EyeVac Home vs. Eye-Vac EVPRO Tuxedo Touchless Stationary Vacuums

EyeVac Home Review

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners that all perform the simple task of cleaning our rooms using suction. There are the robots that go looking for dirt to vacuum, the upright, stick, handheld and canister vacuums that you move around with collecting dirt and debris from different parts of your home and there are the stationary vacuums which will suck up all the dirt that you bring to them.

Each of these devices has its own specialty; hence it will work best in a particular setting. Today, we will be looking at two devices in the last group: stationary vacuums. These are vacuum cleaners placed strategically in the room so that you can sweep all the dirt there and it will suck it all up.

The devices that we will be comparing are the EyeVac Home and the EyeVac EVPRO Tuxedo. Both these devices are easy to use. Hence they are some of the best options for someone looking for a stationary vacuum.

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Eye-Vac EVPRO Tuxedo


EyeVac Home
Stationary Vacuums need to have strong suction so that they can pull in everything that comes close to their base. Of course, some of the particles will be large and heavy, and the vacuum will need to pull it close and suck it in.

The EyeVac Home has a 1000 watt motor that does an excellent job of picking up anything that dares to come close to this electric dustpan. Whether it is dust, pet hair or cereal, this vacuum will effortlessly get it off your floor.

EyeVac EVPRO Tuxedo
Unlike the EyeVac Home which is primarily intended for home use, this one is built with the extra toughness to withstand heavy duty commercial applications. It comes with a 1400 watt motor that is more powerful than the one in the EyeVac Home.

This means that you will be able to get more suction out of it and also that you will be able to pick up heavier particles. It has been designed for use in busy commercial environments like hair salons, boutiques, kitchens, and small businesses so you can be sure that it is tough enough for whatever dirt you throw at it.

EyeVac Home


EyeVac Home
You don’t want to spend all the time cleaning your home only for all the dust and fine particles to be released right back through the exhaust. This vacuum has a pre-motor filter that ensures that all the large particles stay in the 3.8-liter canister for easy emptying.

Before the air is released back into your home, it is taken through a HEPA exhaust filter that removes the small particles such as fine dust particles, pet dander and allergens from the air. This means that only clean air is returned from the room.

Another good thing to note about the filters that come with this stationary vacuum is the fact that they are both reusable filters. This means that you will never need to purchase an extra set when they get dirty. Just clean them with water, allow some time to dry and you are good to go!

EyeVac EVPRO Tuxedo
Like the EyeVac Home, this stationary vacuum is also a bagless vacuum that does an excellent job collecting dirt and debris from the floor without messing with your indoor air quality. The air is first passed through a pre-motor filter whose job is to ensure that all the large particles are left in the large 4.8-liter canister for easy emptying.

Next, the air is passed through a HEPA exhaust filter that makes sure that none of the air released into your home has any fine particles like pollen, pet dander or even fine dust. The filters that come with this vacuum are lifetime filters so you won’t need to worry about maintenance costs going high because you have to purchase a set of filters every few months. Just empty the canister when it is full and wash the filter after a number of uses and that’s all the maintenance that you’ll ever need to do.

Eye-Vac EVPRO Tuxedo Stationary Vacuum


EyeVac Home
Unlike robot vacuums which work unsupervised, this vacuum will need some input from you. However, that does not mean that it will be a bother. All you need is a broom to sweep the dirt to the bottom of the vacuum, and it will suck everything in.

It even has a very convenient auto mode that will turn the vacuum on and off without requiring you to touch any switch. Just sweep the dirt and debris close to the inlet, and the infrared sensors at the bottom will detect it and turn on the suction.

EyeVac Home vs. Eye-Vac EVPRO Tuxedo

EyeVac EVPRO Tuxedo
Using a dustpan to collect dirt and debris can be quite a bother especially if you are doing it in a commercial environment where you have to sweep after every few minutes. Bending to use the dustpan is also a very tedious job that could leave you with some serious back pain.

With this stationary vacuum, you will forget about these concerns because you will only need to sweep the dirt close enough for the infrared sensors to detect it and they will power up the motor to pick up all the dirt. If you’d rather not leave it in auto mode, you can select the manual mode where you turn the unit on using a switch above the inlet.

Eye-Vac EVPRO Tuxedo Review


Although they are not very popular, stationary vacuums bring a lot of convenience to homeowners with large areas of hard floors. They make the job of sweeping the floors effortless and fun because you will see all the dust get sucked up into the machine. When compared to using a dustpan, these machines really simplify the process of cleaning the floors.

The EyeVac Home and EyeVac EVPRO are both very practical stationary vacuums. They are powerful and very easy to use. Thanks to its larger canister, the EyeVac EVPRO does a better job in commercial environments with higher volumes of dirt to be cleaned.

EyeVac Home Touchless Stationary Vacuum

Stationary Vacuums

A stationary vacuum is a vacuum that can be placed in the corner of your room and this vacuum type is also known as an electric dustpan or automatic dustpan.

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