For a good shoulder vacuum, the Hoover CH30000 and the Oreck Commercial BB900DGR Shoulder Vacuum are both excellent choices. That is why we’re going to be taking a look at what these two shoulder vacuums offer, and which one offers the features that you need.

What Does The Hoover CH30000 Shoulder Vacuum Offer?

The Hoover CH30000 Shoulder Vacuum is one of the heavier shoulder vacuums on the market, with a weight of just under fifteen-pounds.

Hoover CH30000 vs Oreck Commercial BB900DGR Shoulder Vacuum

Oreck XL Pro 5

Yet, despite this extra weight and heft, using this shoulder vacuum is a very easy and pleasant experience, and Hoover has included some excellent features, all of which allow for some very convenient vacuuming.

To use this shoulder vacuum, you’re going to need to plug in the power cable that Hoover has included. This power cable is a total of thirty-three-feet long, which is very long. What this means is that you can vacuum in large, open spaces, where there aren’t very many power outlets, and the entire experience will be relatively pleasant.

Having a power cord of that length gives you plenty of mobility, and makes the entire vacuuming experience much easier.

Hoover CH30000 Shoulder Vacuum

Hoover CH30000

While you are vacuuming, you’ll be relying on the 7.4-Amp motor that Hoover has developed. This motor is excellent, because it gives you a lot of suction power to work with. Using the suction power that the motor generates, you are able to easily vacuum carpets, rugs, hard floors, tables, couches, chairs; along with many different surfaces.

As you vacuum on those surfaces, you’ll find that removing the dirt, dust, debris, pet hair – among other materials – from those surfaces is very easy and a very pleasant experience.

The motor, and the suction power that comes from it, is definitely the stand-out feature of this shoulder vacuum. But, to aid in the suction power that this vacuum generates, Hoover has included a number of different vacuuming tools that you can attach to the vacuum cleaner.

These tools give you more choices, when it comes to what you clean and how you clean.

For example, there’s the crevice tool, which allows you to vacuum in tight and narrow crevices, nooks, and crannies. Then, there’s the floor head, which you can use to vacuum on any floor. Using the upholstery tool, vacuuming on upholstery surfaces, such as couches and chairs, is effortless.

In the end, the Hoover CH30000 Shoulder Vacuum is an excellent shoulder vacuum that, while somewhat heavy, offers a tremendous amount of suction power, as well as plenty of convenience and versatility, allowing for an easy and enjoyable vacuuming experience.

Hoover CH30000 Shoulder Vacuum Review

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What Does The Oreck Commercial BB900DGR Shoulder Vacuum Offer?

The Oreck Commercial BB900DGR Shoulder Vacuum weighs a total of five-pounds, and comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and an integrated handle. When you combine those three elements, you get a shoulder vacuum that offers a tremendous amount of portability and convenience.

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR Shoulder Vacuum

Oreck XL Pro 5

While using this shoulder vacuum, you’ll be relying on the thirty-foot power cord that Oreck has included, and the 4-Amp motor that Oreck has designed. While the long power cord is nice, in comparison to other shoulder vacuums, this shoulder vacuum isn’t nearly as powerful, but the motor provides more than enough suction power for the majority of the vacuuming tasks that you’ll be performing.

With this motor, and the suction power that it provides, you won’t have any problems vacuuming on hard surfaces – such as hardwood floors or wooden tables – and you’ll have an easy time vacuuming on softer surfaces, such as rugs and carpets.

To aid in the vacuuming process, Oreck includes various tools and attachments. These tools and attachments make it a lot easier for you to vacuum on particular surfaces and to vacuum in certain areas.

As for the tools in question, these are tools such as a floor head, a dusting brush, an extension wand, a crevice nozzle; along with a variety of others.

Each one of these tools is designed in a manner that allows you to simply grab it and then to attach it to the shoulder vacuum. This allows you to put on tools with ease, and to take them off at any time, when they are no longer necessary.

For what the Oreck Commercial BB900DGR Shoulder Vacuum offers, and for the price that you pay to own it, it’s an exceptional value. This is a very affordable shoulder vacuum that offers plenty of convenience and efficiency, making just about every vacuuming task a much easier, and far more pleasant, experience.

Oreck Commercial BB900DGR Shoulder Vacuum Review