Fluidra 9650IQ Polaris Sport Robotic Vacuum Review

For a fantastic pool sport robotic vacuum, you cannot go wrong with the Fluidra 9650IQ Polaris Sport Robotic Vacuum. As soon as you are finished reading this review, you will know if this robot vacuum offers what you need.

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Cleans Any In-Ground Pool

Right away, the most notable feature this robot vacuum offers is the fact that it can clean any in-ground pool.

Your pool can be made of tile, vinyl, or fiberglass – among many other materials – and this robot vacuum will clean it with ease and efficiency.

Super Easy-To-Use

For you to use this robot vacuum, there’s two options.

You can use the remote control. Or, you can use your smartphone.

If you choose to use the remote control, you must be within the range of the device to perform any functions.

But, if you choose to use your smartphone, the experience is a little different.

You can use your smartphone to access and activate this robot vacuum no matter where you are.

To go along with that, you can use these devices to activate various cleaning cycles, and to create a schedule.

All of these features come together, to create a unique and enjoyable pool cleaning experience.

Versatile 4-Wheel Drive Technology

The robot vacuum relies on four wheels.

Each wheel is strong, durable, and reliable.

Furthermore, each one of these wheels works together, creating a unique four-wheel drive system.

The nature of this four-wheel drive system means that the vacuum offers tremendous flexibility and versatility.

For this robot vacuum, moving across the floor, walls, and waterline of your swimming pool is nearly effortless.

To go along with that, this robotic vacuum can move around and across a number of obstacles. A number of obstacles that, for other robot vacuums, would be difficult to cross.

Powerful Vacuum Technology

To thoroughly clean your pool, this robot vacuum relies on two key features; a strong vacuuming system, and a brush.

The vacuum technology this robot vacuum offers is fantastic.

You can use this vacuuming technology to remove dirt, gunk, grime, and debris that has flown into your pool.

All of those materials, and many others, are quite easy to remove, due to the strength of this robot vacuum’s suction system.

Of course, without a good brush system, the suction system would be less effective…

Excellent Brush System

Fortunately, though, this robot vacuum offers a truly excellent brush system!

The brush system consists of two large blades.

Both of these blades contain a series of smaller blades all across their surface.

As the robot vacuum moves across the surfaces and spaces within your pool, these blades are in constant motion.

By being in constant motion, the blades can loosen and remove the dirt, gunk, and grime that is on those surfaces.

Due to the position of the brush – right by the suction pathway – nearly everything that these brushes remove flows directly into the robotic pool vacuum.

That way, you won’t have to dive into your pool to remove anything that’s fallen away from the robotic vacuum.

Convenient Power Cord

The power cord this robotic vacuum relies on is 70-feet long.

Even though that may not sound like a lot, it really is.

Since this power cord is so long, this robotic vacuum won’t deal with any issues – related to that, at least – while cleaning your pool.

To go along with that, the power cord swivels.

So, while the robotic vacuum moves across your pool, the cord will swivel with it.

That way, it will never become tangled.

Conclusion: One Of The Best Pool Vacuums Available

For a fantastic pool vacuum, you cannot go wrong with the Fluidra 9650IQ Polaris Sport Robotic Vacuum!

Fluidra 9650IQ Polaris Sport Robotic Vacuum
Fluidra 9650IQ Polaris Sport Robotic Vacuum
Fluidra 9650IQ Polaris Sport Robotic Vacuum
Fluidra 9650IQ Polaris Sport Robotic Vacuum
Fluidra 9650IQ Polaris Sport Robotic Vacuum

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