EyeVac PRO vs. EyeVac Pet vs. EyeVac Home: Stationary Vacuums

Stationary vacuums are unique. Most vacuum cleaners rely on you moving them around, to all of the different spaces and areas that need to be vacuumed. But, a stationary vacuum is, in many ways, the exact opposite.

Stationary Vacuums

To use a stationary vacuum, you just need to set it up in one particular area. When you set the vacuum up, you then need to start sweeping. You’ll sweep up the dirt and dust in that area, and push it underneath the stationary vacuum. Then, the stationary vacuum will suck up all of that dirt and dust. When you’re done sweeping, you can turn off the stationary vacuum and dispose of what you swept up.

EyeVac PRO vs. Pet vs. Home Comparison Table

Weight14 pounds14 pounds9 pounds
Item Dimensions9 x 13.5 x 21 in13 x 7.5 x 20.5 in12 x 7 x 18 in
Surface RecommendationHard FloorHard FloorHard Floor
Power SourceCorded ElectricCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Bagless Canister1.2-gallon1.6 gallon1 gallon
ProsHigh power suctions cleans thoroughly, Eco-friendly filters cleans the air, Touchless technology saves time and energyVery powerful for collecting fine pet hair, Can be used to collect other debris than pet hair, Automatic featuresThe filters are washable and reusable, The vacuum is compact enough to use in any room, Affordably priced
ConsCan’t be connected with an adopter, It can be only used for dry wasteSlightly more expensive than other stationary vacuum cleaners, No swivelCan be noisier than the standard vacuum, The automatic sensors may glitch
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For many people, stationary vacuums aren’t the most appealing vacuuming devices. Simply because they don’t give you a lot of mobility. If you don’t need to perform any particularly elaborate vacuumings, then a stationary vacuum can be a great choice. Especially if you live in a smaller home, where there isn’t that much space to store, or move, a bigger vacuum.

Stationary Vacuum Cleaner

If a stationary vacuum sounds like it would be a good choice for you, then this guide is the right place to be! In this buying guide, you’re going to learn about three great stationary vacuums.

First off, you’re going to learn about the EyeVac PRO. You’re going to learn about the features and design attributes that it offers. And then, you’re going to learn about the EyeVac Pet, which is a stationary vacuum that’s great for cleaning up after pets. And, finally, you’re going to learn about the EyeVac Home, which is a great stationary vacuum for homes of all sorts.

What Are The Features Of The EyeVac PRO?

The EyeVac PRO has been designed for commercial use. While you can use it in your home, or at other places, it has been designed for spaces such as offices, salons, hotels, kitchens, along with various other commercial spaces.

EyeVac PRO vs. EyeVac Pet vs. EyeVac Home

You can use this stationary vacuum to remove a wide variety of different materials. Things like dirt, dust, soil, hair, and food crumbs, along with various other materials, can be picked up and removed by the EyeVac PRO with tremendous ease.

If you are using this stationary vacuum on a carpet or a rug, though, it’s going to be a lot more difficult. Partly because sweeping on those kinds of surfaces is a difficult task, to begin with, but also because the suction hasn’t been designed to accommodate those kinds of surfaces.

All of this vacuuming is accomplished using a 1400W motor. This is a very powerful motor that makes quick work of most messes. To do this, the EyeVac PRO makes use of a cyclonic suction system, which the motor supports. This cyclonic suction system makes it a lot easier for things like hair and dust to be vacuumed up, due to the way that air is directed and guided, within a cyclonic suction system.

EyeVac PRO

To use the EyeVac PRO, you just need to sweep all of the different things that you want to vacuum into a small space underneath the stationary vacuum. This small space has an infrared sensor right on the front, and this sensor detects when you’ve swept anything past it. When it detects something, the vacuum starts to work and sucks up everything you’ve swept past the sensor.

When this happens, all of the dirt, dust, and debris that is being vacuumed up flows into a canister. This canister can hold 4.8 liters of dirt, dust, and debris. When you’ve finished vacuuming, it’s super easy for you to unplug the stationary vacuum, take out the canister, and then dispose of what’s inside of it.

If you’re looking for a nice stationary vacuum that is affordable, easy to use, and great for businesses and commercial purposes, then the EyeVac PRO is easily one of the best stationary vacuums that you can purchase!

EyeVac PRO Stationary Vacuum

What Are The Features Of The EyeVac Pet?

