Haaga vs Karcher vs Ryobi Debris Push Brush Sweepers

In this buying guide, we’re going to be looking at three different debris push brush sweepers from three different companies. We’re going to start with the Haaga 475, then we’re going to look at the Karcher S650, and, for a budget option, end with the Ryobi ONE+ DEVOUR.

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What Does The Haaga 475 Have To Offer?

The Haaga 475 is a manual triple brush sweeper. What this means is that, instead of just turning on a motor and allowing the machine to do most of the work, you’ll have to push this debris brush sweeper around on your own.

Haaga 475b Review
Haaga 475

What you’ll first notice about this debris push brush sweeper is that it has a very wide cleaning path. This cleaning path is thirty inches wide, which means that you can remove large amounts of debris in a much shorter period.

To go along with that, there is a 13.2-gallon debris container within the debris push brush sweeper. This means that you won’t have to empty the container very often, which makes it easier to sweep for a longer period.

While this is a large machine, it doesn’t weigh that much. This makes moving it around quite easy and ensures that you aren’t going to have to strain yourself to clean up your area.

Perhaps the best feature this debris push brush sweeper offers, however, is the fact that it can sweep up just about any kind of debris. Things like sand, gravel, leaves, grass, pine needles, etc; are all easily swept into this debris push brush sweeper.

In the end, if you don’t mind the fact that this is a manual push brush sweeper, and that it’s expensive, then this is an excellent purchase that will serve you very well.

Haaga 475

What Does The Karcher S650 Have To Offer?

The Karcher S650 is a sleek and well-designed debris push brush sweeper. It isn’t particularly large, nor is it very heavy. But, what it offers is a simple, easy, and effective push brush sweeping experience.

Karcher S650 Review
Karcher S650

When you are using this debris push brush sweeper, you’ll notice just how comfortable it is to hold the sweeper and push it across a variety of surfaces. This is due to the ergonomic handle, which is very comfortable to hold onto and use. But, it’s also since this machine has two height settings, which allows you to adjust the push brush sweeper so that it can accommodate different types of terrain.

Inside the machine, there’s a 4.2-gallon waste container. All of the leaves, grass, and random pieces of dirt – among other materials – that you sweep up will flow into this waste container. Since this waste container isn’t particularly large, you may have to empty it several times, in the course of a single sweeping session. But, fortunately, it’s easy to empty the waste container.

When it comes to the performance of this debris push brush sweeper, it’s exceptional. In just a single hour, you can easily sweep up to 19,000 square feet. That is plenty of space, and with this debris push brush sweeper, you can remove all of the debris that is in your garden, on your lawn, across your driveway; along with many other flat surfaces.

For a very affordable, efficient, and convenient debris push brush sweeper, the Karcher S650 is a fantastic choice!

Karcher S650

What Does The Ryobi ONE+ DEVOUR Have To Offer?

For our budget option, we have the Ryobi ONE+ DEVOUR. The Ryobi ONE+ DEVOUR is a simple and relatively basic debris push brush sweeper that costs very little money, yet delivers a fantastic push brush sweeping experience.

Ryobi ONE+ DEVOUR Review

To use this debris push brush sweeper, you’ll be relying on a battery that lasts for around ninety minutes. With this battery, you have access to eighteen volts of motor power. This motor power, along with the excellent brush system, makes it easy to sweep on a variety of different surfaces and remove all kinds of different materials.

The cleaning path of this debris push brush sweeper is twenty-one inches. With this cleaning path, you can cover a decent amount of space in a relatively short period. Everything that’s swept into the machine flows into a 4.5-gallon waste container that is easy to empty.

Ultimately, for a powerful and affordable debris push brush sweeper, you can’t go wrong with the Ryobi ONE+ DEVOUR! It is an excellent machine that offers great performance and a low price tag.


This website is supported by readers. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

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