Honiture Q6 Robot Vacuum and Mop Review

Are you on the lookout for a robotic vacuum cleaner that also mops and comes with innovative functions and features? Then the Honiture Q6 might be the cleaning companion for you. This smart appliance comes with LiDAR navigation and mapping capabilities and an allergen-busting HEPA filter. It’s self-emptying and is equipped with an impressive 2700Pa of suction power. Small yet mighty, it moves around independently, handling all types of household dirt and grime. Say goodbye to dust, pet hair, and debris, and hello to sparkling floors and surfaces.

This review will focus on the Honiture Q6’s features, pros, and cons. Just under $600, we’ll see if the Q6’s price tag is worth it. (And if it offers more than its similarly-priced competitors.) Let’s get to it!

Honiture Q6 Robot Vacuum and Mop

The Pros and Cons

As with any robot vacuum cleaner (or any household appliance), the Honiture Q6 comes with its advantages and drawbacks.


Great at vacuuming up human and pet air
2-in-1 sweeping and mopping
LiDAR navigation, allowing for smart home mapping
App-controlled, allowing for scheduling cleaning sessions, setting up no-go zones, and selecting cleaning areas
Carpet mode, meaning that the device will automatically switch to full power when it moves onto the carpet, allowing for a more powerful clean
Long-life battery capacity (up to 280 minutes before needing recharging)
Self-emptying bin


Problems have been reported with its brushes
It can only keep one “map” in its system at a time
Makes a loud sound when emptying

Honiture Q6

While it has its drawbacks, the Honiture Q6 has numerous benefits. We’ve found that any problems with its brushes can be managed by making a few minor adjustments. The mapping issue can be rectified by remapping. As for the loud noise that the appliance makes when it’s self-emptying, little can be done about this. It seems like a small price to pay for the machine doing a lot of the dirty work for you.

As for its advantages, the LiDAR navigation system and smart home mapping capabilities stand out. These incredible innovative features mean your robot will be working logically, saving time and effort in getting your home spick and span. Plus, the fact that it has a whopping 280 minutes of battery life means that even the largest homes will get cleaned in one session.

Taking a Closer Look at the Honiture Q6

How It Operates

Honiture Q6

The Honiture Q6 is a sophisticated, innovative mapping robot vacuum. It works by using a combination of high-power suction hardware and top-quality sensor hardware. The Q6 uses an impressive 29 sensors, enabling it to construct optimal paths and routes throughout your home on its cleaning journey. Unlike many of its competitors, it can locate and dodge furniture using advanced SLAM algorithms. This means that there’s little risk of it bumping into obstacles, resulting in a highly efficient and effective deep cleaning of your living spaces.

Suppose the robot runs out of battery mid-clean. In that case, its self-docking capabilities enable it to make its way back to the charging base. It will recharge and then return to where it left off to complete its cleaning routine. There’s no need for you to ever intervene; this clever little cleaner can work effectively on its own.

The No-Go Zones Feature

The Honiture Q6 has a distinct advantage over many other robot vacuums in the same price range—it can recognize off-limits areas. If you don’t want your device to venture into specific spaces or rooms, you can set up boundaries that it won’t be able to enter. This is incredibly useful if you want to keep it away from particular furniture, stairs, rooms, or cables.


As we’ve mentioned, the Honiture Q6 is equipped with premium hardware, resulting in performance that outdoes the competition. Its powerful suction works with high-quality, multiple brushes to collect even the most stubborn dirt, grime, and hair. If long hair or pet hair is an issue in your home, the Q6 can quickly and efficiently deal with this without the risk of tangles. For any hair that does get caught, the Q6’s detachable rollers mean that this can be easily removed.