Just as the title implies, the EyeVac Pet is a stationary vacuum that is designed for pets. More specifically, it’s designed to pick up the various materials that pets often leave behind. These are things like pet hair, litter, as well as dirt, and dust. But, pet hair, in particular, will be the material that is picked up the most by this stationary vacuum.

EyeVac Pet vs. EyeVac PRO vs. EyeVac Home

To use the EyeVac Pet, you just need to sweep all of the stuff you’re trying to vacuum up past the infra-red sensor. This infra-red sensor is right at the front of the EyeVac Pet, and when you sweep anything past it, it automatically triggers the EyeVac Pet and tells it to turn on.

All of the suction is supplied by a 1400W motor. While this motor isn’t any more powerful than the motor of the EyeVac PRO, it’s still very powerful. And, you can easily vacuum up all kinds of different messes with the EyeVac Pet, due to the 1400W motor.

Here’s what makes the EyeVac Pet especially good for cleaning up after pets: the high-efficiency filtration system. This filtration system consists of two key filtration components, and these filtration components filter out all of the dirt, dust, pet hair, and litter that flows through the system. By doing this, your air can remain nice and clean, and anything that you vacuum is kept nice and tidy so that you can dispose of it with ease.

EyeVac Pet

Many stationary vacuums don’t have this kind of filtration system, and not having this type of system makes it more difficult for the vacuum to adequately remove things like pet hair and fur.

When everything passes through the filtration system, it flows into a canister that holds 4.8 liters of dirt, dust, debris, pet hair, and litter. This canister is the same size as the EyeVac PRO.

In the end, there aren’t too many significant differences between the EyeVac Pet and the EyeVac PRO. But, if you have pets, and you want to have an easy and efficient way of cleaning up after those pets, then the EyeVac Pet is one of the best stationary vacuums you can purchase!

EyeVac Pet Stationary Vacuum

What Are The Features Of The EyeVac Home?

The EyeVac Home is the smallest stationary vacuum that we’re going to be looking at in this guide. But, while it is the smallest, it’s also one of the most aesthetically pleasing stationary vacuums out there. It looks great, and it has a very sleek and clean aesthetic that goes with just about anything. You can put this vacuum anywhere, and it will look good. It’s also the most affordable stationary vacuum in this guide.

EyeVac Home vs EyeVac PRO vs. EyeVac Pet

Using the EyeVac Home, you’re able to vacuum up most things. Just like the EyeVac PRO and the EyeVac Pet, you can vacuum up dirt, dust, small pieces of debris, food crumbs, hair, and several other materials. While vacuuming up pet hair isn’t always the easiest, the filtration system that the EyeVac Home uses is the same one that the EyeVac Pet uses, so you aren’t going to have too many issues with that.

One of the biggest differences between the EyeVac Home and the two other stationary vacuums that we’ve looked at is the fact that the EyeVac Home gives you 1000W of suction power, instead of 1400W.

This does make a difference. Not a huge difference, but it does make vacuuming up certain kinds of materials a bit more difficult, and it means that the vacuuming process can be a little slower, overall.

With that being said, though, if you are using the EyeVac Home for simple cleaning and vacuuming tasks, then this amount of suction power shouldn’t be a problem. For more intensive vacuuming, then having 1000W may not be enough.

EyeVac Home

To use the EyeVac Home, you need to set it up in the room that you want it in, and then you just need to plug it in. By doing this, you will activate the infra-red sensor, which is by the front of the vacuum.

When you sweep anything past that little front entry-point, it will activate the sensor, and the sensor will tell the vacuum to begin sucking everything up. It’s a simple and concise system that is the same as the previous two EyeVac stationary vacuums. There’s nothing new about it, and nothing complex about it, either.

In the end, the EyeVac Home is a very well-designed stationary vacuum. It’s simple, has a great aesthetic design, is very easy to use, and gives you plenty of suction power for most vacuuming tasks. While it may not be the most effective or efficient stationary vacuum cleaner on the market, it gives you enough vacuuming power for small messes and some bigger messes.

If you’re looking for a stationary vacuum that you can use for the small, and sometimes big, messes in your home, then the EyeVac Home is easily one of the best purchases that you can make!

EyeVac Home Stationary Vacuum

Stationary Vacuums

A stationary vacuum is a vacuum that can be placed in the corner of your room and this vacuum type is also known as an electric dustpan or automatic dustpan.

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