaner,...
  • AUTOMATIC CLEANING TECHNOLOGY: Push forward to clean and pull back to dry
  • AUTO-CLEAN MOTION SENSING DESIGN: Eliminating the guesswork means no triggers or buttons
  • AUTO-MIX: Precisely mixes and dispenses solution for the cleanest results

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