Honiture Q6

One of the Honiture Q6’s appeals is that it can vacuum and mop. This means even less work is necessary on your part to keep your living environment sparkling clean. The robot is equipped with a 3.89 oz water tank capacity, allowing for a thorough wipe down of your home’s flooring. In addition, its LiDAR sensors enable spot or edge cleaning. With just one click, you can command your robot cleaner to focus on a particular area. As well as working on carpeting or rugs, the Honiture Q6 can deal with laminate, tiled, wood, and concrete flooring. This is ideal if your home consists of a mixture of floor types.

The app allows you to control many features, such as scheduling cleaning from your smartphone. Additionally, the Q6’s vertical clearance means that it won’t scratch your floors. And it also comes equipped with an anti-drop sensor, meaning that it won’t take a tumble down your stairs. These are just some of the many features that make the Honiture an outstanding performer in its field.

Setting Up and Using the Honiture Q6

Honiture Q6

Technophobes needn’t worry; the Honiture Q6 is straightforward to set up and begin using. The only snag is that the accompanying manual omits some details about this process. Therefore, it might be worth searching online for other customers’ tips and guides or viewing some YouTube videos about the device before starting.

Firstly, the unboxing; you’ll note that each accessory will be covered in protective containers. Unpack each part and then ensure that all the components are there (using the manual as your guide). You’ll need to determine the best place to put the docking station and the self-emptying base and then plug it in. It’s also a good idea to put the waste disposal bag inside the base as this will help keep the actual bin clean and with the manual emptying process. Then, you’ll need to take out the robot vacuum and charge it.

Honiture Q6

You can control the robot manually, but as we’ve mentioned, the Honiture Q6 is designed to work best using the app. You’ll need to download this on your smartphone (search for the HonySmart app). This will give you access to fantastic features such as smart mapping, scheduling cleans, and manual remote control. Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign up, and connect the robot vacuum to your Wi-Fi. This is a simple process and one you’ve probably already done with other appliances.


The Honiture Q6 truly shines with its 2700Pa suction power, something not many robot vacuum cleaners can boast. However, despite this advantage, the Q6 has been known to miss some surface spots on its cleaning round. This can be easily rectified by putting the robot through another cleaning cycle or switching its mode to spot-cleaning.

Honiture Q6

The Q6 is self-emptying, taking another load off you and making cleaning even less bothersome. However, a slight gripe is a noise it generates while doing its business. This can be a problem, especially if you’re getting it to do its vacuuming at night or if you live in an apartment block. Plus, when it’s on the maximum suction mode, it can get pretty noisy too. All in all, though, we find that compared to many upright vacuum cleaners, the Q6 is no more bothersome in terms of noise levels. And its efficient, independent cleaning power more than makes up for it.

We earlier pointed out the lack of customer support for the Honiture Q6. This is where its reliability might be compromised. Many customers complain that the customer support numbers shown on the box can’t be contacted. This is a significant problem if you need assistance with any queries or if errors or defects occur.

Regular Maintenance

Yep, even though your Honiture Q6 robot is relatively independent, you’re still going to have to complete some maintenance and cleaning of the device. This is to ensure that it carries on doing its job at optimal levels. It’s nothing too challenging though, you’ll just need to clean the brushes and rollers, bin, water tank, and docking station now and then. Fortunately, the robot comes with a cleaning accessory designed to extract clogged pet hair or get any gunk out of the brushes and rollers. Just make sure not to use any cleaning solutions on the robot’s parts as this may interfere with its inner circuitry.

One of the perks of using the Q6 is its self-emptying feature. Robot vacuums without this feature usually need to have their waste bin emptied after every other cleaning session. With the Q6 (depending on how often it’s used), this hassle is significantly reduced. However, if you’re also using it to mop, the water tank will need to be emptied and re-filled after every cleaning session.

Extra Costs

The Honiture Q6 comes as a complete package; you won’t need to buy any extra accessories. However, every six months or so, you will need to buy replacement filters and brushes to keep the device in tip-top condition. The only other extra costs will be for the electricity it uses while recharging its batteries.

