In this guide, we’re going to be taking an in-depth look at the Hoover Powerdash and the Bissell Turboclean. Both of these carpet cleaners are very well-designed and offer plenty of carpet cleaning power, and in this guide, you’re going to learn which one is right for you!

Hoover Powerdash vs Bissell Turboclean

Hoover FH50700

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What Does The Hoover Powerdash Have To Offer?

Right away, you’ll notice that the Hoover Powerdash has a sleek and elegant design that is simple and easy-to-use. Most of Hoover’s products have a very strong sense of design, and this carpet cleaner is certainly no different.

Within this carpet cleaner, there are a set of different cleaning mechanisms, all of which are incredibly useful and make it very easy for you to thoroughly and efficiently clean your carpets.

Hoover Powerdash

Hoover FH50700

One of the most important carpet cleaning mechanisms is that of the PowerSpin Pet Brush Roll. What this brush roll does, is it allows you to vacuum on thick and dense rugs and carpets where there are large and dense stains, clumps of dirt and dust, and large quantities of pet hair.

This is a pet brush roll that offers a great deal of brushing power, and makes it extremely easy for you to loosen up and remove almost anything, while also being able to scrub and brush off just about any stain or mess.

To aid in this cleaning power, there is a tank that you can fill with water. This tank allows water to flow onto your carpet, while you are moving this carpet cleaner across the stains and messes that need cleaning.

Hoover Powerdash Carpet Cleaner

Hoover FH50700

What this water does, is it loosens up all of the dirt and dust that you are brushing off, while also loosening up the stains that are on the carpet. Then, the brush roll is capable of quickly scrubbing off those stains, and removing them from your carpet.

In the end, the Hoover Powerdash is a fantastic carpet cleaner due to the incredible simplicity that it offers, allowing for easy carpet cleaner, as well as the excellent power and efficiency.

If you are on the market for a high-quality carpet cleaner that is great for carpets and rugs of all sorts, and excellent for cleaning up pet hair, then the Hoover Powerdash is a fantastic carpet cleaner to purchase!

Hoover Powerdash Carpet Cleaner Review

Hoover FH50700

What Does The Bissell Turboclean Have To Offer?

Right away, you’ll notice that, from a design standpoint, the Bissell Turboclean looks a lot like the Hoover Powerdash. Sure, there’s a different color scheme and a few notable aesthetic differences; but overall, the design is very similar.

Bissell Turboclean vs Hoover Powerdash

Bissell 2085

This carpet cleaner weighs only twelve-pounds, and due to its design, moving it across your carpets and storing it is a very easy and pleasant experience. The ease and mobility that this carpet cleaner offers is one of its key strengths, and one of the things that make it such a good purchase.

Within the carpet cleaner, there is a Dirt Lifter Power Brush. This is a very powerful brush system that Bissell has designed, and it allows the carpet cleaner to quickly and easily remove large quantities of dirt, dust, and debris from the depths of your carpet.

It also allows the carpet cleaner to scrub off stains from the surface of your carpet, and to gather up material such as pet hair. It is this brush system that serves as one of the carpet cleaner’s most powerful and effective features.

Bissell Turboclean Carpet Cleaner

Bissell 2085

On the carpet cleaner, there is a tank that holds water and, if you choose, cleaning solution. When you fill this tank up with water, water will flow out of the carpet cleaner while it is moving across your carpet, and this allows the carpet cleaner to loosen up stains and gunk from the carpet, so that it can be removed more easily from the carpet.

What’s nice about being able to mix cleaning solution into the water tank is that it strengthens the water flowing out of the carpet cleaner. This makes it easier to clean especially dense stains and messes.

Along with that, Bissell includes two small bottles of cleaning solution, so there’s no need to immediately go out and buy some.

Bissell Turboclean Carpet Cleaner Review

Bissell 2085

While none of these design features or traits are particularly unique, they do aid in creating a very effective carpet cleaning process. And, in the end, that is what the Bissell Turboclean offers; an effective, efficient, and easy carpet cleaning process.

If that’s what you are on the market for, then this is an excellent carpet cleaner that will serve you well!

Bissell Turboclean

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