The Limitations

We mentioned earlier some of the cons of the Honiture Q6 that have been highlighted by its users. One of the main gripes is regarding the machine’s brushes not working correctly. The issue tends to occur when the robot has to deal with medium-pile carpeting. However, this doesn’t appear to be a universal problem and could just be the luck of the draw whether it’s a problem with your robot or not. Users reported that any problems were solved by taking away the brush on the right-hand side of the unit. However, as you’d expect, this reduced the efficacy of the robot’s cleaning power and wasn’t an ideal solution.

Honiture Q6

Although the Honiture Q6 has the advantage of mapping technology, its map storage capabilities let it down. The robot can only analyze and store one map at a time, spelling problems for households of multiple stories. If your home has more than one level, the Q6 will have to repeat the mapping process each time it’s moved to a new story.

Another common complaint is the lack of customer service or aftercare from Honiture. Many users state that the availability of manufacturer-branded spare parts for the Q6 is limited. This means that the appliance’s longevity is questionable, compared to other models or makes where parts can be easily bought and replaced. Users also point out that there is little web support when they have questions or issues related to the Q6.

Relating to poor customer support is the issue of the Honiture’s guide and user manual. Many buyers have noted that the text’s translation is poor or incomplete—throwing doubts over the quality and reliability of the robot itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get the robot to mop in specific areas and not in others?

Yes! Thanks to the Honiture Q6’s innovative navigation system, SLAM, you get to control where it can start or stop its mopping. Plus, with SLAM, you can rest assured that the Q6 will only be taking logical paths on its cleaning mission. You can also assign your little helper to do designated spot cleaning and set up No-Go-Zones to ensure it stays away from specific areas. The app allows you to simply and easily do so (this can’t be done manually). Or, you can even use voice control to operate the robot using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Simple and convenient!

Can the robot clean at night?

Sure! Your Honiture Q6 is primed and ready to carry out its cleaning duties any time of day (as long as its batteries are fully charged!) Using the app, you can set up cleaning schedules for when you’re not even at home. However, the only reason you may want to keep the Q6 busy during the daytime only is the noise it makes when self-emptying and self-cleaning. If that doesn’t bother you (or your neighbors), nighttime is just fine.

Can the Q6 be used without Wi-Fi?

In theory, yes. The robot can be operated manually. However, without the app, you’ll be missing out on some of the Q6’s best features (such as smart mapping, scheduling cleaning, organizing spot cleaning, etc.). If you’re not bothered about these types of features, then you’re better off getting a more basic model that doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection.

What happens when the Q6 runs out of battery in the middle of cleaning?

Honiture Q6

Great news! The Honiture Q6 is so independent, that it’ll recognize when its battery life is depleted, return to its base, recharge, and then go back to where it left off. It’s self-charging, self-emptying, and self-cleaning. There’s very little need for you to intervene in its cleaning routine—it’s fantastic!

My flooring is a mixture of luxury vinyl and parquet. Is it safe to use the Q6?

Yes, the Honiture Q6 is safe to use on any type of flooring. Just ensure that when using it to mop that your flooring can get wet. If not, you can set up no-go zones to prevent it from ruining your floor. Otherwise, the vacuuming function can be used on any floor.

The Takeaway

Considering its suction power, self-emptying, and cleaning functions, and special innovative features, we think the Honiture Q6 is worth the price. True, its smart mapping capabilities could be improved to allow it to retain more than one map at a time. But the fact it can create and use virtual layouts is a rarity for other robots in its price range. The only other downsides appear to be the noise it makes when self-emptying and on maximum suction power and the lack of reliable customer support. If you see these as significant shortcomings, then perhaps the Q6 is not the robot for you.

Honiture Q6

However, we see its superior cleaning power, vacuum/mop hybrid function, self-emptying, and self-cleaning features, app control facility, long battery life, and self-charging capacity as major pluses. You’d be hard-pressed to find a similarly innovative and efficient robot cleaner in the same price bracket. Overall, we give the Honiture Q6 a huge thumbs up.

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